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December 2012: Everyone loves nap time.

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halestone Sat 26-Apr-14 12:36:19

Started a new thread for us before we run out of room.

SpottyTeacakes Mon 30-Jun-14 10:06:00

Dd's only just started having haribo at parties and she's just four. So, no, I wouldn't. Ever. Choking risk for one! I think by three they can cope with them and are fine on the odd occasion. Chocolate buttons would be more appropriate they're my favourite

Maryland2013 Mon 30-Jun-14 10:42:02

Nutella I definitely wouldn't give DS haribo! We're the same-odd bits of cake if we're out or chocolate at home but he's never had sweets. I'm surprised how many kids the same age I see with chuba chup lollies..

Spotty definitely include in the covering letter why you are applying for the job and why you're a good candidate.

PurplePidjin Mon 30-Jun-14 12:11:39

Oh no WL brew <- dioralyte

Spotty I would put a paragraph in, can't hurt?

Definitely no Haribo here. He eats and enjoys stuff with some actual nutritional value, why would Haribo be a treat?! We still have yet to have more than a few chocolate chips in a biscuit though, he was reacting to caffeine in BM right up until he weaned (although not the screaming abdabs for hours of his tiny days) so i daren't risk it, sleep is a precious commodity!

On the subject of treats, though, I'm wondering about the number of biscuits i give him sometimes. I give him dinner, which he eats, then a fromage frais or two (and fruit if he hasn't had it earlier - he poos too much and is uncomfortable if I let him have as much as he wants which is 3-4 adult sized portions!) so if he's still hungry I give him a plain biscuit. Some evenings he'll eat 2 or 3 digestives on top of his dinner. If he hasn't eaten dinner, he doesn't get the biscuits but is that too much? Should I give one biscuit then a rice cake or something? Switch to adult sized yoghurts?

PS I had a look at the sugar content of fromage frais. The 42p own brand ones I was buying anyway have less than half the sugar of Petit Filous and other brands shock

MrsNutella Mon 30-Jun-14 12:56:04

Thanks everyone. It is something that has just niggled at me since it happened. BIL & SIL (actually SIL especially) do come out with some utter rubbish odd advice. I wondered if I was being overly protective.

pidj It sounds like R eats a really good diet and you keep track of what he has eaten to make sure it balances out. I'm sure the biscuits aren't anything to worry about. You'd notice, I'm sure, if they caused a problem.
DS is always eating but I'm careful not to give him everything he wants and keep it varied and balanced. If I think he has had enough of something for the day I let DH know so that he doesn't sneak more from papa.

MrsNutella Mon 30-Jun-14 12:57:43

Maryland seeing kids running around while eating chupa chips lollies scares me to death! Ok if you want to give them a lolly they can have one; but please make sure they're safe with it confused (now I'm probably being a bit overprotective and dramatic)

WLmum Mon 30-Jun-14 14:04:17

spotty def do a paragraph that sells you and your experience. I'm interviewing next week and one candidate got straight on the interview pile after her first sentence as it was so strong.
nutella no way. T does get a few chocolate buttons and bites of cake more than I'd like but it's not fair to exclude her when the big 2 get them (not everyday though). She ales gets a magic star here and there as a bribe! Haribo are most def a choke hazard, terrible for his teeth and if you don't feel comfortable, then totally inappropriate.
pidj how about offering a cracker or something? T loves cheese oat cakes - no sugar but quite salty so she only gets one. Choose your poison! I give my dds yeo valley natural yoghurt with fruit purée (frozen in weaning cubes). T really likes it with raisins in.

Maryland2013 Mon 30-Jun-14 15:08:08

WL we do yeo valley yoghurts too smile DS rarely has petit filous as I think they do have a lot of sugar?
Ella's yoghurts are good too. DS has the Heinz baby biscuits which he loves- prob has a couple after dinner. I give him an oaty bar if he's not eaten well and he also loves crumpets. I convince myself he will wake in the night hungry if he doesn't eat much dinner!

Pidj from what you've said R eats really well smile

WLmum Mon 30-Jun-14 15:37:03

Dd1 came joint first in her race and I didn't get to watch. I hate being ill. I'm keeping stuff down now so def on the mend but just still feeling achey and weedy. Luckily dm/dmil are not bringing the dds back til after their tea.

ddas Mon 30-Jun-14 16:52:47

wlmum hope you feel better soon.

spotty I would definitely put something in the covering letter including why you are interested in that specific job etc unless it's already in the application form. Are you not having at the GP surgery?

I am frugal by nature so even though we could probably afford new uniform for ds for preschool in September I did look through their second hand uniform sale blush. Sadly nearly all the sizes were too big. Pick up some stuff though. What's the saying- look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves smile

Had a lovely morning at wisley in the sunshine and luckily the rain only started when we got to the car- perfect timing! I didn't even notice the weather turn so that was lucky.

hales maybe your dd is like mine as sees the naughty corner as a bit of a joke. We've only used it once for dd as not sure she can really understand the concept yet but previous to that I'd said to her ' you'll have to go in the naughty corner if you do that again' and off she trotted and sat in it laughing. I was surprised she even knew where it was but guess she's seen ds in it! For the one time we used it was only when she realised she couldn't just come out if it when she wanted that she got upset and realised she'd been naughty. Think it's one minute per year of age.

WLmum Mon 30-Jun-14 19:58:59

ddas I was at wisley yesterday! Had a great time with some cool friends - it was the arts fest so we saw an aerial acrobat lady hanging from the ceil

WLmum Mon 30-Jun-14 20:12:13

Ceiling of the glass house amongst other things. Whereabouts are you?
I'm a pennies gal too but it's not so much of an issue for me as all dd1s uniform will also go through dd2&3!

ddas Mon 30-Jun-14 21:49:49

Wow that sounds great. Shame we were away with the in laws. We're only about 10-15 mins away from wisley so it's a great place to go with kids. Definitely worth being a member.
That is very true re hand me downs- unfortunately with 1 ds and 1 dd I don't get as much use out of them! Hence they both get second hand clothes lol. Do try and buy good makes though.

ddas Mon 30-Jun-14 22:18:23

Not sure if you can all see the post pidjin put up on fb but so true. Hard to read though with having feeling a little weepy! Had a lovely couple today on the table next to me at wisley. Someone had left all there lunch on it and they noticed and came and took it away to put in the bin as I was getting the kids sorted as they said I looked like I had my hands full! Then said how lovely it was to see me with the two of them and not needing a pram. Isabel was in the sling as her little legs had got tired of walking by this point. Nice to hear a positive comment rather than the more common- she looks quite big to carry, amazed you can still carry her etc.
a reminder that a kind gesture and nice words make a difference to someone.

PurplePidjin Mon 30-Jun-14 22:55:32

grin i only seem to get comments about how cozy he looks, maybe I look too ugly scary to make negative comments to? wink

ddas Tue 01-Jul-14 06:18:14

Seem to get lovely comments from people without kids but the other ones about wow can't believe you're still carrying her etc seem to be come from other mums!! May be as I'm very petite and still carry her on my front so maybe she does look big?
Dd is killing me with these 5am starts!! Going to buy black out blinds today. We have black out curtains but a lot of like does still come in through the corners. I'll try anything spend anything at this point!!

ddas Tue 01-Jul-14 06:18:48

Like = light

utopian99 Tue 01-Jul-14 09:27:06

I tend to get mostly positive comments when I do pidj, must be scary looking too! There are a lot of baby wearer's around here (Walthamstow) though, so not so unusual I guess.

O has treats as and when, but normally in the form of a lump of cheese, parma ham, a chocolate button or fistful of grapes. I think I have a relatively lax attitude to sugar etc (not choke hazards, re haribo), but then I cook all his meals from scratch so noadded extras creeping in.

Hope you're not too hacked off going over stacks, I was 12 days over with O and it was the comments more than the waiting that pissed me off!

I have caved in and booked someone through universal aunts to come and play with O for two days so I can clear the work backlog. It was getting so bad I was crying at dh at work about it, and we weren't getting any family time. Just hope O gets on with her today - she's got impeccable references but a new person is a new person.
Can't be sure who asked but O's nursery just has an epic waiting list and no where else looks as nice for him so don't want to compromise. Found a great childminder yesterday who can start in august. She is really friendly, and we spent 1.5hrs with her and O seemed v happy. It's such a minefield though!

Fx for your job spotty!

WLmum Tue 01-Jul-14 09:37:14

ddas we have the gro travel blackout blind which is good but does still let light in round the edges. I've heard the magic cling sheets are best but seemed like a lot of hassle to me and feel free to ignore this bit I'm not convinced that darkness solves the problem - I tend to think its a bit of a body clock thing and that total darkness messes with that and so brings its own issue. I totally sympathise though, 5ams are such a killer. I'm hoping that when I finally finish bfing (fed last 2 nights as too ill to fight) T will get better at self settling and so sleep a bit longer. Also need to make sure she doesn't sleep more than 1 hour in the day.

ddas Tue 01-Jul-14 09:37:24

It mainly mums that already know me so guess they feel they can say what the want?

Childcare is a minefield. Glad you've found someone and can get some work cleared. even though the to do list both home & work is never ending when you get at least some of the way done it is a weight off. I've had a few random days off when both kids have been at nursery & really helped. Think impossible to get much work done with a toddler. Try to get some stuff done in the morning given dd's 5am starts but she never lets me very productive.

nutella I wouldn't give haribo's either. Re sugar we've been a lot more relaxed with dd than we were with ds. Still not loads though- probably a few kiddie biscuits a day.

ddas Tue 01-Jul-14 09:40:10

wlmum been looking through the black out blinds trying to decide and also wondering whether I'm just buying as desperate!

WLmum Tue 01-Jul-14 09:48:43

utopian I'm sure he will be fine and enjoy the different stimulation that a new person brings. You being so stressed out is not good for anyone so this is a much better option.

Maryland2013 Tue 01-Jul-14 12:25:49

WL are you not feeling any better?! Sounds awful sad

There's something in WLs theory I think.. We've always had a black out blind but lately, when we've been leaving DSs door open as it's been so warm he's actually slept later- despite being able to see the light. We've reduced his daytime nap too and he's going to bed better and sleeping in past 6/6:30 more frequently.
5am is dreadful ddas sad how long does your LO sleep in the day?

PurplePidjin Tue 01-Jul-14 12:34:39

ddas tinfoil and parcel tape! I nicked the thermo-mats from our old camper and stuck some to the windows of R's room - they help regulate the temperature, and i can still open the windows too - as well as blackout linings in the curtains. He still wakes at funny times though.

I would have R in childcare if I could afford it, just because I think the change of scenery would be good for him. The rules on 2+ funding are changing in September to make it more available, so I'm hoping we might qualify for that, he absolutely loves running around with the bigger kids at the park and at play groups.

PurplePidjin Tue 01-Jul-14 13:00:19

I've just tentatively listed my Easyfits on the local (relevant) groups, feels like a huge step! But I'm pretty sure I'd just go for wool on hypothetical dc2, and R refuses to sleep in PUL! I'm keeping my Miosolos and a couple of pockets though, no way am I getting rid of the entire stash shock

ddas Tue 01-Jul-14 14:15:53

pidjin good idea! Worth trying to see if it even makes a difference as all the proper black out blinds are ridiculously expensive! Window is very long (whole length of one wall) so I'd have to buy a few so not a cheap option.

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