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March 2013 - time to wrap them all up in tinsel

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StormyBrid Wed 04-Dec-13 11:21:18

Old thread here.

worse we're like Plonky on the timings - we keep mealtimes and milktimes separate. I spotted something in Evil Baby Whisperer that suggested around this age milk should be at the time you'd give a snack. Thinking about it, that's pretty much what we do - milk at the crack of dawn, 11am, 3pm and bedtime, food at 9am, 1pm and 5pm. It seems to work, and Fartypants is definitely in the process of reducing milk herself. Those middle two feeds, she's having about four ounces now.

How is the worselet on mush? Does she show any preferences? If we were sticking with baby led weaning we'd be getting absolutely nowhere. Savoury mushes, she'll try a mouthful then get distracted by the cat. Fruit mushes, she practically inhales. For a reduced stress option, can I suggest getting yourself to Asda? They've a hell of a range of cheap fruity mushes, and then at least you're not having to throw away purees you've spent hours lovingly creating.

Incidentally, six month old Molly may love her porridge, but all that means is that Molly's a total weirdo - porridge is vile. It's weetabix all the way round here, with mashed banana in.

eco hang in there, it does get better. How long until 37 weeks for you?

I am thanking my heathen gods we don't have crawling yet. Nappy changes with rolling are bad enough. Especially when it's a particularly horrific one.

Plonkysaurus Wed 04-Dec-13 12:53:19

Ooh new thread.

Spelt pancakes, Eco? I think I need instruction on how to make those. I think DS would love them but am I bob buying ready made sugary ones.

Stormy DS has suddenly decided rolling is quite cool after all (only four months late then) and would quite like to do it mid nappy change. I also got covered in wee this morning, immediately after I'd put on my work uniform. Which is a fairly good metaphor for how I feel about this job.

Speaking of, everyone's a bit confused over my last day. Is it today? Tomorrow? Who knows! Oh such fun. Never mind me if I don't come in tomorrow then. It's not like you're short staffed.
</end rant>

Anyway. DS' teeth. He has three, the usual bottom two and one on top. Only it's not a middle one on top - it's an outer incisor. He's doing it all wrong! Between this and his new found blasé attitude to rolling I'm very confused.

Best go back to work then, heigh ho.

WingDefence Wed 04-Dec-13 14:45:36

Place marking. Been crazily busy! What have I missed?!!

pudtat Wed 04-Dec-13 19:12:52

Place marking so I can find you all again. Madly busy here, and at 37 weeks... We look to be on the brink of crawling given the sudden constant assuming the position and rocking leading to travelling backwards at the mo but reckon he'll get it soon. Still no teeth, still not rolling the other blooming way shock talking of which, best flip him now he's asleep before I get my dinner...

BettyOff Wed 04-Dec-13 19:12:53

Hi from Center Parcs! It turns out madam loves the swimming here but hates the rest of the place. Last time she was poorly, this time she's a whingy, clingy horrible mess which saw me crying over my dinner today. I think it's teeth but I'm being a terrible mummy & feeling more sorry for myself than anything!

Wing you've missed food fussiness, food refusal, increased mobility, changing jobs, the Kent meet-up & probably something nappy related. How are you?

Gerrythetootallgiraffeswife Wed 04-Dec-13 20:08:28

Place-marking! When I get a sec remind me to go on about how lovely worse and eco are!

Anypants Wed 04-Dec-13 21:39:03

Hello All <waves emphatically, with a new found sense of calm>

It's been eventful over the last week so I've not posted much, until now.

Here are the highlights:
We have crawling, pulling up and standing, da-da-da and da-ta-da sounds.
We have a pincer grip.
We have independent drinking from a sippy cup.
We have waving.
We have careful inspection of everything without chewing on it.

Here are the lowlights:
It was my birthday last week and DH and I had a massive, snivelly (me) row the day after as I basically told him that he was sh*t. I practically collapsed in a heap. He then said this would be our last Christmas as he just couldn't live with me like this (miserable) and I slammed a lot of things and swore a lot. Once I calmed down (in the evening) I apologised to him and said 'my hormones must be all over the place' and I suddenly wondered if something was making me behave like a crazy person. My GP gave me Cerelle, which I have been taking for 5 months. Look it up - I did. It has literally turned me into said crazy person. I stopped taking it on Friday and I can honestly say I feel brilliant. Completely myself again. Stupid, bastard pill. It has ruined the last few months where I've been waking up in a foul mood every morning (makes sense - it would have seeped into my system overnight) and having a meltdown over the smallest things. Poor DD. Poor DH. fblush

Hope none of you are on it....

christilass Wed 04-Dec-13 21:40:48

Great found you all :-)

Anypants Wed 04-Dec-13 21:41:18

Oh, and apologies for the rant fconfused

somethingbeginningwith Wed 04-Dec-13 21:49:06

any when I was on the pill (microgynon so, not the same as you) I turned into a raving bitch. When I finally stopped taking it after 4 years, DP said 'there's the girl I fell in love with'. That's one of the reasons I don't have any hormone based contraception now. Sorry to hear you had a bad time but at least now you're getting it sorted. And yey for clever mini-any!

worse with regards to nappy changes, I advise brute force and some kind of rattley type toy to distract even though it usually ends up being thrown on the floor. Lots of patience too. You'd have thought by now that they'd realise how little time it takes to do if they'd only keep still, considering how it's probably the thing we do most with them.

First week back at work for me, and I've spent my days there job hunting. Because they're so unreasonable, I'm having to return full you'd, which means for 5 days (including Saturdays when DP is off) I will see DS for a grand total of 2-3 hours. I hate my work sad

worsestershiresauce Wed 04-Dec-13 22:35:31

OMG I believe I mentioned nappy trauma, well she's upped the ante. 4 days backlog decided to make an exit, and the worlds most hyper active baby proceeded to roll the entire contents of her nappy round the bathroom with me trailing ineffectually behind her.

We have all been bathed....

The bathroom has been deep cleaned...

I am convinced we probably still smell grin

Any the pill ruined my entire 30s. If I knew who to sue I would give it a shot, purely to get the issue out there in the media. GPs hand it out like smarties. It is the first form of contraception they recommend, and they don't give proper warning as to the mental as well as the physical sides effects.

Stormy if I could get the tiddler to eat fruit, in any form, I'd be ecstatic and heading for Asda right now. Sadly it is on the list of 'things she thinks may kill her hmm'. You should have seen the reaction when I slipped a bit of raspberry into the corner of her mouth. Histrionics or what. Her favourite if a food averse person can be said to have a favourite is beef and carrots (bought, not home made) on toast.

DH is just home, covered in pizza. Apparently the waitress in pizza accidentally dropped one on his lap. He can be an irritating b*gger at times. I wonder if it really was an accident wink

Anypants Wed 04-Dec-13 23:31:55

something and worse I was on Microgynon for about 15 years before pregnancy and nevet had any side effects - I started taking it because of painful periods and it worked. I didn't consider a different Progestogen only pill could send me doolally - and no, the GP didn't mention psychotic episodes. I will throw them in her face when I can be arsed to complain. Just happy for now that am normal (relatively wink )

RE nappy changes - I get DD to hold a pack of wipes. Very scrunchy and she dispenses them for me (all over the room) Have you considered getting an industrial changing table that comes with straps?? And yes, when they store it up for a couple of days - gah.

ecofreckle Wed 04-Dec-13 23:37:41

Stormy we're on same feed schedule as you really. We too space out milk and food. And we're 36.5 weeks here but she was 20 days late so by rights this ww should end soon. Please. Is your dd a new girl now you're through?
Worse with nappies we do them floor level and I stretch my ham strings by putting one of my legs either side of her. Bad for my body but good for bathrooms! I noticed today she didn't wriggle in the baby change table in public toilet....maybe fix one of those monsters to your (lovely) bathroom wall I'm tempted
Any hooray for having you back! Boo to hormones and yay for finding a fix.
Oh bother! Mil coming up to bed has woken baby. Best get my bombs out

ecofreckle Wed 04-Dec-13 23:50:40

ah ha ha ha ha! Mil waking baby doesn't really call for such drastic action. getting 'boobs out' usually suffices grin

pudtat Thu 05-Dec-13 07:27:19

Haha Eco. That's put a smile on my face to start the day grin. Must away for a shower before facing horrid rainy drive to work. Then an evening baby free with dh and friends (not sure I remember what to do shock).

worsestershiresauce Thu 05-Dec-13 08:04:39

Nightmare - In the space of a week the worselet's regressed from a baby who hasn't required nights feeds since 10 weeks, to one that wakes every night for milk. DH was supposed to be leaving at 4.30am for the airport, but is still in bed, as he couldn't face the journey on zero hours sleep. I don't blame him, but I'd be interested to see the reaction of the people he was supposed to be meeting. I actually think she's got herself onto a new cycle, as yesterday I offered her as much milk as she wanted, but she only wanted 3.5 feeds.

Eco Bombing the MIL would indeed be a little extreme, but almost justified grin

A changing shelf with restraining safety straps is indeed tempting as nappy changing is rapidly turning into something from a Laurel and Hardy sketch. There are times when I can't help but laugh at myself.

Any it's interesting how we are all different, as microgynon was the one that turned me into a depressive nutter. I was fine on marvelon until they withdrew it due to the DVT risk, and femodene has proved ok-ish, but not something I would take for a long period.

StormyBrid Thu 05-Dec-13 14:08:18

Oh dear, worse - hopefully it's just a growth spurt? I'm guessing you've tried resettling her without milk? The reason I ask about fruit mushes is because we had to try an awful lot of jars of food before finding any that DD will eat. Apple and pear was our first big success. Before that though, there was a lot of just feeding her whatever she'd accept, so beef and carrot on toast all the way, I say. Keeps reminding her of the purpose of food while you're waiting for her to find some enthusiasm.

These nappy changes are making me once again curse the fact that every single useful application for duct tape classes as child abuse. When DD's in a wriggly mood, I change her on the floor. Legs out in front of me in a diamond shape, resting her head on my feet. Not much room for her to wriggle that way.

eco the difference in DD this past week or so is phenomenal. She's her usual cheerful easygoing self again, and lovely to spend time with. Although her newfound sense of her own will hasn't disappeared, and I could do without her latest trick of shrieking at progressively higher and higher pitches. The last few shrieks before she goes so high only dogs can hear her are rather painful.

For anyone having trouble with nappy backlog, can I recommend prunes? No good for the fruit-averse worselet of course, but for everyone else it's worth a try. DD has one every day (I have to shred it for her with my fingers) and manages one or two fairly easy poos every day.

Has anyone else had an email from mumsnet about their nine month old? This line in it amused me: "She has mastered sitting, managing 10 minutes without cushions to prop her up." Really, mumsnet? Ten minutes with no cushions? You are three months out of date! I'm going to use my smugness about this as a cover to hide my fear that we have an unusually slow baby who still hasn't figured out crawling. She's got pretty good at scrambling up people though. The end of ww37 seems to have marked a big improvement in physical co-ordination. It turns out you can move arms and legs at the same time!

worsestershiresauce Thu 05-Dec-13 17:12:47

Stormy, I think she's just being contrary, or nocturnal, either way it's a pain in the bum. Refused breakfast, refused lunch, drank some milk, but not a lot... but I can guarantee 12.30am on the dot she will be starving. I have no idea what to do other than roll with the punches, drink a lot of caffeine, and in desperate times retire to the pantry. Doesn't help that DH has announced he is out again tomorrow night, with friends, drinking..... Now where is that voice of reason I adopt when everyone else has a DH related issue?! I'm thinking I need to find it now, rather than punch him grin

Sitting for 10 mins you say? Really? Wish mine would sit for even 2, rather than heading for the hills puffing and panting in an amateur crawl. So far today she has tried to: pull a metal ornament on her head, put a charger cable in her mouth, brain herself with the poker, remove china from a cupboard and head-but the table leg. I'm thinking the house needs baby-proofed.

Hope everyone is having an ok day, especially those stuck in jobs they are not particularly enjoying.

StormyBrid Thu 05-Dec-13 19:38:20

Our day was fine. Evening sucks so far. DD doesn't want to go to bed, so she's having a screamfest. As she doesn't stop if we're in there, or if we pick her up, we've left her to it. And turned the monitor. Feel free to give me a bollocking for letting her cry, but I have no idea what else to do.

Plonkysaurus Thu 05-Dec-13 20:26:38

Aaaaaand breathe.

I'M FREE! grin

Anyway. Worse, Eco, Stormy I think it's fair to say this is one of those time when babies move the goalposts. That wonder week was a bitch, but it's so much better the other side Eco. I had to constantly tell myself I'd be grumpy as sin too if every time I woke up the world was a little different. And then the one person who made me feel ok insisted on behaving appallingly, going to make tea and use the toilet and all those other selfish things. Also Eco aldis fake Belgian choc is amazing. And wine. I bought a sweet vouvray yesterday and thought of you.

Pill wise I completely agree, those things are handed out too easily. I guess maybe its the cheapest method and reasonably effective. Microgynon turned me into a horrific bitch with enormous muffin tops and a near permanent headache, and the implant was even worse. I'm now on a very low dosage pill and it seems to suit me. Glad you're feeling more like yourself Any.

Stormy I'd be doing exactly the same. And making good use of my small stash of drum gold.

StormyBrid Thu 05-Dec-13 21:10:57

Shortly after I posted, we turned the monitor back on. All quiet. So either she went to sleep, or she got abducted by aliens, or she cried herself to death. As the first option is by far the most likely, I'm not going in there to check lest I wake her up.

In better news, we have a Christmas tree! The man is very grumpy about it, but I don't care. Neither does DD. She gave it a cursory glance then got distracted by adverts on the telly.

Yay for freedom, Plonky!

Gerrythetootallgiraffeswife Thu 05-Dec-13 21:41:04

Evening all. wine brew cake to all those of you with horrid ww-ing babies. Luckily dd didn't seem to read that particular book, and we seem to be approaching week 37 relatively unscathed. (Although we're so obscenely busy all the time that I'm not sure she'd have the chance!)

So- the Kent meetup was lovely. Worse is a wonderful host, she didn't just put on lunch for us all, but it was a Gerry-diet-friendly lunch, which really went above and beyond. And Gerry-baby loved eco's baking almost as much as I did. Most importantly, the babies didn't disgrace themselves. As eco mentioned, dd is a yoga instructor in the making and was far less interested in playing with her new friends and far more in doing downward facing dog into plank on the other side of the room.

PCOS experts (worse betty I'm looking at you...) I was diagnosed as part of fertility investigations about 3 years ago, but then obviously got pregnant and so nothing ever really came of it. This period I've been getting some very specific stabby pains in what I imagine to be the vicinity of my ovaries. Have had this before but not as severely. What I really want to know is should there be some follow up after PCOS diagnosis, or is it just "you've got it, nothing we can do, see you later"?

StormyBrid Thu 05-Dec-13 21:47:32

RIP Nelson Mandela. My second cousin twice removed was his best man. Would raise a glass but we've got no booze in and we aren't supposed to go outside lest we drown. Flooding in the city centre. Exciting times!

Gerry just because you've got off lightly this wonder week doesn't mean you always will! The 26 week one we barely noticed. 37 weeks was a nightmare. Here's hoping 46 weeks passes by without a whimper.

worsestershiresauce Thu 05-Dec-13 22:00:47

Stormy I just caught the headline. You certainly have interesting connections! Don't forget to post tomorrow just to reassure us that you aren't floating off downstream on some driftwood or something.

Gerry, if you are getting symptoms you need to see a gynaecologist, have a scan, and a follow up. I had horrible pains a few months back, and when they had a look it was a 5cm cyst, so it's probably best to start making a fuss sooner rather than later. Reminds me I need to book my follow up scan myself. I've done the 3 months on the pill to settle everything down that was recommended, and am not taking another one of those evil pills ever again in my entire life. So there sticks two fingers up at the GP

All is quiet here, so I'm off to relax, before the night feed! 12.30am, on the dot... wave if you are up grin

StormyBrid Thu 05-Dec-13 22:15:58

Missed the stabby pains there, was too distracted by the news. Yes, Gerry, get thee to a doctor pronto. Stabby pains are rarely a sign that everything's going marvellously, so ought to be checked out.

worse I doubt we'll get washed away, it's actually dry as a bone outside. We're a couple of miles from the river. The A63's flooded though, and the train line I think is shut too, so good thing we weren't planning on going anywhere tomorrow.

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