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Post c section work out plan

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Misscocopops Fri 31-Oct-14 11:48:51


Not sure if posting this in the right place but if anyone can offer some help it will be much appreciated!
So I'm hitting the 6 week post c section on Tuesday, with my check up Wednesday so once I get the all clear I'm eager to start exercising again.
I was size 12 pre pregnancy and have gained 2 stone and also have the overhang thing, maybe just under an inch worth of sag. I'm 23.

I have been trying to devise a work out plan tailored to post c section. I know I have to start out slow and diet sensibly, increase activity over time but don't know where to start or what exercises to do. I'm hoping someone could share a plan hey have devised?

I'm brides made next March as I have a size 12 dress to get into (brought before I fell pregnant) so looking to get back down in 5 months.

Thanks for any help!


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