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sept 2014: babies are here (or coming soon!)

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allisgood1 Fri 05-Sep-14 14:30:11

Even though dc3 is end of August, thought I'd start a sept thread :-)

How are you all doing?

dS1 is 9 dats old. Feeding well and surely sleeping well but it's hard to know as I keep falling asleep at night feeding him!

Nazly Sun 07-Sep-14 12:07:35

Hi allisgood
My baby was born on 12th August but he was early and his due date was 2nd Sept
Not sure if I should be following Sept or August thread ; as some say development will be counted from due date...

I couldn't find an August one anyhow... Apparently there isn't one here

ShowMeShowMeTheWine Sun 07-Sep-14 13:40:13

I've still not bloody popped so shouldn't really be here yet but I think most of the august ladies are on a closed fb group? Maybe that's why there's no post natal thread?

allisgood1 Sun 07-Sep-14 14:48:45

Hi Nazly. How is your little one doing? Just going on my first two who were early, they develop pretty much from when they were born instead of their due date. How do we find a FB group if one exists?

allisgood1 Sun 07-Sep-14 14:49:26

Showme- when are/were you due?

ShowMeShowMeTheWine Sun 07-Sep-14 15:04:55

Tomorrow but I can't see it shifting any time soon.

cookielove Sun 07-Sep-14 15:57:27

Hello, I am on the Sept thread lo was due on the 23rd. But decided he wanted to come early. Technically now I should be on the August thread but since I havr the September one all along I would prefer to stick with this one.

I am quite happy to join a fb page if one gets set up ;)

Nazly Sun 07-Sep-14 16:13:29

Allis that's interesting; I read somewhere we should be expecting a little delay with early babies... But I have to admit I can't see much delay here either...
My LO is doing well I think; he is now 3.5 weeks old ;

I think I may just stick with this thread if the August one is a closed fb group only... ?

EllaBella220 Sun 07-Sep-14 17:48:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

allisgood1 Sun 07-Sep-14 19:06:54

Dd2 is going through a toileting regression confused didn't have this with dd1. She's had several accidents today after over a month of none. Not entirely sure what to do but don't think punishing will be good as she's crying at the drop of a hat and very sensitive since baby arrived. Again all new to me as didn't have any of this with dd1 (same age gap!).

DS was on me all night last night. Did not settle after any feed hmm I'm exhausted.

SuzanneSays Sun 07-Sep-14 19:25:02

Hi, can I join? Mine was due end Aug but decided to wait for the last possible moment-now a very loved up, exhausted and emotional first time mum to 4day old baby girl! She is gorgeous, but basically wants to spend the entire night feeding or being held. allis yes. Mine too -Nervous about falling asleep feeding her (which has already happened) and smothering her with my huge bazookas! During the day she settles much more easily-typical!

allisgood1 Sun 07-Sep-14 20:05:22

Suzanne, welcome and congratulations :-)

Sleeping and feeding is an art I think. I mastered it with both girls and can manage it when he's feeding on one side but more difficult on the other. And I miss sleeping on my own curled up! But love newborn cuddles too :-)

Serotonin Sun 07-Sep-14 21:30:56

marking my place hoping it encourages an entrance!

Nazly Sun 07-Sep-14 22:50:49

Dummy? What's your opinion?

DearDinah Mon 08-Sep-14 01:51:43

Hello all, signing up with my sept baby that wanted to come end of August, been on sept antenatal thread. Currently got LO latched on the nipple shield (unheard of till now) but no idea if she's getting anything?? How do you know? I think she's just using it as a soother

allisgood1 Mon 08-Sep-14 02:29:52

Nazly, no dummy use age here. If I do give one it will be in a few weeks.

Dinah, welcome! If she's getting anything, which she should be with shields, you'll hear her drinking. Congratulations!!

DearDinah Mon 08-Sep-14 02:50:12

Thank you! I can definitely see milk traces in the shield when I take her off, my flow had been disturbed & almost dried up I've been trying to express to keep it up, I hope with her now suckling a bit it will pick up xx

Acorncat Mon 08-Sep-14 04:48:00

Just joining the thread smile. Really needing some sleep but LO has decided that he won't sleep on DH now and just constantly wants fed or to sleep on me. He's sleeping on my front just now, really worried I'll fall asleep, so difficult.

Still struggling to get him latched on properly - when the MWs show me it's really easy and he attaches well but by myself he just seems to get the nipple and they're really getting sore. Feel like all I'm doing is moaning so far, I do love all the snuggles and him of course! He's only a day and a half old, shouldn't expect anything less that complete bewilderment at what on earth to do with him I suppose!

mrsfmustbemental Mon 08-Sep-14 05:38:45

Hi just marking my place.

Have been following Sept antenatal thread but only said hi today (pathetically British of me I know!!)

Baby Ben is 3 days old born on 5th was due on 2nd.

He is my 3rd and is absolutely lovely.

Let the parenting madness commence lol!!

CumbrianExile Mon 08-Sep-14 10:29:31

Checking in too, from the Sep ante natal thread.

My lo made it on his due date (with only 30 minutes to spare!) of the 3rd.

Nazly - i tried not to use a dummy, but gave up last night when he just wouldnt settle. Hasn't used it this morning though, so I will try and limit his use of one as much as I can.

dontevenblink Mon 08-Sep-14 10:52:27

Hi all, checking in from September antenatal thread too smile

Baby Sophie arrived on 3rd September by elcs, her due date was today (the 8th). She is beautiful if I do say so myself grin

Congratulations to everyone else on your new arrivals! flowers

allisgood1 Mon 08-Sep-14 10:56:23

Dinah, allow her loads of time at the breast and your supply should pick right back up. Also eat loads of flapjacks (oats are milk producers!) and take fenugreek to boost your supply.

Welcome to other newbies smile

cookielove Mon 08-Sep-14 11:05:30

nazly in the nicu they gave ds a dummy, without my permission, we stopped it initially then when we got home I offered it again in desperation. He still really isn't taking the boob. I will continue to try till he is at least term. But the dummy helps satisfy him and keep him going till he gets a bottle or settle him to sleep.

Quick question, why does lo always wake/stir as soon as my head hits the pillow. Two nights ago got no sleep, last night slept 10-12 then 4-7! Wah I need more sleep

CoolCat2014 Mon 08-Sep-14 11:16:25

Just popping by... Hope baby will actually arrive soon!

allisgood1 Mon 08-Sep-14 12:04:07

Haha cookie it's like they know isn't it? Last night DS woke just as I was about to eat dinner. I am very quickly learning how to do everything one handed again wink

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