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Has anyone continued to breastfeed with a breast abscess? Is it possible to feed from one side only?

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Peanut34 Wed 19-Feb-14 18:52:06

After a nasty bout of mastitis I've ended up with a breast abscess. It's been drained 5 times now, each time it's slightly bigger. I'm currently still feeding despite conflicting information from consultants. I really don't want to stop feeding and am finding it all very difficult to even consider it. I've read that it could be possible to let one side dry up and to continue to feed from the other? Has anyone had/fed through an abscess or anyone fed from just one side. My little boy is 10wks old and I really wanted to feed him for at least a year like I did for his older sister. Would be great to hear if anyone's gone through something similar? Or had any helpful advice. Thanks!

Toptack Wed 19-Feb-14 18:55:58

No idea about the abscess but DSil fed both her DC from one side only (had previously had a tumour in other breast). She had no issues, didn't end up lop sided, and fed each for over a year :-)

OnTheRunAndUpTheDuff Wed 19-Feb-14 19:19:42

I had an abscess from when ds was 4 weeks old. It was finally gone when he was 11 weeks. I continued to feed from both sides throughout, and everyone from doctors to lactation consultants assured me that it wouldn't harm ds. I have since trained as a bf peer supporter and from the reading I did for my course I can confirm that is correct. Ds put on three pounds between four and eight weeks so something must have been right!

I was lucky though, in that my abcsess was a long way from the nipple and didn't therefore cause me any particular pain to feed. If you are really struggling then feeding from one side only would also be a viable option. Women who have had unilateral mastectomies are able to produce plenty of milk from one breast. Some women with twins feed from one side for each baby too. It might take a bit of time (and intensive growth-spurt type feeding) to up your supply enough on the 'good' side though.

Hope some of that is helpful, and that your abcsess can be successfully treated - they are horrible things!

Good luck x

Peanut34 Wed 19-Feb-14 22:24:32

Good to know it's safe to feed from the side with the abscess as that's what I've been doing, after reading some information on Dr Jack Newman's website. Abscess is not on the nipple and doesn't hurt too much anymore so feeding is ok. The only issue is that it's refilling with milk in between drainings so not quite sure how it's going to get better if that's going to continue? I think I may have to go down the feeding from one side route and hope I can restart the other side once it's completely gone. Thanks for the replies. It's good to hear other peoples experienced and gives me confidence that this doesn't have to spell the end of breastfeeding.

salt1 Mon 24-Feb-14 21:52:47

I have not had an abcess but struggled to feed regularly from right side from beginning. And i gave up trying after a few months. Dd has remained on aame weight percentile and still feeding now at 12 months x

jenwa Mon 07-Apr-14 22:46:55

I had an abscess and was able to carry on feeding. Mine was not next to the nipple further down near bra line really but was so uncomfortable. The breast specialist put me on antibiotics which were safe for breastfeeding and I had it drained 4 times and it went away. They were very good making sure the AB's would kill the infection by sending a culture to the lab and testing the ABS on it. Fingers crossed for you, feel your pain keep taking anti inflammatories and pain killers to help.

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