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October 2014 // thread 5 // baby's first Christmas

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JeannePoole Thu 18-Dec-14 20:24:28

Welcome back!

(Dear greetings cards manufacturers: 'Baby's First Christmas' does NOT necessarily have to include Baby being liberally sprinkled with glitter from your shoddily-made merchandise.

Except that, as I'm rapidly discovering, it does. <wipes baby's sparkly face, again> hmm)

YellowWellies Thu 18-Dec-14 20:30:06

Hello! <parks arse>

sazzlehopes Thu 18-Dec-14 20:33:03

Thanks for new thread. Parking my pukey bum, back, hair and socks (???!!!!! Wtf) Down.
Can I just confirm for those that haven't seen my last post, that's baby puke. Not my puke. Or my bum puke.... Sorry.

SlideIn Thu 18-Dec-14 20:33:25

tiptoes back in Hello... I can't remember when I last posted, have failed miserably to keep up. Hope everyone's doing ok? smile

wondermoose13 Thu 18-Dec-14 20:35:27

Hey smile
Babymoose just fed for 3 mins and fell asleep! I think we're in for a fun night :s

rudy i read that as you're going to work out for 3 hrs! Lol

sazzlehopes Thu 18-Dec-14 20:36:06

Baby is sleeping on me and I really want hot choc oat milk. Need oh home to help.

Pregnantagain7 Thu 18-Dec-14 21:19:26

sazzle I really don't think it matters how many babies you have the Little monkeys still have the ability to make you feel like you don't know what you're doing and doubt your abilities from time to time.
If I had a pound for every time someone says ooh number four you must be and expert! I smile and say ooh I don't know about that.

I'm really not.Some days I feel like I've not got a clue.

Maybe I should just say nah we just shag a lot grin

Pregnantagain7 Thu 18-Dec-14 21:20:57

Hey slide nice to see you back smile

MundayCakes85 Thu 18-Dec-14 21:25:37

Evening all, thanks for the new thread. Sazzle E randomly pukes 1/2 hours after waking up. No rhyme or reason to it.
Well we finally had jabs at 9weeks and so far she's slept for about 80% of the day. Waking her up for feeds. Did anyone give calpol to help baby through the night? She's not got a temp, just isn't her usual self. TIA

Pregnantagain7 Thu 18-Dec-14 21:28:21

What's everyone doing for Christmas? Is anyone having a lovely babies first christmas at home on their own?

Hmm can you tell I'm putting off doing anymore present wrapping?! I find it the most boring job in the world can't even eat mince pies while I'm doing it thanks to bloody slimming world grrr!

By the way has gunwalloe been around on Facebook anyone know how she's getting on? She's not been on for a bit but is probably up to her eyes In it with five children on the run up to Xmas.

FATEdestiny Thu 18-Dec-14 21:29:16

<marking place>

FATEdestiny Thu 18-Dec-14 21:34:05


I spent all day Wednesday wrapping, today buying final things I'd forgotten and finally writing and posting cards.

DH does the food shopping. He's doing it Monday. Plus he's building the three bike currently in his parents garage.

Christmas done for me :-)

We have my in-laws family do on the Sunday between Christmas and New Year and my family do on the Saturday. I have a get-out-of-jail card for both though in that if DD is hard to settle I'm coming home.

Christmas day everyone comes to us. We have too many kids to travel to other peoples houses blush. Dinner for 10.

STIGZ Thu 18-Dec-14 21:39:37

Lol * jeanne* my baba is constantly sparkly from my first dd's art & crafts shenanigans, Blinging up baby or what ? That i can cope with but when she touches her after eating cheese & onion crisps, i draw the line ! No baby should stink of cheese & onion !!

STIGZ Thu 18-Dec-14 21:41:31

Oh and welcome back slide grin

JeannePoole Thu 18-Dec-14 21:42:24

Christmas dinner at ours so I'll have to get up really early to put the turkey on. If only I had something to wake me up at, say, 5.30 and 3.15 and 6.30 and 7 and 7.45 wink.

There's only five six of us though so it shouldn't be too stressy. I hope.

JeannePoole Thu 18-Dec-14 21:43:53

stigz DS smells almost permanently of cheese, but that's a happy puker for you.

ohthegoats Thu 18-Dec-14 22:52:48

I smell of cheese since the jabs made mine a happy puker.

RudyTuesday Thu 18-Dec-14 23:00:21

moose I could probably do with a 3 hour workout, but no, it's a 3 hour pig out

fedupofrainydays Thu 18-Dec-14 23:08:29

I constantly have sick whiffy hair and shoulder. I cannot wear any of the same clothes for more than one day - even jeans at puked on!

Hey slide!!! Great to see you back grin - how are you doing???

fedupofrainydays Thu 18-Dec-14 23:11:29

Had this Window man round yesterday and dS quite spectacularly vommed everywhere - poor bloke was horrified! Even
More so when I tried to clean it up with my socks and spare jumper on the side blush (had already been vommed on)

Happytimes31 Thu 18-Dec-14 23:51:25

More puke again here everywhere! After a horrible crying stint though. Does anyone just stick the boob in the minute the grizzles start especially in the evening?

wondermoose13 Fri 19-Dec-14 00:33:58

rudy but that sounds sooo much more fun

Definately happy! Hes just slept for an hour and farted himself awake! Boobs it is!

Happytimes31 Fri 19-Dec-14 03:31:31

Cool. And have any other babies gone back to shorter stretches between feeds at night? He was cutting out the 3/4 feed but has now reinstated it, tired mummy!

ExcitedCJ Fri 19-Dec-14 03:41:15

Hello glittery new Christmas thread fsmile
Thanks Jeanne
Hello Slide long time no chat, hope all is well.
Happy this is my 2nd night in a row up between 3 & 4! Hope it doesn't continue we were managing most nights to 6am or later. Although he then sleeps to 9am or after. Crazy babies. I'm not too bothered, I got used to the lack of sleep & it saves me waking up thinking I've left the baby to roll under bed covers etc. I have crazy irrational panics in the night! Had them with DD too until she started sleeping through the night.

splendide Fri 19-Dec-14 03:53:10

Well we're up! I'm quite relieved he slept till now to be honest not too bad for a man with a new tongue. Would just be so nice of he'll do another stint! Fingers crossed!

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