Feb '06 - Sausage roll anyone?

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CantSleepWontSleep Wed 09-Aug-06 07:38:35

Right ladies - the race is on to see which of our DCs can self feed a sausage roll first!

Oh, and some of you don't seem to have aged since we got pregnant, so if you've got closer to your telegrams from the queen then please let me know!

CAMERON, Birthdate 6th Jan, Due 28th Jan, Weight 5lbs 13oz, Born to Teuch, Baby no 1, Lives Inner Hebridean Island, Gas & air and morphine
PEYIA, Birthdate 23rd Jan, Due 4th Feb, Weight 6lbs 12.5oz, Born to TicTac, Baby no 1, Lives Horwich, Lancs, Gas & air only
ALEXANDER, Birthdate 24th Jan, Due 4th Feb, Weight ??, Born to Yeahbut, Baby no 3, Lives Holland, Elective c-section
CAITLIN ERIN MONICA, Birthdate 25th Jan, Due 10th Feb, Weight 8lbs 10.5oz, Born to Womba1, Baby no 3 (1 stillborn), Lives Eastbourne, Elective c-section
MAISIE, Birthdate 26th Jan, Due 7th Feb, Weight 8lbs 5.5oz, Born to ellenrose, Baby no 3, Lives Bristol, Induction due to SPD
JESSICA HELEN, Birthdate 30th Jan, Due 9th Feb, Weight 5lbs 11oz, Born to JuA, Baby no 2, Lives Chorley, Lancs, Elective c-section. Twin 1.
EMILY ROSE, Birthdate 30th Jan, Due 9th Feb, Weight 6lbs, Born to JuA, Baby no 2, Lives Chorley, Lancs, Elective c-section. Twin 2.
ELIZABETH GRACE, Birthdate 3rd Feb, Due 3rd Feb, Weight 8lbs 5oz, Born to Kando, Baby no 3, Lives Holland,
PETER, Birthdate 6th Feb, Due 12th Feb, Weight 7lbs 9oz, Born to popmum, Baby no 2, Lives Herts,
LAUREN EMMA, Birthdate 6th Feb, Due 22nd Feb, Weight 6lbs 14oz, Born to Morgan, Baby no 2, Lives Dubai,
PHILIPPA ROSE, Birthdate 8th Feb, Due 2nd Feb, Weight 9lbs, Born to CantSleepWontSleep (Tabs), Baby no 1, Lives North Herts, TENS and gas & air
LEWIS JAMES, Birthdate 9th Feb, Due 31st Jan, Weight 9lbs 2oz, Born to lewsmummy (Cuffyj1), Baby no 1, Lives Barnsley, emerg c-section
SETH PETER, Birthdate 9th Feb, Due 1st March, Weight 7lbs, Born to angedemarche (Jangus), Baby no 2, Lives NI, Elective c-secion
EVIE HARRIET, Birthdate 10th Feb, Due 29th Jan, Weight 9lbs, Born to Hotmama, Baby no 2, Lives Nottingham, emerg c-section
RHUARIDH GEORGE, Birthdate 11th Feb, Due 20th Feb, Weight ??, Born to MrsDoolittle, Baby no 2, Lives Newbury, Water birth
BEN, Birthdate 12th Feb, Due 2nd Feb, Weight 8lbs 4oz, Born to 3K, Baby no 1, Lives Gravesend, Kent, c-sec after failure to dilate sufficiently
OSCAR, Birthdate 12th Feb, Due 13th Feb, Weight 9lbs 10oz, Born to Chloe55, Baby no 1, Lives West Yorkshire, Pethidine, epi & lots of stitches!
LUTHER, Birthdate 14th Feb, Due 6th Feb, Weight 8lbs 8oz, Born to NotAnOtter (4blue1pink), Baby no 5, Lives ??,
ANYA OLIVE CATRIONA, Birthdate 20th Feb, Due 8th Feb, Weight 7lbs 9oz, Born to Popadopalis, Baby no 1, Lives Bedford,
BRAM THOMAS, Birthdate 21st Feb, Due 11th Feb, Weight 9lbs 15oz, Born to mustrunmore (Ixel), Baby no 2, Lives N London, c-sec
IMOGEN ROSAMOND, Birthdate 23rd Feb, Due 2nd March, Weight 7lbs 9oz, Born to Ags, Baby no 2, Lives Kent, Elective c-section
EMRYS JOHN, Birthdate 24th Feb, Due 24th Feb, Weight 8lbs 5oz, Born to Flamesparrow, Baby no 2, Lives Bournemouth, Home birth
ISABEL ERIKA, Birthdate 24th Feb, Due 3rd March, Weight 7lbs 5.5oz, Born to Amiable, Baby no 1, Lives North London, Gas & air and epidural. DH German
LEON JASON, Birthdate 26th Feb, Due 18th Feb, Weight 7lbs 13oz, Born to Jasnem, Baby no 3, Lives Waltham Abbey, Rapid labour, ventouse and episiotomy
SALLY ANIELA, Birthdate 28th Feb, Due 28th Feb, Weight 8lbs 13oz, Born to Thell, Baby no 1, Lives London, Water birth at home
RORY JOHN, Birthdate 25th Feb, Due 23rd Feb, Weight 10lb 2oz, Born to dewmeadow, Baby no 2, Lives County Tyrone, Ireland, emerg c-section
NEVE, Birthdate 4th March, Due 27th Feb, Weight 8lbs 11oz, Born to Frizbe, Baby no 2, Lives Ripley, Derbyshire, Water birth
ALFRED WILLIAM, Birthdate 4th March, Due 27th Feb, Weight 9lbs 15oz, Born to damewashalot (Helen38), Baby no 3, Lives Warwickshire,

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lewsmummy Wed 09-Aug-06 07:54:31

Morning all.

csws our ages aren't on these stats anyway, these are baby stats.

How's she slept?

lewsmummy Wed 09-Aug-06 07:55:17

thanks for doin a new thread btw

lewsmummy Wed 09-Aug-06 08:03:08

Oh and while i've got time to post is anyone putting their little boys in shoes yet, cos i bought some size 2h from clarks in the sale.

I didn't get him fitted and was buying them for him to grow into but my little monsters feet are already size 2.5g. I have got the receipt so can take them back if nobody wants them but thought i'd ask, i paid £5 (should have been £16) so i'll say £6 inc p&p. Let me know asap if u want em.

lewsmummy Wed 09-Aug-06 08:06:23

Here csws duckula thread

Flamesparrow Wed 09-Aug-06 08:07:37

Is it bad that I had forgotten that DS is Emrys John?!?! I just think of him as "Emrys"

Gotta run. xxx

mustrunmore Wed 09-Aug-06 08:45:40

Shoes? Blimey, ds2 is lucky if he gets socks on

lewsmummy Wed 09-Aug-06 09:02:14

I know mrm that's what ds is like now never socks. Thats why i thought get em while they cheap and he'll grow into em. I don't know about baby size feet lol i thought it'd be ages til they fit him.

The shoes r clarks crawlers btw

Chloe55 Wed 09-Aug-06 09:02:20

Morning girls,

I feel sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad I had loads of ironing to finish this am and it was ds's time for a nap, which he usually has in my bed whilst I watch big brother next to him Anyway, he nodded off so I decided to go next door to finish off the ironing. 10 mins in and THUMP!!!! WAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Went rushing in and as I had feared ds was on the floorboarded! floor screaming his heart out. I scooped him up, checked him over, no lumps or bumps so gave him a huge cuddle. I just feel awful, I know better than to leave him, he can move all round the cot and floors so why did I leave him? God, the bang when he hit the floor was so loud, I just feel awful He does seem ok though. He went back to sleep but now I daren't move in case he stops breathing - panicky mummy alert.

Anyway, had to tell you guys because if I tell dh he will go up the wall at my stupidity.

damewashalot Wed 09-Aug-06 09:09:41

MRM did you enjoy warwick castle? Warwick is only half an hour from me and I'm from Leamington so went on school trips etc to warwick as a kid

Like the new title CSWS I am still 31 for another 3 wks.

I am a little sore from the gym, but not as bad as I expected to be........yet! sometimes it creeps up on you doesn't it?

Flame, you think forgetting his middle name is bad, I get confused and forget that Alfie's name is Alfred

damewashalot Wed 09-Aug-06 09:14:40

Took me so long to type that with children around that I only just saw your post chloe, don't worry I'm sure he'll be fine, these things happen [hug]

Jasnem Wed 09-Aug-06 09:40:07

Morning, thanks for the new thread (again) csws. You haven't put our ages in, but I'm 36 for another month.

Chloe. Its one of those things we all seem to do at some point. I tipped dd2 out of the buggy onto an escalator when she was a few weeks old (I hadn't strapped her in) I never told dp

I've got a pair of pram shoes that I put on Boy if its cold and were going somewhere special to keep his socks on, otherwise hes barefoot. DD1s first pair (prewalkers )were size 5 and she was only just walking then!

Jasnem Wed 09-Aug-06 09:40:07

Morning, thanks for the new thread (again) csws. You haven't put our ages in, but I'm 36 for another month.

Chloe. Its one of those things we all seem to do at some point. I tipped dd2 out of the buggy onto an escalator when she was a few weeks old (I hadn't strapped her in) I never told dp

I've got a pair of pram shoes that I put on Boy if its cold and were going somewhere special to keep his socks on, otherwise hes barefoot. DD1s first pair (prewalkers )were size 5 and she was only just walking then!

CantSleepWontSleep Wed 09-Aug-06 09:40:45

lm - you're right. The ages are on the spreadsheet that this info comes from, and I forgot that they don't get posted now.

She slept 7:30 - 6:30 with half an hour up from 12:30, when she had medised and milk. Thanks for asking. I don't think she's going to settle into a 12 hour a night girl even when she does go through regularly.

Flame - I also forget that Pippa's really Philippa - it's always weird when we go to the docs and they call her by her full name.

I used to do Warwick Castle as a kid too. Still love it now. If you'd said you were going I might have been tempted to invite myself along!

DWA - a friend of mine goes to a 'pushchair workout', where the exercises all use a pushchair, so that they can take the babes along with them! Hope the soreness stays away.

Chloe - ooops! Maybe you could try lining pillows up all around the edge of the bed so that he can't get off so easily in future?

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Frizbe Wed 09-Aug-06 11:12:28

Ooopse Chloe, sure he'll be fine tho, dd1 did that when she was learning to crawl about 9mths for her!
I'm 32 now.....thanks for the new thread CSWS!
Well I've been a good mum this am and pureed Mango, Banana and Peaches in various combinations for dd2 so that's her sorted.
I'm also having fun however with the rest of the bunch, as its like ww3 in here, he said, she said, blah, blah, blah, along with dd2's rolling everywhere today it seems, I'm spending my time yelling, don't tread on the baby too!!

mustrunmore Wed 09-Aug-06 12:23:17

You'd have been most welcome csws, esp as it costs us nothing to get in! But we only decided at 10.30 the previous evening, and then I went straight to bed as dh says i'm on the pc too much!
We did enjoy it... it doesn't change much year on year! But ds1 was terrified of the knights, and the peasants. And I have such an ache from ds2 in the papoose all day, including up and down the towers!! I think I did very well with no buggy!

mustrunmore Wed 09-Aug-06 15:31:40

Meant to say... Chloe, i really wouldn't worry! I've had so many accidents with ds1 and ds2. The other day he fell asleeep feeding, so I went to put him in his chair, lying flat, still on the feeding cushion, and he rolled off and fell about 2ft onto the floor face down! Er, he woke up ...!

dewmeadow Wed 09-Aug-06 15:46:56

Chloe, when DD was about 4-5 months, and hadnt rolled before, I put her on top of a chest of drawers (about 1m high maybe) to change her. I let go for a SPLIT second and she rolled off into midair and on to wooden floorboards on her face. Her wee face was all cut and I thought Id killed her. We rushed into our local hospital with me crying my eyes out and they said she was fine and I was in a worse state than her!

Jas - did you listen to that programme on R4 last night? was MN mentioned? I looked for it on internet and couldnt find the bit - just lots about Israel.

Jasnem Wed 09-Aug-06 16:00:45

Yes I did. They turned it into a discussion on parenting books, and didn't even mention mn by name A bit of a wasted opportunity. I'm not sure how they managed to miss the freedom of expression point, but they did.

dewmeadow Wed 09-Aug-06 16:04:33

I know you are all constantly giving this info, so sorry for not saving it in my memory, but..

how many babies are still feeding through the night? I think DS is waking for cuddles too but dont know how to combat it, or just to go with the flow and not worry.

Jasnem Wed 09-Aug-06 16:15:54

Boy seems to be having his biggest feed of any 24 hour period at 2am this week. He's getting very distracted when I feed him during the day, and often doesn't take much if we're out, so I'm sure he still needs it.

Had him weighed this am, 17lb at 23 weeks

mustrunmore Wed 09-Aug-06 16:20:16

ds2 either wakes not at all, or about 3 times a night.When he does wake, I just feed him because I cant face trying to quieten him any other way

Chloe55 Wed 09-Aug-06 16:21:13

Been to my nanna's today to do her cleaning. She looked after ds and said he had been a bit out of sorts, he has slept a lot of the day and when he has been awake he has been quiet. I never told her what happened because she would have flipped out but I was worried when she picked up on him not being his normal self. I am home now though and he seems ok, he has eaten well today which he surely wouldn't do if he was poorly?

A pushcair workout? I like the sound of that.

Ds isn't having any nightfeeds now, he hasn't done for a few months tbh.

CantSleepWontSleep Wed 09-Aug-06 19:32:39

Blummin typical. Decided to wait and have dinner with DH as he's flying in tonight (and back out again at 4am tomorrow) and was due to land at 7 (airport only 15 mins away), and his plane's gone and been delayed by 50 mins. Had been trying to keep DD up to see him briefly too, though she's just gone to bed as knackered, so would have prob just failed on that front anyway. Now I'll end up wanting to go to bed straight after dinner!

Does anyone else find it really knackering entertaining a 6 month old all day?! I thought it was hard work when she was tiny (which it was due to her milk and reflux thingies meaning I had to keep her upright all the time), but now she's awake and wanting to do stuff so much that I'm finding it hard to keep up with her! What do all of you do for entertainment?? Particularly interested to hear from those with just one dc, as I appreciate that some of you take baby along to whatever you're doing with siblings.

dm - sure you can remember whether we're still feeding in the night or night as I seem to be giving a daily update!! If you think he only really wants cuddles, but you're still feeding, then Richard Ferber (child sleep guru) suggests cutting down the length of the feed by a minute or so each night, until he suddenly realises that he can't be bothered waking up for so little food! One of my NCT friends cut down her ds's 3am feed from 7 mins to 5, and the next night he slept through, though I wouldn't generally expect such speedy results!!

Chloe - has ds had some calpol in case he has any pain that you can't see? I'd prob do that, but if you're really worried you could phone nhs direct and see whether they would advise any differently.

mrm - why exactly didn't you take a buggy to Warwick given you allegedly have hundreds of the things?!

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CantSleepWontSleep Wed 09-Aug-06 20:14:02

Oh it just gets better and better. DD has woken and been screaming for 15 mins (have been in to her), and DH has phoned to say he's at the airport but his car won't start. Fanbloodytastic.

You know in real life I hardly moan at all.

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