March 06 - At last! Thread no2 - Halfway Through

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Frizombie Tue 03-Oct-06 11:37:00

Ok girls here it is!

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Frizombie Tue 03-Oct-06 11:39:22

Seth Peter weighing 7lb born to Angedemarche (Jangus), on 9th feb. Natural delivery.
IMOGEN ROSAMOND, Weighing 7lbs 9oz, born to Ags, on 23rd feb, Elective c-section
Joseph Paul weighing 7lb born to munz on 23rd Feb Vontouse, Episotome,epidural gas&air.
SALLY ANIELA, Weighing 8lbs 13oz, Born to Thell, on 28th Feb, Water birth at home
NEVE, Weighing 8lbs 11oz, Born to Frizbe, on 4th March, Water birth
MATTHEW GRANT weighing 7lb 15oz born to Rosieposie on 5th March home birth Gas &Air, Waters Broken.
Toothyboy - aged 34, DP 36 - due 1st March with #2 having ?? C section booked in for 20th feb
ED UniSarah – aged?? Due 2nd march #?? (think having a boy*)
*ESME weighing? born to Poppyh induction 27th feb
Elijah James weighing born to Astrophe on 9th March natural,episiotomy, pethadine, stitches
Emily Grace born to Chellebelle weighing ? on the 9th March, waterbirth at home.
Dene - aged 34 due 6th march #2
Lewis weighing 10lb 5oz born to anchovies on the 3rd March c section
Lizzylou - aged 32 due 6th March with #2 lives in Lancs (N Manchester)
oneofeach - aged 36 - due 6th March with #3
Chamomile - aged 41 - due 7th March with #3
Starryeyed - due 7th March
BibiTwo - aged ? due 8th March with #2
Daisy20 - aged? due 9th March with #?
expressmummy - due 10th March with #3
Charlotte Cadmum - aged 34, due 10th March with #4 ( 3 previous missed m/c ) lives Austria!!
*Lucy Agnes Molly weighing10lb 1oz, born to Vickiyumyum on the 16th March c section
ROMI * weighing 8lb born to Romilly on the 17th March, had epidural, vontouse, induction.
Scarlett Anne weighing 8lb 9oz born to Jackinsti on the 30th March emergency C section
SAFFERON weighing 7lb 9oz Born to marne on the 15th March Pool and epidural
Newgirl - aged 34 due 14th March #2 - (not my friend as we'll fight over CE!) having ??
Kiah weighing ? born to LaundryLover on the 29th March with G&A
Seren Jane weighing 9lb 2 oz born to catj on the 16th March at home with a water birth
coppertop- aged ? due 22nd March with #3
madrush - aged 31 due 25th March with # 2 (1 previous mc)
Jacob James, weigh 7lb born to Internationalgirl on 20th March G&A
Piffy - aged 33 due 26th March with #1 lives cheshire
Gothicbaby weighing 8lb 6oz born to gothicmama on the 25th March g&a pethadine
Klara - aged??? due 27th March with #2 having girl - unconfirmed*
*James Patrick Theodore weighing ? born to Quootiepie epidural, episiotomy, ventouse
Ellie weighing 7lb 4oz born to Swiperfox/Zephycat on the 5th April by c section
Spiker – aged 35 due 23rd March with #2 from SE London (rom bud for u!) having ??
Totally in Love aged? Due? With #2 having ?? lives??

Our March Angel
Desperatehousewife (little boy, also lost another baby sadly shortly after)

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QuootieSpookypie Tue 03-Oct-06 11:46:16

James was 6lb 6 oz and hes starting to crawl!

laundrylover Tue 03-Oct-06 12:43:42

It's raining on my nappies.
There, got my first laundry post in.
Kiah was 7lb 8oz - my God it seems sooo long ago eh?
Can't believe that all these babies are crawling - having mastered sitting up so early, Kiah has no ambition to even roll over, never mind MOVE!!
Just like her fat old mum she would be quite happy sitting reading a book all day and munching away. She's gone out for pizza with Tilly and DP today so that I can get some work done - am waiting for a phone call so officially allowed to MN!!
BTW great to have you back Caddy, hello again to Munz and Quootiepie - how you doing??
Astro, where are you?? Am a bit worried about you chuck....

Astrophe Tue 03-Oct-06 12:54:55

oh, you are lovely LL. I'm ok, just trying not to MN too much as I feel worse when I don't get hpusework done . I had a thread the other night about Eli's screaming and crying all evenings - he used to do it before solids and hes at it again, so evenings and nights are v hard.

In laws descend on Friday, followed by my parents again, so will be a bit scarse for the next 3 weeks or so!

After they all go I will be starting "Operation ME TIME" and will hopefully sort out some extra childcare so I can go to the gym and scrapbook Also, Eli will go in his own room, so if sleeping has not improved we will have to Boot Camp him, which I'm not thrilled about.

How are you going LL? Are you still feeling blue too?

GREAT to se you back Caddy

Munz Tue 03-Oct-06 13:00:26

woohoo it's here!

chellebelle Tue 03-Oct-06 13:26:13

Hello ladies - glad to see all is generally well.

Emily was 8lb 12oz but is now only 14lb 12oz - she was born on the 91st centile and is now down at the 9th . She's happy and healthy, can crawl forward when tempted with things she wants (but shouldn't have) and if she's not doing that she's pulling herself up to kneeling up or shoving herself backwards on her tummy getting stuck under tables etc. It's not as if she's not eating either - she has 3 meals a day and at least 4 if not 5 boob feeds a day. Think she's just taking after my DH's side of the family. His sister is small and a six 6!!!! and DH has spent years trying to put weight on. Lucky for some eh?!

LL - am impressed you managed to get your laundry reference in so soon

Thanks for doing the stats Munz!

Will try to post more than lurk this time

btw - has anyone else been having the heaviest periods in the world?

QuootieSpookypie Tue 03-Oct-06 14:00:25

no periods here yet I barely posted on last thread, kept getting lost - WILL make more effort now!

Munz Tue 03-Oct-06 14:02:42

cheele - yes horrid periods here, in fact I started a thread in health as this month I asked DH if we should split up - seems PMT/AF are terrible, not to mention an awful pain - althou this month wasn't as bad as last - just the PMT was dreadful. DR suggested stopping BF and go on the pill again as much use as a bloody chocolate t pot. will see the h/v next tues to see what she recons.

Munz Tue 03-Oct-06 14:03:42

ooh keep any adjs coming as well for the stats - will do the updated one tonight once we have a few more/boy's asleep.

QuootieSpookypie Tue 03-Oct-06 14:04:47

anyone BLW their nippers? Didnt read last thread so no idea!

laundrylover Tue 03-Oct-06 14:58:19

Wow - look how popular the new thread is!!!!
Chelle, lots of the babies on this thread are of the incredible shrinking variety but glad that you are not worried about your LO. I just don't have Kiah weighed, her being a poor neglected second child.
No periods here yet - hurrah! But do keep feeling crampy and have permanent PMT anyhow. Munz, I hope you can find a solution - you can bf on Mirena coil I think? Aren't docs crap -imagine telling you to stop bfing.
Astro - I'm not MNIng much either so missed your thread. Bad news about the screaming tho. Kiah up loads at night so I am getting very tetchy again. Promise to utilise those family members whilst they are around and you and DH get a couple of nights out. Remember you can't hear the screaming children from the pub. Try to pop on now and again to keep us updated eh?
Quootie, we are doing total BLW here and loving it! Am eager to swap successes!!
Laundry update - I sat out the rain and now everything is flapping happily in the sun!! Mind you I snuck the heating on for an hour last night so may be heralding the return of indoor drying...

QuootieSpookypie Tue 03-Oct-06 14:59:57

successes! Ha! DS cries in the highchair now and wont explore the delights I put infront of him. 1st day was great - he bit , and swallowed some carrot. Hes lost intrest now

gothicmama Tue 03-Oct-06 15:16:31

Hi - I've found you all-

Glad IYSWIM that it's not just me with chronic PMT. Gothicbaby is well into BLW dh hates it cos it's too messy but hey ho.
Friz how is your cousin
Munz have you settled into the new place now - I'm probably so behind teh times.
Hello everyone else

laundrylover Tue 03-Oct-06 15:49:24

Hi Gothic - I agree that it's messy but it's so much easier than spoon feeding when you already have a toddler to persaude to eat 6 bits of pasta!!!
Quootie - give him some pizza or pesto pasta - big hits here. And tomatoes, toast, chips, soft fruit.....not so keen on the porridge pancakes but will try to pep 'em up with some cooked apple tomorrow I think.

QuootieSpookypie Tue 03-Oct-06 16:22:57

hes just picked up a banana... progress I guess!

Frizombie Tue 03-Oct-06 18:26:18

Wow very popular new thread!
Hi Gothic, no change for cousin I'm afraid....
Hi Chelle belle and Quotie! nice to see you back
Munz re the periods, may I suggest accupuncture if you can stand needles, apparently it re chanels all your energy n stuff, so will sort hormones for periods? just a thought.....
Astro CSWS on the feb thread was told a brown sugar and water recipe for her dd's screaming before bed, by her doctor!! its an old wives tale, but its worked I'll copy n paste it for you
For a good finger food, we've found dd2 loves pastry cheese straws (not the orrible processed ones) they're just flakey enough to gum happily and be able to swallow when you have no teeth!

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Frizombie Tue 03-Oct-06 18:28:10

Astro here's CSWS's post, HTH's, Munz this may work for you too?

Morning all. Sorry couldn't post last night - lost my internet connection .

Doc checked her over and confirmed no infection in ears/throat. Said it was probably gut related, and to put a teaspoon of brown sugar in some water and feed it to her. Said it's an old wives tale but that it works, and not to tell the h/v that he told me to do it!! Well, I did it, and she woke once for a feed at 2 and that was it .

Since she's been more unsettled since our hols I've been trying to think what's changed, and wondering now if she might also be mildly soy intolerant (common in milk intolerant babies) as I switched to drinking soya milk then instead of rice or oat milk. She's had soya yoghurts herself before and been fine, but it could be a build up thing as I've been having soya every day, and over the weekend when she was really bad DH had made me soya lattes and/or hot chocolates.

3k - voucher for 20% off what??

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Frizombie Tue 03-Oct-06 18:29:54

Oh and another thing swiped off the feb thread for you all

Sorry voucher was 20% off at the Early Learning Centre. You can order online and type in "BAGPIPE" and you will receive the discount.

thanks for that 3k

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Munz Tue 03-Oct-06 18:32:13

ah friz - boy's been a dream boat - apart from yesterday, Ithink it's the excitement of gran/granddad down which has unsettled him somewhat, apart from that he has been going form 6.45 7ish to 5.45 (quick boob feed this am then) and back till 7am, so gonna try to see if we can do that from now on. @)

Frizombie Tue 03-Oct-06 18:33:39

that's great news Munz
My two are just cuddling on the floor, so sweet, if I had a digi camera I'd upload it for you all to see

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Cadmum Tue 03-Oct-06 20:03:28

Hello. Nice to see you all here chatting away.

It feels nice to be so warmly welcomed back Thanks.

Charlie is sitting up beautifully and loves to roll about sucking her toes but shows no interest in forward motion. Thank heavens because our house is still a complete tip with boxes and toys everywhere upstairs so I dread her crawling debut. With three big kids to tote her about, I doubt that she will want to move on her own any time soon. She is also really talkative and competes for a chance to be heard. She only cries if she is starving or out af frustration when she drops something. Yes, I do know how spoiled I am.

Having said that, she eats NOTHING! Very frustrating and time consuming to try and feed her since she just spits it all out and kicks up a fuss. As a result, I have not had to deal with the return of the dreaded AF and I now weigh much less than when she was conceived. (I literally walked out of my trousers this evening. Note to self: BUY A BELT tomorrow!

For the stats: C was 6 lbs 13oz. Induced early for suspected srowth retardation. Nightmare labour. One push natural delivery in grimy NYC hospital with no hot water. (Still haven't posted a birth announcement. Can't bear to think of the whole nightmare.)

UniSarah Tue 03-Oct-06 21:28:50

Hi Cadmum. nice to see you again, hi all, wow a NEW thread....and we all get excited, how sweet, we must be short of sleep ;-)

for the stats
ED weighing 8lb 9oz born to unisarah on 10th March induced as babys heart rate concerning ,g&a, epidural, emergency C section .

feeding these babes is such a PITA isn't it. tonight he turned his nose up at then gagged and threw up a nice root veg mash. ho hum, I'll liquider it and try again tomorrow cause it may have been the texture rather than the taste. puts away half a cornish wafer at a time tho and wolfs down bread stick. Apple mush is still going down well thank goodness, with custard today at lunch.

Fromage frais, we are laying off for a while, they seem to turn his head bright red for 20 mins. well round his eyes and temples, shame , coz he loves them and will wolf the whole (little) pot . Going to try yogurt and see what happens.
We had our first "observed" session yesterday. I'm helping out a play theapy student this year and she will be observing once a week or fortnight. Its odd having someone in the room who won't talk to you and you should ignore. Hopefully it'll get easier as I get used to it, felt very self consious yesterday.
AF- yerk, mine were back at 7 weeks, but took 4 months (& about 6 cycles) to get back to "normal" ... had a coil fitted 2 wks ago, now having lots of very sticky glue like discharge with streaks of blood in and some period like pains hope it all calms again soon.

Astrophe Wed 04-Oct-06 14:12:49

crikey cadmum, that hospital sounds grim

QP we are sort of BLW although personaly I think its a PITA and would much prefer to spoon feed if only he would take it! He will tolerate sweet things (yoghurt, fruit, casseroles disguised as fruit etc) from a spoon, but thats all, and only if the mood takes him. Everything else is finger food.

He loves steamed courgette sticks, and rice cakes with cream cheese also go down ok. I made some porridge pancake with 'Jordans 4 grain porridge' and a little ready brek, and it worked well. Spread some apple puree on and he seemed to like it, although so did the floor. Grrrrr.

I hate having to clean the floor 3 times a day but find that if I leave it the congealed food then requires a paint scraper to remove it.

Chelle, ds was also not gaining, and had lost weight last time I weighed. Was born 91st, now below 50th. But he is obviously fine - crawling, sitting etc. Just a PITA because his current (australian) car seat wont go in our new car, so we have to hold onto the old one until he is 9kg, then buy a forward facing one for the new car!

For Stats, Eli was 9lb 1oz

LL, sorry you are feeling crap also. Sleep depravation is so hard and its a big factor in how I feel day to day. Had a bit of a showdown after a bad night on Saturday - really shook DH up to see how upset and distrssed I was, and I thought that was a good thing...but he has since forgotten the whole sorry episode it seems Men huh? Think you will go and chat to your GP or councellor or anyone?

Oh, Friz, did I say we had a lovely day at the zoo? THANK YOU! Jeez there were a lot of monkies though! The highlight was an orangoutan that was hiding under a big sheet of plastic. Luie thought it was hysterical, so I bought her a little orangoutan and gave her a bit of fabric and she spends all day re enacting the scene. Hilarious! And I have never seen her play so well independently with anything before!

Only two more days until the in laws arrive - I have so much to do (ie remove assorted junk from spre room and re-home it...where?????)Made a big 'welcome' sign today with dd (we put lots of glitter on, and she keeps calling it 'glenda' ), and want to make and decorate a 'welcome' cake for them with dd...I figure it can't hurt to get off on the right foot...little bit of flattery, little bit of crawling...

laundrylover Wed 04-Oct-06 14:29:42

Astro, big at Luie and the toy monkey and Glenda! Reckon you need to get a big piece of that waterproof table cover to put under the highchair then you can just wipe it clean quickly. I just leave the floor to fester but got a dried apricot stuck to my slipper today - urgh. Can't be bothered going to the docs as really I just need to get my act together. Both girls up last night.

Uni, what flavour were the fromage frais as it is likely to be strawberry that makes his head red. Tilly was the same and I did manage to find a 6 pack of apricot ones but can't remember which type. I actually dumped them for yogurts though as altho the sugar levels are similarly high at least yogs have good bacteria in them. Kiah has had those bloody expensive no sugar ones (banana and apple/pear) but they don't fit so well with BLW!!

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