Periods and MASSIVE uterus/stomach post c-section (and post-40 (not sure if relevant))

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dubai71 Tue 07-Jan-14 22:35:25

Evening all

My only LO is now nearly 9 months. I remember after LO was born that I was advised by a MW that my uterus was taking longer than the norm to revert/receded/look less pregnant, due to my age (41)- have no idea if this is relevant. Am pretty much exclusively BF- have no idea if that is relevant.

I had a mini period in December (my first post c-section) and now having what as been a pretty heavy beast. Mood-wise I have been pretty psychotic on/off since the day it arrived (DH would, I am sure, agree!). It started in a blaze of glory on Saturday. Since yesterday afternoon (when the bleeding lessened a little from the crazy amounts) my stomach has been really massive- e.g. I look like I gave birth last week/ that I am about 6 months pregnant.

So... I am only too aware that I have been no KMiddy when it comes to losing the baby weight, or not gaining for that matter, but this is crazy. My stomach is (yet again- but first time for about 7 months) now sticking out further than my, not insubstantial, BF bosoms. Have I just eaten too many pies (etc) over Christmas and it all happened just to pop out yesterday (not inconceivable but a weird place for it to settle) or is there gynie reason for this?? Will I ever be able to go out in public again?? Questions, questions.

Not even sure I am posting in the right place but really hope someone can advise...

Thanks ;0)

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ThenAgain Tue 07-Jan-14 22:38:34

I'm not going to be much help but can say my periods came back with a vengeance around about the same time after both children although they were super heavy before too. I'm guessing it's just bloating and hormonal shenanigans but maybe worth getting checked out just in case?

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