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December 2012: 1st birthdays and 1st/2nd Christmasses

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halestone Tue 17-Dec-13 20:12:27

new thread

PurplePidjin Wed 18-Dec-13 20:27:19

We had a 1 hour wake up but he woke - check bum, nappy dry - doze off for a bit - cry - calpol and drink - doze off for a bit - cry - change nappy - sleep rather than an hour of solid wakiness iyswim. He hates having a strong teething wee or any poo in his nappy so i bought a 99p potty and we're going to introduce the concept at bath time - dp occasionally holds him on the loo as he doesn't like to poo in the bath and showed clear signals. Not potty training as such, just showing him there's an alternative to nappies fconfused

WLmum Wed 18-Dec-13 20:37:55

Raising my glass to you beasty
Ooh elimination training pidj - it's a very interesting concept and is used routinely from birth by some cultures. Watching with interest.
T was not a happy bunny at bedtime - maybe pesky teeth or maybe overtired (although that hasn't been a problem before). I'll be quick with the calpol tonight.

PurplePidjin Wed 18-Dec-13 21:10:05

I didn't think so, just common sensical approach to yet another thing they have to learn? Might look it up, though

Only ECer i know says she lets hers run around in a fitted nappy no wrap so they can feel the wet. R feels wet on the inside anyway so surely all she gets is piss soaked carpets? I don't know her well enough to ask fhmm

MrsNutella Wed 18-Dec-13 21:13:05

pidj we put DS on the toilet every morning once he is awake and he usually does a good wee and a poo. It took a few days but then he started getting the message. Although he doesn't poo every time. We only do it in the morning because the rest of the time he doesn't seem to have a regular schedule.
I started because a friend of mine does it and I was really curious.

We gave DS the ibuprofen and put him to bed. Poor little dude sad we will be taking him to the dr in the morning unless he has a miraculous recovery (wish he would). Even though it will probably be viral. I hope there is something they can do.

WLmum Wed 18-Dec-13 21:22:59

Wind and rain is wild here too - had to give dd1 the personal CD player with Cinderella on as she was laying awake listening to it and it seemed to be worrying her. Our house has a flat roof so the rain is always louder - I like it though.

jackandjilly Wed 18-Dec-13 21:28:59

Marking my place

WLmum Wed 18-Dec-13 21:33:11

I'd have thought so too pidj!

PurplePidjin Wed 18-Dec-13 21:52:08

I asked The Might Of Facebook fhmm apparently it's not EC because i didn't start at birth fhmm think i might just muddle through this on my own and with you guys laughing at me!

ISpyNotAnotherMincePie Wed 18-Dec-13 22:33:48

Apparently DM used to sit us on a potty during nappy changes from when we could sit up. Her thinking was it potentially saved on nappies and therefore laundry if we happened to go, and if not it at least got us used to the idea of a potty. AFAIK DB and I both went on to potty train with no issues. Not sure if it helped or not but I can see the logic.

halestone Wed 18-Dec-13 22:56:00

Happy Birthday T, i hope you've had a lovely day. WL thank god for your MiL spotting it was spelt wrong saves any awkwardness later on.

Nutella i hope DS is ok, and that you are also.

Pidj i quite like that idea so i'm another who will be watching with interest. Nutella do you find that DS wee's every morning on the toilet?

utopian99 Thu 19-Dec-13 00:33:10

We're another one who'll be stalking watching your progress nut and pidj. My gm said she did this with hers and it helped train early, and we're using cloth so he can feel when he's wet, so the theory's there but not sure if I have the rigor to get it right until we move and I don't have station runs in the morning to contend with..

utopian99 Thu 19-Dec-13 00:39:17

After a week of blissful 8pm - 5.30am stints we've had two nights in a row with a 1am wake up again, including major milk o.d. sick last night. No idea why though.

ISpyNotAnotherMincePie Thu 19-Dec-13 07:33:01

Is there such a thing as a cling regression? I have a boy who refused to be put down at all last night (no wonder I've still got a ton of presents to wrap and the house is once again starting to take on bombsite tenancies) and gets incredibly upset if I walk out of the room. I think he's teething again which won't be helping -damn you molars- but it does feel like we've taken a massive step back.

PurplePidjin Thu 19-Dec-13 08:47:22

Separation anxiety ispy?

halestone Thu 19-Dec-13 10:22:04

Ispy if i remember right, H got dead clingy when her molars where coming through.

Utopian all that travelling sounds hard.

I'm going to have a little boast now which i know will come back and bite me on the bum tonight. But H slept through last night from 10:30pm till 9amgrin she got fidgety, twice once at 1:30 and once at 4:30 but it turns out her nappy was wet. So i quickly changed her bum both times and she stayed asleep both times. I am shocked.

Stacks Thu 19-Dec-13 13:10:16

Does anyone else have problems with LO spitting out food? Really struggling to get DS to eat today, he accepts the spoon and chews a bit, then spits it out. I think he's still hungry though as he'd usually just refuse the spoon. Food is such a major stress point with DS, I hate it. He dropped from the 75th to the 9th percentile, we've got him back to the 25th by some quite intensive feeding, but he's just so awkward. He'll eat all sorts of stuff, so not really a picky eater, just will only eat the tiniest portions sad

SpottyChristmasCakes Thu 19-Dec-13 13:10:36

Ffs I'm such a nob didn't see new link blushsad

SpottyChristmasCakes Thu 19-Dec-13 13:21:10

Copied from old thread:

Dp has decided that he's going out Saturday night for his birthday and he's staying at his brothers. I found this out when he told our friends that's what he's doing. 'Well you can come too if you want' is what he said.

Should I just LTB now?

Stacks have you tried offering more frequently? I'm not sure what to suggest though really

halestone Thu 19-Dec-13 13:21:56

Haha Spotty your here now thats what counts. And don't buy him a birthday present tell him having a night away is enough.

Stacks, I struggle getting food into H but recently shes started eying better if i give her the fork or spoon she feeds herself and gives me the fork back for more. We also found that if we put baby tv on (sky channel 623) she watches that and forgets to spit her food out.

I have just brought the last of her christmas presents. grin Kiddiecare are having a sale on their nutmeg clothes loads either half price or 25% off so i got her loads of clothes and it only came to £22.40. What are people doing about christmas stockings? Are you bothering? I have brought some vests and sleepsuits and i was going to put in a tangerine and apple plus a tube of milky buttons and some socks in. Do you think thats ok?

Tedder Thu 19-Dec-13 13:29:02

New to this thread..hope it's ok for me to join. DS was born Dec 2012 and has just had first birthday. Compared to DD (PFB) he has been a very difficult's been a tough year!!! I'm interested to know how other's babies are sleeping? DS has NEVER slept through the night yet, he still wakes 2/3/4 times a night and requires BF to go back to sleep. He isn't BF in the day and doesn't ask for it. He will only nap in his bouncy chair (after I've rocked it for 20 mins!) and sleeps in my bed....he's never splept in his cot (which is in my room next to my bed) and cries hysterically if I even put him in it. I'm bloody exhausted and frankly not enjoying him at all. Anybody else?? I feel like such a failure and am at a loss to wonder what to do....

SpottyChristmasCakes Thu 19-Dec-13 13:38:19

Welcome Tedder! Sorry you're having such a hard time. I'm not sure what to suggest that you probably haven't already tried.

Hales I've already bought him a present as his birthday was yesterday hmm for ds' stocking I've got socks, some books, a cheap toy car and a shaker thing. More for dd than him smile

halestone Thu 19-Dec-13 13:45:43

Hello Tedder, welcome to the threadgrin. Sorry you've had a tough year, but remember you have survived it so far so you've done wellthanks. My DD has only ever slept through twice and is also a co-sleeper. I will be trying to sleep train soon. She usually wakes up once or twice. Do you have a bedtime routine at present?

BarHumbugBeasty Thu 19-Dec-13 13:47:19

Ditto spotty I think DD would stop believing and actually be a bit upset if A didn't get a stocking. And since we do one for me/ DH, I've had to do one for SIL who's staying with us!

Don't know what to suggest about your dp. What a selfish idiot. I think it's the not telling you that is worst.

Tedder Thu 19-Dec-13 14:13:36

Halestone, yes we have a routine but tbh it doesn't seem to make any difference...last 2 nights I've left him in the living room and let DH rock him to sleep in his seat whilst I've gone to bed to try and catch up on some sleep. I'd be interested to hear how your sleep training goes because I think that's what we need to do now...I have tried CIO one night when I was so fed up with it that I needed to be away from him for a while...he cried non-stop and made himself vomit. But it wasn't a well thought out plan, it was sheer desperation so wasn't going to work really! Also, we live in a flat so I really worry about the neighbours! I know it will pass one day but it doesn't feel like it at 2am when he's been crying and BF for 1 hour.....

SpottyChristmasCakes Thu 19-Dec-13 14:20:10

Tedder I think he needs to learn to settle without bf before he will sleep (I'm sure you know this) so if you're happy with that I think the first step would be to stop, or gradually reduce, the bf at night by settling other ways. I just think it'll be harder for both of you if you stop feeding and comfort all in one go by sleep training. That's the approach a few of us have taken on here.

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