March 2005 baby - new to mumsnet - fancy a chat?

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AndyJ Mon 14-Aug-06 20:35:49


I know there is already a thread for March 2005 babies but it seems really well established and everyone seems to know each other so I didn't want to butt in!

Hope there is someone out there who fancies chatting about their March 05 baby and what they are up to.

My DD seems to come up with new antics every day and has been really shocking me lately by having a couple of shocking tantrums! Anyone know what I am talking about or are yours little darlings?

I always said that I didn't want my DD to be placid and that I wanted her to have _personality but I wonder now how I am going to cope on the day when she throws herself on the floor in a supermarket and won't get up!!

DD is starting to develop a very strong personality and is great to watch. She loves to have fun and dance and really loves going to nursery where she is with children of the same age. I wonder if anyone could give me advice though on whether she is old enough to go to a playgroup? I would really like to take her but am worried about how she will get on with children who are a lot older than her?

Hope for a response soon.

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MarsLady Mon 14-Aug-06 20:46:38

Hi welcome to mumsnet!

I think you should just butt in to the march 05 thread. They would love to chat with you.

Of course the rest of us would as well. So... deep breath! Take the plunge. I promise they won't bite....well unless you say something contentious lol.

I have 5 children incl 2.6yo DTs (darling twins).

Have fun Oh the tantrum thing............ welcome to the world of parenting lol!!!!!!

MarsLady Mon 14-Aug-06 20:47:32

Oh yes.... take her to playgroup. She'll have a ball and you'll make lots of new friends to share the "poo" talks with lol

AndyJ Mon 14-Aug-06 20:50:32

Thanks - I will give it a try. Seems hard when a thread is so long and everyone knows each other.

I only have the one DD and can't believe now that I was hoping for twins! I must have thought it was going to be a doddle - lol. Now when I read in the papers about people with 10 or 11 kids I wonder how the hell they cope. I suppose it is just a case of having to.

Thanks for your message.

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madrose Mon 14-Aug-06 20:53:26

I know what you mean the MArch thread does seem long and everyone knows everyone's history.

I have a march 2005 DD, and if you want I come onto the thread with you and we can always talk to each other

MarsLady Mon 14-Aug-06 20:56:29

Andyj.... I have twins. Believe me..... twins and doddle just don't go in the same sentence lol.

I hope you two, Andy and Madrose, jump right in to the March thread. Some of them won't have been there long. The Feb 04 thread that I was on seems to have disappeared into the ether lol.

Don't forget the rest of the forum though. Lots of newbies and oldies there. (Oh and if you change your mind about twins Andy... check out the multiple threads.... that'll put you back on the straight and narrow lol)

AndyJ Mon 14-Aug-06 21:01:54

Hey Madrose

Thanks for the offer that would be great I will look out for you! I have go now but will be back on tomoz if you will look out for me!

Thanks for the advice Marslady. Just getting to know this site but everyone seems really friendly. No twins for me though!

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leogaela Tue 15-Aug-06 08:19:42

Please come and butt in with us on the March2005 thread AndyJ and Madrose! People come and go all the time. at the moment its really quiet as everyone seems to be on holiday! Will be great to have you there!

AndyJ Tue 15-Aug-06 19:11:36

Thanks for the offer. I will definitely join you for a chat later.


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TambaTheDragonSlayer Tue 15-Aug-06 19:15:38

I cant remember if my DS was born in 05 or 04 Hes 2. It was deffo March though.

AndyJ Tue 15-Aug-06 20:31:50

Think your DS must be an 04 baby as my DD is only 16 months old. Don't worry sometimes when I am asked her date of birth I say 2006! Childbirth and rearing does really seem to do something odd to the brain! When I went back to work when my DD was 10 months old I didn't know what day it was half the time - definitely couldn't remember all the boring details of what I was supposed to be doing whilst I was actually at work.

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BonyM Tue 15-Aug-06 20:39:23

Come and join the March thread! Everyone's very friendly (honest) .

As Leo says, it's quiet at the moment so probably a good time to join us - sometimes it can get very busy and it can be hard to keep up!

at Tamba!

AndyJ Tue 15-Aug-06 20:50:35

Thanks BonyM I am really pleased to have had such a welcome from you both. I have just joined the thread and hope to get to know you all soon. (Don't know how many of you there are!!!)

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misdee Tue 15-Aug-06 20:54:28

yes join us on the march thread. dd3 was due in march but arribed in feb, but am well settled with the march ladies

BonyM Tue 15-Aug-06 21:02:03

Hmmm hmmm misdee - we've not seen you on the March thread for ages .

(Glad to hear Peter is home btw ).

AndyJ Tue 15-Aug-06 21:37:24

What's a month between friends.

Thanks for the welcome.

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