Breastpads and sleep

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Hollyboo Tue 08-Aug-06 23:37:26

I used the Johnson ones, found them the best and I tried lots. Hated waking up after leaking all over myself.

laundrylover Tue 08-Aug-06 23:25:05

I don't drip much but Kiah dribbles as we feed lying down but just wash sheets more often.
Saw some new type of 'jelly' pads on twinkleontheweb - worth a look?

PinkTulips Tue 08-Aug-06 22:20:39

just wash the sheets more often, uncomfortable enough sleeping with leaky melons without strapping a bra on too!

UniSarah Tue 08-Aug-06 22:18:31

When I'm having leaky boob issues at night i fold a muslin up and stuff it acros my bra. passion killer, but works moderatly well and isn't uncomfy. easy to change to a dry one at teh middle of night feed if i need to.

tootsieroll Tue 08-Aug-06 18:23:38

Great ideas, wonder why I never thought of putting a towel/muslin under me. Have been using the tomee tippee ones, but I leak like a tap, and the silicone bulges up and it gets really uncomfortable. Never slept with bras until now....they're coming off!

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lemonaid Tue 08-Aug-06 17:01:18

I never used pads overnight either -- would put a towel down under me in the early days when I was leaking a lot. I didn't want to wear a bra overnight.

WigWamBam Tue 08-Aug-06 16:38:14

Sometimes I woke up drenched. In the early days though, I had either a soft towel folded in half to make a pad that I could lie on, or I'd use a muslin which I could throw out of bed when it was wet and replace with a dry one. I was leaking for England, but very rarely woke up uncomfortable.


Racers Tue 08-Aug-06 16:25:44

not too bad FS, just changed them a lot in the early days (she was waking a lot anyway, so it was easy to get a fresh one out).

Flamesparrow Tue 08-Aug-06 16:22:35

Did you not wake up drenched WWB and Racers????

I use the tommee tippee ones - where they are fairly big compared to most, they are less likely to come completely to the wrong place. I wear one of the big vest type feeding bras too though, so they don't tend to move anyway (never bothered with the sticky bits).

TicTacsMum Tue 08-Aug-06 16:16:58

At the start when I was really leaking badly I used to put a heavy duty sanitary towel in each of my bra cups while I slept. A real passion killer but it worked! They were sodden by the morning.

Racers Tue 08-Aug-06 16:15:08

I didn't bother either - just lay on top of a muslin square or draped it over me and changed it during the night or not until the morning, if I was lucky.

WigWamBam Tue 08-Aug-06 16:06:27

I didn't bother with pads overnight, they weren't particularly conducive to a good night's sleep! I put a Care Mat or a towel underneath the sheet and changed the sheets as and when I needed to.

tootsieroll Tue 08-Aug-06 16:04:22

I'm breastfeeding and wonder what breastpads are best when it comes to use at night? I'm finding it really difficult as the pads move (even though they have adhesive at the back) and I have to wake up just to adjust them everytime I change sleep position.

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