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coderoo Wed 13-Sep-06 16:30:52

lets have a thread too
cometitive boys welcome

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emsiewill Wed 13-Sep-06 16:31:38

Sorry, I have a 9 year old and a 7 year old, but not an 8 year old.

marthamoo Wed 13-Sep-06 16:31:42

I have a 9 year old. Do I have to start another thread?

nutcracker Wed 13-Sep-06 16:31:45

Does it have to be boys ??

Who else has a thread then ? have i missed something ??

marthamoo Wed 13-Sep-06 16:32:40

cod's been on the rampage again, nutty, crushing everyone in her path...

tamum Wed 13-Sep-06 16:32:52

Oh meeeee. Hoorah, what shall we call it? The one where our bubbas get maths homework?

Saturn74 Wed 13-Sep-06 16:33:09

I have an 8yo DS, but I think I may also be missing something here?

tamum Wed 13-Sep-06 16:33:15

Yes, bog off marthamoooooo

emsiewill Wed 13-Sep-06 16:33:40

Can I start one for 9 year old girls "The one where they start to get hormonal rages" ?

coderoo Wed 13-Sep-06 16:33:54

you ghave to have a baby bron in 1998

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coderoo Wed 13-Sep-06 16:34:01

go for it e

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marthamoo Wed 13-Sep-06 16:34:20

He was 8 once - I remember was kind of like 7 and not really that much different to 9.

Tinker Wed 13-Sep-06 16:35:01

emsiewill - do it now.

nutcracker Wed 13-Sep-06 16:35:02


These warpaths are becoming more regular and widespread aren't they ??

Anyway, I do have an 8 yr old Cod but she was born in 97.

marthamoo Wed 13-Sep-06 16:35:04

And we have maths homework. Everyflippinnight

Please don't send me awaaaay...

yorkshirelass79 Wed 13-Sep-06 16:36:05

Message withdrawn

tamum Wed 13-Sep-06 16:36:30

Ah go on then <clasps mm to bosom>

coderoo Wed 13-Sep-06 16:36:35

8 year olds the one where they haev more homework

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nutcracker Wed 13-Sep-06 16:36:44

Mine has been going on 18 since she was about 4 LOL.

marthamoo Wed 13-Sep-06 16:36:50

Awwww, thanks tamum.

nutcracker Wed 13-Sep-06 16:38:37

Mine has more homework than last year yes, but last year she never had any at all cos the teacher didn't believe in it.

You'd all have loved to see her face when she came home the other day with Maths homewrok, spellings and her reading book

I don't mind them having it if it's something I don't have to help with

coderoo Wed 13-Sep-06 16:39:05

the explosion of paost natal thread ismaking me go weak wiht laughter

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serenity Wed 13-Sep-06 16:39:12

I've got an 8 year old DS, but he was born in '97 too.

can we have the one were girls start noticing them ( and then can I shove it in a corner of my mind where I don't actually have to think about it?)

marthamoo Wed 13-Sep-06 16:40:41

Wait til they're 9 <<<she says, rubbing in her aeons more experience>>> Ds1 now has maths every night, a long comprehension once a week, spellings (40!) to practise every night, a reading book every night and a writing exercise and more worksheets at the weekend.

Last night he had just started his maths when "My Parents Are Aliens" came on - he sighed deeply and switched it off. It took 40 minutes and then another 20 for spellings and reading - an hour a night seems excessive to me.

coderoo Wed 13-Sep-06 16:41:19

"tyhe one where they wastch tv shows abotu 20 year odls americasn pretending to be 8 and at "Junior high"

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