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Here comes the terrible twos!!! (OCT 04 TODDLERS)

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biglips Sun 01-Oct-06 10:11:04

wwwwwweeeelllllllll im still calm.... (just about!!)...

biglips Sun 01-Oct-06 10:13:11


geogteach Sun 01-Oct-06 13:46:38

You must be mad biglips. Give us a run down of what presents she gets as I need inspiration! So far my sister and DS2's godmother are getting him bob the builder vehicles and DD and DS1 have got him a signal box for the train set!

jbadgirl Sun 01-Oct-06 19:43:18

My hours are more but only by 5 hrs, i work every day and start at either 7.30 or 9.30 till 4 or 6. Have been really njoying it and i do miss toby as i could pop in to see him anytime as i worked in the same nursery but its nice to get some independence back and not to have the staff asking me stuff all the time.

I have had to do a lot more running around with toby as i work a little way away (20 mins) so theraplay and hydro are a bit more of a trek.

Nit sure what to get him for his borthday as we have pretty much all we need apart from a bath! We are getting one though just not sure when!

I have a busy month for birthdays as its dh's the day before tobs!!!!

KathH Sun 01-Oct-06 20:57:32

Biglips - happy birthday to Tweenie!

Got a dead expensive month this month - dh's birthday is on Tuesday, dd2 is on 17th & my mum is on 19th!

Moley had a trainset, 2 dead annoying Wiggle dvds, a pooh bear, bob the builder stuff & clothes. What did Tweenie get?

Cant believe this time 2 years ago I was in shock after my antics in the bathroom!

Terrible 2's have started with a vengence - he's had 3 strops today!

KathH Sun 01-Oct-06 20:57:57

Biglips - happy birthday to Tweenie!

Got a dead expensive month this month - dh's birthday is on Tuesday, dd2 is on 17th & my mum is on 19th!

Moley had a trainset, 2 dead annoying Wiggle dvds, a pooh bear, bob the builder stuff & clothes. What did Tweenie get?

Cant believe this time 2 years ago I was in shock after my antics in the bathroom!

Terrible 2's have started with a vengence - he's had 3 strops today!

cazzybabs Sun 01-Oct-06 21:00:34

HAppy birthday!

OH where has the time gone

MoreTeaAnyone Sun 01-Oct-06 21:10:14

Both my dds sailed through the 2nd year. However the third that was/is something.

maisiemog Mon 02-Oct-06 18:38:45

Not even two yet - but, I was sorely tempted to throw Alfie out of the window today - he screeeeamed and waaaailed all the way round Morrisons, trying to escape. Then had a fight with me as I was attempting to put the huge trolley load of food on the conveyor belt and the woman at the till was a battle axe.
Then he peeped on the floor in the kitchen whilst I was unpacking, then peeped up the wall in the sitting room.
Little Geog and Moley would love it at our house just now - we have a giant yellow digger opposite digging foundations and putting the dirt in a big lorry. Alfie is practically passing-out with excitement.
I bought some Brio stuff, kind of a circle and a bridge with three little trains. I hope he likes it, he isn't always keen on my presents.
I was thinking about buying him a clock - a play clock, because he seems really keen on numbers and likes the clocks on Tweenies and whatever the other clock programme is.
Is there a good play clock?
Does anyone else have a playclock?
Is this a rubbish idea?
Wierdly Alfie doesn't seem to get Bob. He always wanders off when it comes on.
Has anyone seen Me Too yet???
How was the party Biglips, did they tie you up???

I'm glad you are enjoying the new job Jbad. That sounds long to me, but I'm a lightweight part-time worker.

biglips Mon 02-Oct-06 20:34:05

yyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!! im so knackered today and ive cleaned and tidied all downstairs but feeling knackered now. so tempting to go to bed now!

had a great time as everything went perfect and all teh kids were very well behaved (as i expected!! )

ive never heard of a playclock... post a new thread about it and you may get more help

Tweenie got a pram with a baby, maclaren toy buggy and baby, josie balamory, toy kitchen that i bought for a fiver!, tea set, barbie pony, books, nursery rhymns book with CDs to sing-a-long, outdoor playhouse, wellies, all in one fleece nighttime wear, little games, crawling baby, fifi sitting in a car toy (press fifi and it drives off) (DD loves that), colouring stuff, loads of money. i think thats it.....

Tweenie is taking her mothering role very serious as she fed her baby Molly (the one that got batteries in it and it cries, laugh, make a suckling noise when fed, burp!! its too real!!!!) her fried up cake (she uses her kitchen to fry up the cake!), fed Molly with a bottle and said "SSHHhhhhhhhh!" so we dont wake the baby up - i think she is a fully trained mummy!!

biglips Mon 02-Oct-06 20:39:00

My Tweenie started her terrible twos since she was 11 mths old so i think im an expert by now!! as she only naughty about twice a week on average... tweenie was very good on her bday (apart from using her Maclaren buggy to bash into the kids that were taller than her!!!) and today apart from throwing herself on the floor when i tried to help with her Molly, so i thought Bed time (for her nap this afternoon and she was flat out!)

Last nite she took herself off to bed at 8pm without saying nite nite as she must've of been shattered

biglips Tue 03-Oct-06 20:53:12

hiya everyone

Whos birthday is next??

went to the dentist today and he said that Tweenie hadnt broken her tooth but it is pushed back into her gums!!!! OUCH!!!!!!!! ...gotta wait for 2 mths to see if come back down or it be operation time - eek!

maisiemog Wed 04-Oct-06 00:03:16

Ooooooo! That sounds a bit dodgy. So I suppose that if it stays put it would get in the way of the grownup teeth.
I hope it sorts itself out. Push Tweenie!!

biglips Wed 04-Oct-06 08:59:17

flippin eck...ive got a headache already!!!! gggrrr! as my car had gone in for a service and i thought as its only down the road..(2 mins walk) ill bring Tweenies dolly buggy out with her dolly to walk back home....she kept on trying to cross over every 2 seconds, throwing laods of tantrums and ran off next to the busy road so ive just taken her to bed to calm down

KathH Wed 04-Oct-06 21:57:45

Biglips - its dh's birthday today does that count?

maisiemog Thu 05-Oct-06 00:44:32

Tweenie and Alfie up a tree. Made for each other. Because Alfie was being a bloooming nuisance today. He was a whirlwind of annoyingness, and only wanted everything he wasn't allowed.
He was soaking last night, really burning up. The HV said to expect a fever 6-11 days after the MMR. He's really copping it this past week, with the Cpox and MMR and teeth.
Happy birthday Kath's DH.
oh oh - it's awake....

biglips Thu 05-Oct-06 11:01:41

here a 2 piccys from the party and tweenie drawing on herself!!

hotmama Thu 05-Oct-06 14:36:31

Grace is 2 today - where has the time gone - my little baby is a big sister with bunches! [blub icon]

DD1 has has the new jab - anyone else had it - it's a bit different jabbing an older lo - she blubbed and wanted a "Mummy cuddle"

Dd2 is 8 months next week and is moving all over the place - found her climbing into her bouncy chair. Still bf - and still proud of myself but not losing weight

Hope everyone is well and "Happy Birthday" to all the lo's.

biglips Thu 05-Oct-06 15:10:49

happi birth day to Kath DH

and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Hotmama DD1 . What did she get for her bday?

Sounds like youre doing so great! Yes mine had the new jab 2 weeks ago and only let out a loud cry for 3 seconds and then she was fine but she was holding her leg when seh went back in the waiting room waiting to be weighed (cos i asked for her to be weighed) and she was telling everyone that she had "sore" leg!! did flared up into a boil and was inflammed for 4 days but was fine after that

prettymum Thu 05-Oct-06 15:33:28

just realised theres a new thread!!!

happy LATE birthday to tweenie

happy birthday grace and kathh dh!!

its gone sooo fast, i cant believe i have a toddler!
biglips i bought that kitchen too(thankyou for the link), i was too excited and couldnt wait for her bday so gave it to her a month early!!

shinead (dd) wont leave her 2 month old brother alone! i cant leave him alone, shes always trying to lie on top of him but he loves it!!

she can be such a lovely child one minute and a terror next!!

biglips Thu 05-Oct-06 16:16:47

aww brilliant as glad u got the kitchen too as i bet you had to wait for ages for more stock to come in?

im not sure if i heard of you before? as im from liverpool, got a fiance, a 2 yrs old daughter who is a really good girl but no and again have tantrums but otherwise she is brill!, and also got a 7 yrs old SD who is my Dp's DD from a previous relationship so ive known SD since she was same age as my DD!

here are some piccys that she is doing right now!!!

cazzybabs Thu 05-Oct-06 21:12:10

Biglips your photos are just gorgous - your dd looks so happy and her blue eyes are amazing!

Grace;s bday is sat (god where has the time gone - I clikced on the Oct 05 by mistake!!!).

She wants cats shaped buiscuits to take to nursery (must stop calling them cat biuscuits else dh will end up taking the cat food!) and a dog cake - right OH!

Bought a packet of smarties to decorate the biscuits - just tried on (as you do) adn they tasted a bit funny! SO then I had to eat them all to check - oh god I am soo fat and greedy!

Ordered Grace's present - it still has not come Hope it comes tomorrow!

maisiemog Thu 05-Oct-06 21:21:24

Happy Birthday Grace and hi Hotmama. Well done you feeding Ev? for so long. I'm sorry I can't remember if it's Evie or Eve. Probably neither, probably Florence.
I do try.
I'm still bfing Alfie and he'll be two at the end of the month. .
I don't think he wants to stop in the near future.
Did anyone watch that mortgage free in one year? The one in Fez? I just wondered if it was just me, or was that couple (particularly the girl) really irritating. Irrational dislike alert!!
Biglips Tweenie has almost the same hair colour as Alfie. It's strawberry blonde?
You look lovely at the party and so does Tweenie with those silly wings. She is getting to be such a big girl, she looks older than two to me. Mind you Alfie a titchy baldo so an eight month would look old next to him.
I found a playclock on mulberrybush toys online. Anyone bought anything from them??
It's like a mr potato head/clock.
What is the name of that ear infection prevention thingy, neumococchal or something?
Why do they need that again??
They're going to be full of holes those babies.

lipsbite Sat 07-Oct-06 13:20:56


Hope youre having a lovely time!

did the pressie arrive in time cazzy?

lipsbite Sat 07-Oct-06 13:21:49

(its biglips btw!!)

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