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Not feeling it

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BB01 Sun 18-May-14 15:23:39

Sorry, I haven't been through anything like this, but I would post this on another section for more traffic - I think there's a relationship section somewhere

Ashlinbriyoung Sat 03-May-14 01:34:53

Hi, I'm a mummy to two beautiful children one who is 4yrs old and the other 3 weeks old.

I love them both very very much and so happy with them,
The thing is when i fell pregnant I feel like the passion from my relationship with my partner of 5 years died.

At the beginning he was all over me and was on my nerves we had sex about 5 times through the whole pregnancy but we did other things such as play which was fab as I wasn't really wanting proper sex

How ever I had a c-section with my little bundle and I feel fab extremely passionate towards my partner it's as if we have just met again, well for me it is,

He on the other hand doesn't seem interested at all! I try very hard to be "sexy and use sexy talk" but he brushes it off or ignores me, the other day when my mum had my eldest for the night I said "oh let's make out on the sofa" (cheesy I know) and he just smiled and didn't move but I think he knew he should of because 5-10 minutes later we were which was amazing we began to play and I was so extremely into it but when I saw his face it was as if I was boring him,
I asked him about it he said he was tired that was all,

The night after that we were in bed and I begin to let my hands room and he just kinda say there didn't even touch me or attempt to, have me a few kisses but that was it, once I had finished with him he went to sleep

Then today finally we had sex which was amazing to me but again I felt like it was a chore to him he didn't really wanna but just done it to keep me happy, I feel like utter crap if I'm honest!

He use to say I didn't show him any affection or anything but now that I am he has turned off doesn't wanna know,

I have asked and asked him but he keeps saying it's in my head, but today when I was joking about him loving his car more than me he snapped and said "for god sake you have said this since I got the car it's annoying cos I try and prove I do like you"

It clicked he didn't say love just like and to think about it he has said I love you maybe 5/6 times since having our second and before he use to say it 5/6 times every few hours now it's not important it seems

Has anyone else been through something like this and if so any advise??

Please thank you

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