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stretch marks

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EmFlat Fri 25-Apr-14 02:49:32

*same, obvs wink

EmFlat Fri 25-Apr-14 02:48:27

Hi Steffy - just saw this had no replies hmm wanted to help if possible!

Keep using the 'Mum&Me' since you like it smile I'm afraid there's no cure for stretch marks hmm

Basically, once they're there, they're there - any cream which claims to make them 'disappear' is fibbing. Creams can only help to reduce the appearance of them.

Best thing to do is use your cream (or oil) twice a day, massaging in with your fingertips, in circular motions over the marked areas. Really can help to soften the marks.

I use BioOil because my bro-in-law broke his thighbone and used that on the resulting operation scar, with good results! Hoping it'll do the sane for my CSec scar smile

Steffyjayne23 Thu 17-Apr-14 11:40:29

I'm 23 I have horrendous stretch marks and I know they have come from my beautiful son but does anyone have any fave stretch mark creams? I'm currently using the mum & me range and I like it but do they really work?

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