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What would you do? Breastfeeding question

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Hotmad Sun 15-Dec-13 19:08:24

LO is now 2 weeks old, today she has had episode of major fussiness at breast, she went on at about 2.30 and was ok at first then became squirmy, wriggly, and kept pulling off breast and crying, still major hungry cos she was eating her hands and head was bobbing away but she wasn't staying on breast properly. I'm pretty sure the latch is ok as no different to any other time. This went on for 4 hours!!
What do u think it is? What would u do?

MrsShh Sun 15-Dec-13 19:36:48

You hadn't put any nipple cream on? That made my little one slip off. Were you particularly full? Sometimes a harder breast can make it more difficult for them. Did you try both sides? Has she properly fed since? Sorry for all the questions!

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