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November 2012 - This is the new fred, just like the old fred.

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StuntNun Wed 23-Apr-14 13:22:38

Previous thread:

PetiteRaleuse Wed 23-Apr-14 15:08:43

Hi new fred.

Pikz Wed 23-Apr-14 17:55:47

Ooooh shiny

PurplePidjin Wed 23-Apr-14 17:56:18


Wandathewindfairy Wed 23-Apr-14 20:26:26


My first thread death

Lily311 Wed 23-Apr-14 20:27:23

Well done wanda, I wanted you to kill it.

Now I go to bed happily.

PurplePidjin Wed 23-Apr-14 20:28:36

Bloody hell that was quick shock

As I was attempting to say, I read some of this: the other day in the library, was very amusing grin

Kyz Wed 23-Apr-14 20:29:29

Hi new Fred!

Zamboni Wed 23-Apr-14 20:30:00

<scrubs up for shiny new fred>

fruitpastilles Wed 23-Apr-14 20:32:42

Hello new fred. I am watching dexter and was coming on to help kill the old one, clearly I was too slow.

ValiumQueen Wed 23-Apr-14 20:59:18

Excellent killing grin I got distracted by sick children. Only two with fevers so far, J included so he is in bed with me for the night. The fun just never ends here. It was bound to happen as DH and I have been coughing up our guts and running on hot for a week.

Dr said no ABs as I am a healthy breather (no asthma or smoking) but put me back on ADs. I took one at lunchtime and it knocked me out! I will try snorting it next take it later in the day in future.

GTbaby Wed 23-Apr-14 21:18:33

Someone getting bored of thinking of new thread names?

ValiumQueen Wed 23-Apr-14 21:24:22

I think it is a fab title grin

Night night. I am expecting a crap one here for a change.

Passmethecrisps Wed 23-Apr-14 21:39:05

Hola new Fred!

DH and I are discussing me attending a conference. A three day residential! Nice one!

PurplePidjin Wed 23-Apr-14 21:46:27

VQ me too, R has cried out 4 times already since bedtime hmm

Pikz Wed 23-Apr-14 21:51:09

First of the NCT group preggers with their 2nd.

Am ridiculously jealous

ChasingDaisy Wed 23-Apr-14 21:58:33

Loved reading the end of that thread.

VQ I take my ADs in the morning, as I worry about them causing sleep issues if I took them at night. Supposed to be coming off them this month, but I'm scared to confused

GTbaby Wed 23-Apr-14 22:29:50

Feeling a lil sad. Tomorrow will be the first day I don't bf A.
We have been giving 2bottles a day for quite some time. But recently switched to bf during day. As A has been sleeping longer and feeding less I feel empty and A is getting frustrated. So I guess I'm calling it a day. Not looking forward to making a bottle tomorrow morning.
BUT I can not believe I made it this long. I am very proud of myself for not giving up.
A big thank you to you all for your help and advice over last 7 months. thanks

Ok soppy me will exit

persepolis123 Wed 23-Apr-14 22:34:29

stunt I used to love Coneheads!

'Twas my birthday today. Had to work but went out for a meal after. Got lots of nice presents including two watches, flowers, chocs, clothes, gift cards and a photo album full of pictures of C from a newborn through to now.

pikz I know how you feel. I have babies on the brain. We missed the window for ttc this month so I'm patiently waiting for AF so we can start trying properly.

Have been browsing the baby name book already. It was difficult enough finding a name for C and now we will need an equally cool name that will sound good with it. I don't think we will ever find one. I know it sounds ridiculous but I'm genuinely worried we won't. His name was literally the only name we both loved, we couldn't even agree on a middle name so he doesn't have one hmm

chasing will they reduce the dosage gradually rather than stopping them straight away? I thought that's how it worked but I just stopped taking mine overnight and didn't bother discussing it with my GP. Very foolish thinking back. Luckily it was ok.

Elizadoesdolittle Wed 23-Apr-14 22:38:41

I got distracted from fred killing to investigate birthday presents for DH who is turning 40 in May. It's hard as really can't spend much as we need funds for the extension but can't just buy tat. I think I've come up with a fire pit.

lily Without giving the story away to wanda it's the one where a family go on a road trip to Scotland with Mr Nicholls. It isn't as good as Me before you but a lot less sad!

YellowWellies Wed 23-Apr-14 23:13:04

<parks arse> smile

ValiumQueen Thu 24-Apr-14 02:10:27

As expected not a good night, but I have the bed for just me and him, so we are comfy. He needed meds at 1am as his temp shot up to well over 39 and he has just nodded off. He seems happy to be in with me and is staying calm despite obviously feeling like carp.

It is amazing how a couple of weeks ago he could not sleep with a pillow, and now he cannot sleep without one.

Pikz Thu 24-Apr-14 06:25:24

Eurrrghhh pretty much been up since 2am

PetiteRaleuse Thu 24-Apr-14 06:39:24

Bad night here. Too much stuff in head and DD1 coughed a lot. LO slept v well so was up and dancing at 6.

I need a lie in.

StuntNun Thu 24-Apr-14 07:10:05

Sorry GT it's an obscure reference. Any RATM fans out there know what I'm talking about? Or am I just showing my age harking back to 90s music?

Well done on completing your breastfeeding journey GT. It hasn't always been easy but you persevered. thanks

I think you will rise to the challenge Persepolis. Okay you're going to have to pick something as cool as C's name but there are so many out there. Our problem with names was we would always veto each other's favourites. DH was adamant that DS2 would be called James and I just wouldn't have it which is how he ended up being named after a character on Neighbours in desperation when he was six weeks old. We called him Voldemort for the first six weeks. shock What can I say, he just looked like a Voldemort.

A fire pit is a brilliant idea Eliza. How are you going to wrap it up though? I always wanted to buy my DH a car for his birthday. It'll never happen obviously but wouldn't it be amazing? How on earth do people afford to do things like that?

brew for those that had bad nights. J was awake twice in the night but I have been sleeping like a log lately and find it very difficult to rouse so DH saw to him. I think my body is trying to catch up on 16 months of sleep at the moment. Wonders when the bags under her eyes will disappear, if ever.

DS2 has his educational psychologist assessment today. I'm torn between hoping for a straightforward diagnosis of dyslexia or similar, enabling him to access the help he needs, and hoping there isn't anything wrong with him.

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