Cot sides in hospital when feeding in bed - info for mears

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mears Sat 14-Oct-06 12:39:20

Can anyone tell me what type of cot side/bed guards were used when your baby was in bed with you when in hospital?

Am trying to source some

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NatalieJane Sat 14-Oct-06 12:40:59

There wasn't any used when I had DS.

fuzzywuzzy Sat 14-Oct-06 13:09:41

I didn't have anything and neither did my sister when she had her baby last month.

Littlefish Sat 14-Oct-06 13:09:49

None offered. I know that a friend of mine, who is also a midwife, just used the Tomy bed guard which she took with her into hospital. 3 years later, she is still co-sleeping at home and still uses the same guard.

I was told off for having the baby in bed with me - told she should be in the cot. This was when I was awake and just wanted to hold her as she slept.

Someone on here linked to a lovely looking bed guard which was like a big sausage which sat along the side of the bed. It was attached to a sheet thing I think.

mumfor1standfinaltime Sat 14-Oct-06 13:34:35

Didn't have any bed guards when I had ds.

SoupDragon Sat 14-Oct-06 13:41:14

None. But was 5.5 years ago.

BloodyTenaLady Sat 14-Oct-06 13:42:24

No bed guards, no nurses and barely got a bed

dejags Sat 14-Oct-06 13:46:45

No rails either time - although they were there. The cubicle was so small and the unit was quite understaffed - if they'd put up the sides and I'd needed the loo there would have been a problem.

TheBlonde Sat 14-Oct-06 13:59:49


SCARErenity Sat 14-Oct-06 15:03:40

I only stayed overnight with DS1 (so nearly 9 years ago) but I think they had the same beds when I was there with DD (3 years ago), and there was only the normal metal rails that you get on hospital beds. I don't think mine were up as I slept (or tried to!) with DS1 on my chest. I did get told off for having him in bed with me iirc.

aprilmeadow Sat 14-Oct-06 17:22:00

none offered - didnt see any either. that was 18mths ago.

hulababy Sat 14-Oct-06 17:23:45

Had DD is bed with most of the time in hospital following my c section. Was not offered, or saw any, bed guards at all.

sanchpanch Sat 14-Oct-06 17:29:12

bed guards are quite scarce in most NHS hospitals, and normally used on elderley wards

sanchpanch Sat 14-Oct-06 17:29:50

meant to say cot sides are quite scarce in hospitals

somethingunderthebedisdrooling Sat 14-Oct-06 18:22:43

none. ddd was born in april 05. i moved a cabinet in place to serve as one.

2MwahHaHaHappy Sat 14-Oct-06 18:55:06

"when your baby was in bed with you when in hospital" ??? Well ds was dumped in a plastic cot across the room, and given the strength of my epidural there wasn't a lot I could do about it.

lexiemum Sat 14-Oct-06 20:08:54

I had them with both babies - on both occasions it was a tomy one that you can buy in argos.

RottenOtter Sat 14-Oct-06 20:12:00

none - only stayed with numbers 1 and 5 but nothing.
At 4 weeks i had to stay overnight with number 5 and they went on and on at me and had posters about co-sleeping and how they would put the baby back in its crib if they found it in bed with you. When they woke me in the morning (bab in bed with me) no one said a word!

VeniVidiVickiQV Sat 14-Oct-06 20:12:30

None. No suggestions or offerings of them, only that you be careful if you feed in bed. Bed had to be very high due to SPD.

No chance of me falling asleep anyway - DS screamed every 25 minutes for the first 48 hours.

ThomBat Sat 14-Oct-06 20:21:55

Ist was in a hossie and was in SCBU bt when she was in with me she was in a clear plastic cot thing and if she were to come into bed with me therewere no side guards I was aware of.

Gillian76 Sun 15-Oct-06 00:08:25

None in any of the 3 Scottish hospitals in which I have given birth.

mears Sun 15-Oct-06 00:08:47

Thought I would get some great ideas here - am shocked that most hospitals use nothing. We used Tomy guards but they do tend to break with overuse. I thought there was something else on the market but so far no-one has said so.

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eidsvold Sun 15-Oct-06 00:21:20

mine were part of the bed and one understanding midwife who knew I was knackered just put them up whilst I fed dd2 - another one insisted I get out of bed and feed her whilst sitting in the chair.

THey just pulled up and locked or clipped down - I could do it whilst lying in bed or someone could do it for my whilst they were standing beside the bed.

no help to you though is it??

Not sure if you could get one like the one we have for the girls beds - metal frame with a webbing sort of fabric and it just slides under the mattress. See if I can find a link for you.

smoething like this

Linnet Sun 15-Oct-06 00:23:26


When I had dd1 she was born at midnight. At about 5am the midwife woke me up as dd needed fed and she said I'll just pop her in the bed beside you. I lay on my side and midwife put dd in bed with me and I fed her.

I fell asleep and woke up at 7am when other mothers on the ward were waking up moving around etc and dd was still in the bed beside me.

I couldn't believe it although I was so exhausted from the delivery etc I didn't question it at the time but thinking about it afterwards I kept thinking, I could have moved and shoved her out the bed or rolled over etc.

bed guards would be a great idea.

mears Sun 15-Oct-06 00:25:04

Thanks eidsvold - they are similar to the ones we actually do have made by Tomy. I had heard there were simpler more sturdy ones made of perspex but I cannot find them anywhere.

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