June mummies '05 thread 12 - the one where they aren't babies anymore!

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katzg Thu 21-Sep-06 10:51:05

new thread!


Congrats Jonah

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bubbaloo Thu 21-Sep-06 12:07:37

Thaks for starting a new thread Katz.

tribpot Thu 21-Sep-06 12:10:15

Yay new thread!

Yay new mini-Jonah!

sfxmum Thu 21-Sep-06 19:56:01

yeahthank you Katzg
not babies anymore indeed dd been baby spotting today 'oh was da? baby' at the top of her voice

sfxmum Fri 22-Sep-06 11:24:46

oh hell teething in full flow here, i need some sleep.

btw are the expectant ladies all blooming now?
except for jonah, of course who probably still is mostly with head over toilet, so sorry, the joys of pregnancy

bubbaloo Fri 22-Sep-06 11:42:21

Blooming massive is probably the best way to descibe me,Sfx.

Also have some teething going on here and Ds is getting so fussy with what he eats.I still have to mash most of his food and he'll still only eat my food which although is nice,it would be handy if he'd eat the odd toddler meal just for convenience sometimes.Basically his main meals are either liver,chicken or beef casserole and he'll eat beans on toast or hard bolied egg and beans,providing I've mushed it all up with hardly any lumps,grrrrr.
He will eat almost any fruit I give him though aswell as custard but if I put chopped banana in with custard or strawberries in with cream or ice cream,the lumps get spat out-oh the joys.

sfxmum Fri 22-Sep-06 11:50:01

yes mine has gone funny with her food too she will eat past with pesto and peas,bread, cheese, yogurt, potatoes occasianally rice by hand note and most of the rest gets dropped on the floor unless its tasty morsels from mummy or daddys plate and we all eat the same food.
oh yes but she will eat blooming jars too

so hare you finding out if boy or girl? no need to answer just nosey

sfxmum Fri 22-Sep-06 11:51:22

'are' not hare none of those expected

and pasta not past oh dear dear dear!

bubbaloo Fri 22-Sep-06 12:36:12

Oscar also loves throwing food on the floor.We went out to eat last night and by the time we had finished there were bits of chicken,swwetcorn,pasta and carrot all over the floor.He then decide to griz it up in style and scream the place down which was soooooo embarrassing.We put him back in his buggy and couldn't get out of there fast enough.

Yes,we're hoping to find out the sex again this time,but it's still early days-1st scan is the 10th Oct.

JonahB Fri 22-Sep-06 12:45:33

Thanks for all the good wishes..

Bubb, does that mean you are about 8 weeks?

SFX, not get got to that nausea/tiredness stage. I have however, got to the lower stomach stretching stage and for some unfathonable reason, I suddenly seem to have bloated so I cant fit in my tighter jeans. Not already surely??

I have also just remembered the real downside to pgy - my inability to work more than an hour without catching up on MN! Ah, glorious days of distraction to come......

sfxmum Fri 22-Sep-06 12:45:34

after a lifetime working in special needs very little embarrasses me anymore

although olivia shouting at top of voice pointing at some womans huge cleavage, BOOBIES...

giddy1 Fri 22-Sep-06 12:51:03

Message deleted

sfxmum Fri 22-Sep-06 12:54:19


i need sleep, have i mentioned that?
am actually supposed to be planning next week prep study but instead am lured to MN shame shame on me

2Happy Fri 22-Sep-06 12:54:46

Jonah - congratulations
Ds has also gone peculiar about food. After being a voracious eat-anything child, he is now a picky, tantrummy toddler deciding he'll eat something one day but scream like I've stabbed him if I dare to offer it to him another. Suspect it is payback for feeling slightly smug about my fabulously un-picky eater in the past. I dread the day he decides he won't eat carrots, since those are virtually the only vegetable I can get him to eat at present.
sfx - blooming?! Are you kidding?! I remember enjoying this bit of pregnancy last time (except for the , goddness aren't you big are you sure you aren't having twins comments). Still waiting for it this time round! (though not the goodness aren't you big comments, those started weeks ago )

lummox Fri 22-Sep-06 12:58:07

hey all. hurray for the new thread.

and many congrats to the jonah family. hope you are keeping well.

all is good here - ds does good meltdowns, but i guess the upside of him not really talking is that he can't embarrass me in public by saying things. am hoping that being in a foreign country will also minimise the problem!

we're having the same with eating - ds used to be a great eater but has recently got much more picky and sometimes isn't interested in food at all (very unlike him). he will always have milk instead, but i had been trying to cut down milk rather than the other way around. i'm not sure whether to leave the milk so that he gets more hungry for solids or not. i've got a feeling he won't have the solids whatever i do, and so he will be hungry if i don't give him milk. sorry - bit of a ramble there. any thoughts?

lummox Fri 22-Sep-06 13:00:08

x-posted (extremely slowly) 2happy. sounds like a lot of us are having the same problem.

slightly embarrassed to say that i do feel quite good at the moment. not exactly full of energy but nowhere near as ghastly as the early weeks. am still lurking on the jan thread 2happy - like your new title.

giddy1 Fri 22-Sep-06 13:01:33

Message deleted

giddy1 Fri 22-Sep-06 13:13:37

Message deleted

sfxmum Fri 22-Sep-06 13:14:47

hello everyone
she will eat homemade ravioli, only i am not always in the mood

'are you sure its not twins?'well that's when the excuse of preggie hormones can be used to wallop them

bubbaloo Fri 22-Sep-06 13:22:29

Jonah-I'm just over 9 weeks(due end of April)and have been in Maternity clothes for about the last 4 weeks now-nothing else fits me.The annoying thing is I lost nearly 4 stone earlier this year and got rid of all my larger clothes-wish I'd have kept a few things now.

I've glad to se ds isn't the only fussy eater amongst the Junies.I've just done him pasta,tuna dn sweetcorn for lunch,all ready for when he wakes up and what's the bet he won't eat it!
One thing I can't complain on is the sleep.He went fore his usual 9.30 nap this morning and is still fast asleep,hee hee.

lummox,2Happy-Are you both due in Jan? Doesn't seem that far away.

Giddy-Lol at your burger soldiers.As long as it does the job,eh?.

lummox Fri 22-Sep-06 13:30:17

thanks for that tip, giddy - burger soldiers might just do the trick (and i'll call them steak hache in my head so that it sounds posher!)

yup - due in Jan bubbs, towards the end (26th) but ds was a couple of weeks early, and the m/wife has said that you often follow the same pattern. if the new one comes at the same time that's only 16 weeks away [gulp]. have got some baby clothes out from storage and found the moses basket and car seat, so am starting to get organised. feel i want ds2-to-be to have some new stuff, though, but not sure what would be the best thing. am also really starting to think about preparing ds for the new arrival, but my minds a blank - he's so little yet that i'm not really sure what i can do.

tribpot Fri 22-Sep-06 13:33:56

Ha ha! Glad all the other Junies have basically caught up to where my ds has always been, i.e. rubbish about eating. He has done reasonably well this week, by which I mean he has been willing to consume any food but we seem to go two steps forward and six back, all the time - definitely teething-related, also the reason why he is awake for at least 90 mins every other night?

<props eyelids open and goes back upstairs to work>

JonahB Fri 22-Sep-06 15:31:40

How totally rude of me - Lummox/2happy big congratulations. Sorry, I didn't realise!

Giddy, you're a better person than me. The food that ends up on the floor goes straight back onto the table and into DS's little mitts. Well, what doesnt kill him will make him stronger . What any parent did before hummous sandwiches is anyone's guess. He would eat an entire tub if I let him. He also eats more breakfast than I do. He'll eat his 2 weetabix (same as me), then eat a bit of mine (can anyone eat a meal in peace any more, without a little pleading, tear stained face coming into view?). Followed by his raisins while DH tries to eat his breakfast without a tantrum ensuing. Is this normal ???

giddy1 Fri 22-Sep-06 16:19:52

Message deleted

katzg Fri 22-Sep-06 16:45:33

well back from the childrens with mixed feelings, DD2 has to have her MMR as a day case incase she has a major reaction to it, she also has to have an ultrasound of her liver just to check its ok, her blood platelet levels are a little bit high but all in all they aren't worried! but still no real answers or solutions.

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