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January 2014 - hoping for more sleep

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beccajoh Fri 11-Apr-14 10:43:15

What's the deal with threads being closed? Is there a post limit?

I am soooooo tired today. Archie has been really unsettled the last few nights from about 4am onwards. Sometimes he's hungry, sometimes he wants to play, sometimes he wants his dummy. The last two nights he's ended up in with us as it's easier to replug the dummy, pat etc.

Pidgy Sat 12-Apr-14 00:40:30

Hi nature, I tend to swap sides for each feed if she's going 2-4 hours between them. But, if she's feeding more often I keep to the same side, or if one feels fuller I'll use that side. Tbh I'm not great at remembering which side was last so it's sometimes an educated guess (quick squeeze).
We have 1-3 poos per day, although. When I've been on antibiotics it was many more.

We've also had the dark green, (but yellow on wipes) nappies. Had some pesto poos too which were quite green. Hv said don't worry unless it's nappy after nappy, day after day.

Pidgy Sat 12-Apr-14 00:44:26

becca just seen your post about Archie. We had the same with Lara where from after 3 or even 1am she was really unsettled. I also took her into bed as was easier to pop the dummy back in. Hope I'm not tempting fate but for the last 5 or so days (I think!) she's a lot better. We now have usually 2 wakes after 9pm which I can cope with. Fx your nights improve too. It was around weeks 9-11 where it was worst for us.

MrsGSR Sat 12-Apr-14 03:44:09

She slept for 3 whole hours! For the first five in over a week! and then went back to sleep foot another 2, which o don't think she's done in about a month.

Hope everyone is having a good night smile

MrsGSR Sat 12-Apr-14 03:44:23

*first time

MrsGSR Sat 12-Apr-14 03:45:13

argh *for another 2
*which I

Obviously too excited to proof read!

Pidgy Sat 12-Apr-14 03:47:25

Wahoo mrsG! Sleep is good!! :-)
I'm off to put Lara back down. Fx she stays asleep too!!

FizzypopFireball Sat 12-Apr-14 04:12:12

Yay for sleeping babies! We've just had a 6 hour stint, sort of. H was pretty restless, but went without a feed for ages!

Nature, I get the whole green poo thing too. I always start a feed on the same boob I finished with, which often means the whole feed is on that side. I still will start on that same side, if I remember. I get very lop-sided boob-wise, at which point I change side grin

My worry about the green poo is that it seems more acidic and can give a bit of nappy rash, but the gaviscon seems to help with that. Getting about 4 pastey gaviscon poos a day here - sooo much better than the constant poonamis we had before!

HumptyDumptyBumpty Sat 12-Apr-14 06:24:07

Found you!

mrsV wine would be lovely sometime, thank you.

nature congrats on job! We manage 15 mins per side absolute max (hence why my supply never caught up; she won't nurse if the boob isn't full) and often 3-5 mins only!

tarka and million woohoo for rolling! A is showing signs (rocking, grabbing her thighs) which is cool and scary. She's also found her feet, which is amusing me as she won't let them go.

toby we have that fight. DH cannot understand how fucked off it makes me. Before A I went through a period of childishly doing it back to him, but I am the boring responsible one, so felt compelled to answer when he'd send frantic texts checking I was okay.

Had a nice time at mum's, but did cry a lot. Mainly from relief, as she confirmed my suspicion that A is crazy high maintenance. I had started to wonder if I was being pathetic...

FelixFelix Sat 12-Apr-14 06:41:19

I don't know if it's because we are in an unfamiliar place this weekend (DPs parents house) but I couldn't get Sylvie to go to sleep until 1.20am shock she did two 20ish minute stints from about 8pm onwards but then woke up and laid squealing and kicking her legs like the happiest baby of all time, and it was a nightmare getting her to drift off again. At least she wasn't crying though! Of course DP fell straight to sleep as soon as we got in to bed even though I'd hardly slept as she woke up 4 times the night before angry

Anyway, she slept through until 6 and now she's asleep again but there's no point in me going back to sleep as I'd have to get up in half an hour anyway as I'm getting a hair cut this morning (first one since September shock).

Sorry, I'm tired and just want to whinge.

flyawayblue Sat 12-Apr-14 09:13:50

felix A wouldn't sleep when we were at the in-laws, only had her day naps in the sling after much grumbling. Night was painful too, cried at every sleep cycle.

nature we get green poos here too, I was block feeding for 3 hours for a while due to oversupply issues but now just swap sides at each feed if she won't take both in a session. I use a bracelet or hairband on my wrist to try and keep track of the sides.

Had a great time at the lunch yesterday, mrsv l lovely to meet you and h. We will have to do wine and food cake again, humpy could arrange a South London catch up smile

A slept in her own room last night, was terrifying for us but she seemed to love it. A bit harder to put down after her bath but slept 8-4 then till 7:30 and I feel so much more me and less 'mummy food bag'.

Hope others had good sleeps.

Naturegirl82 Sat 12-Apr-14 09:55:31

Thanks everyone for your comments. Fly I think I have an oversupply problem so I'm going to try longer blocks today and see if that helps. It's only really the morning and evenings it affects.

So Dh gas taken O out by himself to give me a bit of time to relax as still feeling utter rubbish. Hopefully she will just sleep and he is local so if she does want a feed they are close by. Going to have a lovely soak in the bath even though the temptation is to try and get the house a bit tidier!

beccajoh Sat 12-Apr-14 09:57:11

Felix we try and avoid sleeping anywhere other than at home for that reason! DD is always unsettled if we stay over anywhere, even somewhere she knows well like either set of grandparents.

I'm going for mummies night out tonight ladies! I'm VERY excited lol!

MrsVDB Sat 12-Apr-14 10:45:21

Yes was a really nice day fly thank you for mentioning it smile

Anyone else in south London is welcome to join a meet up

Taking h swimming today as his swimming lessons are on half term. Want to take him in full size pool as I think if he's just in the toddler pool I might as well just give him a bath. But as it'll be quite cold don't think we will be able to stay in long

MrsGSR Sat 12-Apr-14 11:17:52

Leah didn't sleep that well the first night we stayed at my PILs, but she slept better when we stayed at my dad's! She has random good and terrible nights at home and I can never figure out what is different so it could just be a coincidence!

God luck MrsV smile we took Leah swimming last week, she was a bit confused at first but seemed to enjoy it. They do aquatots here from 4 month so doing that next month.

MrsVDB Sat 12-Apr-14 11:49:50

mrsg they have aquatots here too (staying at my parents) but my sister is bringing her older children too so were going to the general swimming session

TarkaTheOtter Sat 12-Apr-14 13:24:47

nature I think it's more likely to be from the antibiotics. So long as you're only offering one side per feed I wouldn't worry about block feeding too much.

enormouse Sat 12-Apr-14 16:02:12

Guys I came onto post this, wanted to make sure you all know.

But mumsnet has been hacked by some knobber. Hence why there were problems last night with being logged out for some of us. The bug is called heartbleed.

But hq are advising that we change our passwords as they are now vulnerable.
Checkout justines thread for more details.

enormouse Sat 12-Apr-14 16:03:31

Also change passwords on other sites that have the same password as your mumsnet one.

enormouse Sat 12-Apr-14 16:31:58

felix when we housesat for dps parents, cal was really unsettled even though we took his Moses basket. Also I forgot to say when we were talking about blw, that I'd you wanted you could have my copy of gill rapleys blw book. I found it reassuring when weaning puree refusing DS1.

I also have an annabel karmel book up for grabs if anyone wants it.

nature Cal went through a short stint of green poos but my hv and bf group said not to worry providing the baby was still bright, alert and putting on weight.

MrsV and MrsG I took DS1 to waterbabies and he loved it. But I had to slather him in vaseline as the chlorine irritated his ezcema

Toby remind me never to get on your bad side grin. I made dp a list of things to do whilst I put my feet up and he got through them.

Sorry for typing and running, I was trying to get a fussy cal to take his nap, clean the place and get a batch of pizza dough in the breadmaker. But I thought the passwords thing was too important not to post.

HumptyDumptyBumpty Sat 12-Apr-14 17:03:17

enormouse thanks for the warning!

mrsV and fly lets do it! Sarf Lunnun meeting! Not that I am actually a South London girl (born in Watford, doncha know).

Alex was amazing at my mum's, almost slept better than she does at home. Contrary madam. maybe I should leave her there.
She's definitely getting gip from her gums/teeth. Drooling has increased, she gnaws on her fist and cries and when she can chew something hard she will. Oh god, please let this a) be over soon, b) not be her actually cutting a tooth and c) not be as bad as this every time. She's cried herself almost unconscious, and nothing nothing will soothe her. Oh, and she now turns her nose up at boob, I guess because it's more painful to suckle?
I have fridge cooled teethers, teething gel, calpol, am I missing anything?

HumptyDumptyBumpty Sat 12-Apr-14 17:05:20

becca enjoy your night out! I have one in two weekends time, and can't wait!

nature hope the bath makes you feel better.

flyawayblue Sat 12-Apr-14 17:21:03

humpty out so quick post but dentinox is brilliant and suitable from birth for reapplication every 20 mins.

enormouse Sat 12-Apr-14 17:36:12

humpty a muslin soaked in weak chamomile/camomile(sp?) tea and popped in the fridge to cool it.

I found teething powders/granules great too but I forget what ages they're suitable for.

I'm going to kill dp (again) I spent ages making the house smell lovely whilst he and DS1 were out, scented candles etc and he's taken a massive dump and stank the ENTIRE place out. Ohmmm…positive non murdery thoughts. Must not take heed of tobys suggestions.

Naturegirl82 Sat 12-Apr-14 19:48:41

humpty I grew up in Ruislip so just down the road from where you did. grin

BandontheFun Sat 12-Apr-14 20:55:35

Oh second post natal thread already. Been reding and running for ages forgot my password and couldn't see the reset button....How long does baby brain last?

H is teething I think as well, she is drooling non stop and biting her hands, she now pretty much constantly has a soggy sleeve. I haven't given her anything wasn't sure if she was still too young but will have a look at the dentinox stuff thanks fly Got her some of those teething things that are like dummies. Think they just confuse her, but keeps her quiet for a bit anyway.

Spending my Saturday night painting picture for H's walls, I say pictures more like match stick men (drawing skills are not good) times have definitely changed although proper night out with my friends next week, can not wait, there's a massive Mojito with my name on it out there.

It's nice to see on the Facebook page how quickly all the baby's are growing....

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