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Toy Library in Ealing??

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Daisy05 Thu 24-Aug-06 09:27:03

Does anyone know if there's a toy library in Ealing? Or anywhere in West London? Ta.

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SueW Thu 24-Aug-06 09:41:02

Have you tried google?

trying2bgood Thu 24-Aug-06 09:43:41

Daisy, am an ealing resident and have not heard of one. Have you checked the ealing council website though just to make sure?

Daisy05 Thu 24-Aug-06 16:49:25

Yep, tried Google and Ealing Council website but no joy. Just seem to be spending an alarming amount on toys that DD plays with for a couple of weeks then ignores. Looks like there's a gap in the market...

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bluebear Thu 24-Aug-06 18:54:36

Haven't heard of a toy library in Ealing but there is a jigsaw library that you can have access to if you join the local parent's group - its called the 135 group..there is a website I think but don't know address.

Daisy05 Sat 26-Aug-06 10:52:20

OK thanks anyway girls. Have spoken to a couple of friends who are interested in starting a "toy swap" in Ealing. Not quite sure how to go about it but if anyone's interested email me on

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SueW Sat 26-Aug-06 11:03:35


Daisy05 Sat 26-Aug-06 11:28:56

Ooh no, thanks Sue, will give that a try.

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Daisy05 Sat 26-Aug-06 19:43:17

Thanks, no haven't tried that one but will have a look.

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princesscarrie Sat 25-Nov-06 18:27:39

There is a toy library at Northolt library on mondays 1-3pm

acaisley Sun 18-Aug-19 08:04:27

There is now a toy library in Ealing:

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