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January 2014 - hoping for more sleep

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beccajoh Fri 11-Apr-14 10:43:15


What's the deal with threads being closed? Is there a post limit?

I am soooooo tired today. Archie has been really unsettled the last few nights from about 4am onwards. Sometimes he's hungry, sometimes he wants to play, sometimes he wants his dummy. The last two nights he's ended up in with us as it's easier to replug the dummy, pat etc.

Gettingthroughthis Thu 05-Jun-14 19:01:49

Puggle.... Finishing thread smile

Gettingthroughthis Thu 05-Jun-14 19:01:36


Swannykazoo Thu 05-Jun-14 15:11:59

Hopefully this is it

TobyLerone Thu 05-Jun-14 15:05:19

Go for it, puggle!

Swannykazoo Thu 05-Jun-14 14:56:34

Just re-read my post and meant me wittering on blush -hope no-one took it the wrong way! Not sure about the MN etiquette -is it ok to start thew new thread or do we have a "leader"?

beccajoh Thu 05-Jun-14 14:14:45

And at 12 months (that one was SHOCKING!) and 18 months, although that one passed us by somehow.

Archie has a scary temperature - was 39.7 about an hour ago and calpol didn't seem to help, so I called 111. Of course whilst I was on the phone to them it improved no end and he started grinning at me hmm I think it must be more than teething. MIL had him overnight and she said he was really unsettled.

Nearly time for our next thread!

MrsGSR Thu 05-Jun-14 14:14:07

That's a great name Puggle!

Leah wouldn't go down in her cot from midnight (when she woke up after a whole half an hour) until 3 am, she only went down then to white noise (which doesn't do anything 7pm-3am, except make her scream louder).

DH old work place has had a surge in babies and according to Facebook they all sleep through angry my BIL told me he knew how I felt when I said I was tired, his DS has slept through from 6 weeks (annoyingly I know this is true), I almost punched him!

enormouse Thu 05-Jun-14 14:12:12

I like that puggle. Definitely more clever than my idea of "Tiny Bastards"

Swannykazoo Thu 05-Jun-14 13:42:16

Definitely like the sound of retro dungarees/romper for boys.

Am aghast at the future sleep regressions to come. Don't know about anybody else but I've gone a bit hmm about the Wonder weeks book. They were very specific initially -5, 8 12 weeks (or something) but reading the text there seemed to be a lot of "can start as early as 14 weeks, can go on to 22 weeks" - basically any time you had a grizzly baby you could convince yourself they must be in a growth spurt. I suppose the overall message is "your baby is being a pain cos they're working on a new skill" which is a nice positive thing but doesn't fill a book.
Anyway rather than wittering on, more importantly what is our new fred title?
My suggestion: Jan 2014 - can we call it a sleep regression if they didn't sleep in the first place?

enormouse Thu 05-Jun-14 12:39:49

altered sounds very similar to Indians. My granny was aghast at dbro when he said he wouldn't be putting tea in the Dnieces baby bottles. Different strokes I guess. I applaud your chilled outness over the whole thing. I can't imagine babies needing to be more caffeinated than they already are smile!

Felix can I contribute ideas? smile I would love a simple collarless shirt for DS1 and a romper/dungaree for Cal in matching retro fabric.

book that would make me murdery!

Another awful night. Finally got Cal down and DS1 out with DP getting his trike fixed. I should be tidying but I'm on pinterest and mumsnet farting about.

FelixFelix Thu 05-Jun-14 12:34:17

THERES A 9 MONTH SLEEP REGRESSION TOO?! Christ, it's never ending is it?

BookTart Thu 05-Jun-14 12:27:11

One of my NCT group posted on Fb this morning that her baby, who is a day younger and a couple of pounds lighter than P, has slept through all week. I am pleased for her. No, really angryconfused

So it seems that resusables aren't for us at the moment. She soaked through two and just pooed out of another one. I've run out of clean babygros, so the Pampers are back on for now!

After refusing to nap most of yesterday, Percy also refused to sleep. When she started gnawing on my hands I tried her with some Calpol, and she was asleep 15 minutes later. I'm assuming she's teething, because she's been a bugger to settle all day today too.

toby I keep thinking it would be better to hold fire on trying to change sleep routines until they are a bit bigger. I bet I leave it too late and hit the 9 month sleep regression!

Pidgy Thu 05-Jun-14 09:29:45

Coffee!!! Lol! There are some weird traditions around! I think you're super chilled altered! I know I'm seen as a bit neurotic by by pil for vacuuming a lot (I just love my hand held dyson for getting up kiddy crumbs), making people take their shoes off (have they seen how much dog shit is out there?) and for making children sit down at the table to eat (thought this was a pretty standard rule).
No car seats would send me over the edge. Especially as I fell out the car when I was small as no one had seat belts (was fine just a little shocked).

It makes me feel a bit better that Lara isn't the only shit sleeper. Either people aren't honest in RL or the mums I chat with at baby swimming have a bunch of textbook babies that are all sleeping through. At 1pm I gave up last night and she came in with us. She slept like an angel, but neither of us did as I was on the edge of the bed on my side and DH is terrified of rolling on her. Why will she no longer settle in her bed?! Answers in a postcard please.
Toby I also get the crying at 3am thing. My body and brain are not made for this!! mrsg you are not alone and welcome back.

felix love the clothes idea!
A girl I used to know from home set up a business making car seat liners and buggy liners. They use beautiful Kath Kidston material etc. they were flying of the shelves so to speak. So much so, she's given up to spend more time with her girls. They look pretty easy to make tbh, so could be a good money earner too.

I'm just watching The Secret Life of Babies! Loving it!! Babies are amazing. :-)

TobyLerone Thu 05-Jun-14 09:17:44

Do the Elsa dresses first! Not something I would buy, but I understand from those more princess-inclined that they're like hens' teeth. You'll clean up!

FelixFelix Thu 05-Jun-14 09:16:06

Baby hair, not A baby hair. There's more than one grin

FelixFelix Thu 05-Jun-14 09:15:18

I'm curious about the coffee grounds too!

Altered I was thinking about princess dresses yesterday actually. Everyone seems to be going mad for an Elsa from Frozen dress and it would be so easy to make. My Mum has a great book which has the basics of fancy dress for kids so I'll have a look at that when I next see her.

I have a baby hair growing! DP says I am the opposite of receding grin its still falling out everywhere else though. I look ridiculous with tufts of short hair along my hair line.

Swannykazoo Thu 05-Jun-14 09:02:54

I think remaining calm in the face of coffee grounds being fed to your baby without your express permission is the very opposite of hysterical as a starter for 10!

TobyLerone Thu 05-Jun-14 09:01:44

Coffee grounds, altered? Why? Tradition, I assume, but why??
You're cooler than I am. I would flat-out put my foot down. XMIL used to give DS the foam from her cappuccino from about 3m old. I did my nut when I found out! She hated me anyway, the old witch :I

Re NCSS, I read it and am trying to put some of the things into place (mostly daytime naps in the cot and trying not to feed to sleep), but on reading the Sleep board it seems that this is the worst time to try any sort of sleep training. So I'll carry on half-heartedly and try in earnest at 6/7 months, when it seems she might 'get it' much more easily.

beccajoh Thu 05-Jun-14 08:59:46

Altered, just read about the coffee - WTF, why were they feeding a baby coffee shock

BookTart Thu 05-Jun-14 08:36:03

I have the silly short hair already angry I might have to get a fringe cut in, but fringes make me look like a git sad

beccajoh Thu 05-Jun-14 08:12:43

Hair loss is normal, if a little alarming. Give it a few months and you'll have a lovely halo of short hair sticking up all around your head! Mine is falling out in handfuls too and it's quite fine to begin with, so it's looking pretty sorry for itself at the moment.

alteredimages Thu 05-Jun-14 01:54:53

Félix your idea sounds great, especially if you have some interesting boy stuff. smile May I also suggest a side line in princess dresses? All the ready made ones in the shops are very poor quality and really expensive because parents don't have much of a choice when faced with a hysterical daughter. They also look really easy to make. I think a lot of parents would be happy to pay a bit more for something a bit more sturdy, especially if machine washable.

Toby I can't remember when you said you would start NCSS but I hope it is soon! Was coming on here to have a moan about N not sleeping through any more but then saw everyone's messages about babies waking hourly and felt like a bit of a tosser. blush

My hair is still coming out in massive clumps, I am amazed there is any left. If it keeps going I will prob get it cut quite short but apart from that I don't think there is much we can do except wait.

Visited some relatives today, N was fed coffee grounds just like DD at the same age. I probably should be outraged but tbh there wasn't much I could do once it was in his mouth and protesting would have made it worse. Ho hum. I then spent the way home trying not to have a panic attack about both DCs not being in car seats while driving at 80 km/h. Apparently I am hysterical and paranoid. hmm

Angelesque Thu 05-Jun-14 00:08:32

Felix I am soooo a customer - also a focus group member if you want feedback while setting up! Recent purchase of a super cute vintage bird print shirt for baby F still makes me v happy.

Mythree my hair just started falling out this week... Grim. There are tufts of it on the carpet. Thank God I have curly hair which hides it a bit.

Re: weaning... As I have a 16 wk old in the 91st percentile I asked HV about weaning in a week or so today. Unsurprisingly she tried to put me off, but in a v reasonable and chilled way, so I think Iight leave it for a couple of weeks. F is mildly interested in eating, but full on obsessed when me and DH are drinking out of a glass. Tiny Bastard is ODD smile

TobyLerone Wed 04-Jun-14 22:15:05

Yep, my hair is coming out in handfuls too.

FelixFelix Wed 04-Jun-14 21:36:54

Mythree my hair loss is horrendous. It's been like this for months now sad when I wash my hair in the bath, an alarming amount comes out in my hand. I'm forever pulling hairs off of Sylvie's clothes and out of her hands. No idea if there's anything we can take to help. My mum warned me about it when I was pregnant and said it settles down eventually.

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