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October 2013 Bus Graduates - Routines?! Our babies clearly haven't read the manual.

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Shirehobbit Tue 26-Nov-13 07:42:31

Apologies for the x-posting that meant there's no thread link in the last thread blush.
I'll start this one and hope people find it.

PseudoBadger Tue 26-Nov-13 07:47:42

Found it smile

Natalieand Tue 26-Nov-13 07:53:07

Checking in. Xx

Flyer747 Tue 26-Nov-13 07:54:31

Def Roofio I am free next Wednesday or Thursday or the following week any day I think.

If people do fancy a northern meet up speak up and we could arrange a get together in Manchester.

Untitled I dreamt about you last night, I bought a second hand slimline dishwasher off you, weird hey! grin

Sanjifair Tue 26-Nov-13 07:57:28


MotherOfNations Tue 26-Nov-13 08:00:33

Just noticed the link for this thread on fb so thought I'd check in. God knows if I'll be able to keep up with this one though.I forgot how time consuming young babies are.

Lovelybitofsquirrel Tue 26-Nov-13 08:05:03

Morning! Flyer I'm not far from Manchester, a meet up would be nice.
Thanks all who gave blocked duct advice, seems much better this morning thankfully.

Haylebop12 Tue 26-Nov-13 08:07:39

Checking in. I would also do Manchester. Only an hour ish on the train from me :-)

Lovelybitofsquirrel Tue 26-Nov-13 08:09:41

Kiwee I have a couple of nursing tops from a company called Boob, not the cheapest but I think they're brilliant. In UK they seem to be discounted on nct site, probably not much use to you though!

emmoB13 Tue 26-Nov-13 08:09:49

Roofio - I don't like to tell people where I'm from but I live in Bradford, West Yorkshire. And it's as bad as everyone thinks ha. We live out in the country side but Central Bradford is to be avoided at ALL costs. But I do love Yorkshire. I regularly visit meadowhall in Sheffield and thirsk is lovely smile my parents have a static caravan on a spa and lodge park up near there that we stay at a lot.

Baby H has a pattern of sleeping 10/11 til 4/5, then back off til 9ish after a feed. Then the rest of the day is a free for all.

Sephy Tue 26-Nov-13 08:20:24

Zulily have hot milk on offer today.

Exhausted this morning after she woke roughly hourly last night. Think it was a consequence of terrible day time sleep - shed just too overtired. No idea what to do about it though!!

AnythingNotEverything Tue 26-Nov-13 08:20:45

Morning all! I missed almost all of the last thread. Promise I will try harder on this one ... Babies are time consuming!

Looking forward to hearing about everyone's doing. All good here. DD is five weeks, starting to recognise the difference between night and day (famous last words) and feeding and gaining weight well.

Hope you all got some sleep last night ...

GTbaby Tue 26-Nov-13 08:33:19

Found you!

Lo jab has gone all pussy. Seems it hurts him. What shall I do?

Shirehobbit Tue 26-Nov-13 08:36:34

Bathe the wound site in boiled water + salt, if it's warm, maybe use a cold compress, and seek more professional advice?

roofio87 Tue 26-Nov-13 08:42:26

checking in!!
emmo there are some lovely areas round you, it's not all bad at all! wink

Racheld33 Tue 26-Nov-13 08:58:32

Checking in!

Thanks flyer I never considered taking her to the hairdressers with me! will have to have a think about what we can do.

roxvox thanks for your sleep advice yesterday! I was brave and put her a few times awake last night (convinced she would just instantly scream and then it would take me even longer to settle her), but to my surprise she fell asleep without a peep. Thanks for making me try it! flowers

I am 30 mins from manchester so easy for me to get there for a northern meet up?

ananikifo Tue 26-Nov-13 09:00:54

Checking in!

In definitely up for a Manchester meeting!

orange I had no idea that some babies hate massage. For £60 I would hope they find a way to work around it. It's yoga too so hopefully we'd at least get something out of it. mnippy If they go out for coffee, then I haven't been invited. Our due dates are spread out (one baby still cooking) so not much has happened yet. Everything that's been suggested so far feels expensive to me.

Shirehobbit Tue 26-Nov-13 09:20:20

I'm up for a Manchester meet, too grin

BowlFullofJelly Tue 26-Nov-13 09:22:47

Morning all, nice new thread!

Anyone else getting stupidly excited about Xmas? I am going to try to make use of having sometime this year and make a few homemade pressies - I'm going to start the cranberry and orange vodka as soon as I can out emilia down for 6 minutes.

What's everyone getting their babies? I think I will just get a few token bits for stocking, but seems a bit mean!

OrangeBlossom2 Tue 26-Nov-13 09:46:42

Thanks for the new thread shirehobbit.
Ana maybe once people's maternity pay dwindles the activities will become more affordable? You might need to do the suggesting. Eg walks in the park, story time at the library, take turns to have coffee and cake at your houses etc.

We won't be getting T a great deal for Christmas as I am sure he will get plenty from relatives and he won't really get the point. One thing that he could keep would be nice, maybe something wooden or personalised. Not sure yet. I would like to start some sort of Christmas decoration tradition too, maybe with a handprint or photo and make one each year.

pinkbuttons Tue 26-Nov-13 09:47:39

Checking in, thankyou for the new thread shire
and thankyou for all your support on the last thread, clearly its more common than I realised and DS seems absolutely fine today despite ginding great joy in telling my mum "its mummys fault" on the phone last nightconfused
Talking of meet ups would anyone be up for a midlands meet up in Birmingham? Will keep an eye out for Manchester dates bt as I still havent passed my driving test is a bit of a trek.

GT is DS ill with his arm? i would bathe it and call GP.

Good night here last night. 11:30 till 6 but would really like to try and start changing her body clock. she will then goback to sleep till 9ish bt I have to get up with DS at 6. any ideas how to make her go down earlier at night? last night I bought her upstairs an hr earlier at half 8 not 9 and she just fed for an extra hr wode awake hmm

legally how old are the twins now? we didnt start putting DS down in his cot for a nap until he was a few.months old. we found he got himself in a routine as to when he ws tired normally around 10ish and then the same at 2 and when he started doing that routinely I would feed him to dozy and put him down. Not sure it will be so easy this time with 2 childrens routines to follow bt have already started bringing Isla upstairs when DS has his afternoon nap. she doesnt always sleep bt we have quiet time together and am hoping well see a bit more of a pattern when her nights are more settled. Hope you get the twins down soon. can imagine you could do with a couple of hrs x

nat am glad gaviscon is helping

still awaiting paeds appt here and vomit is still at a state of ridiculous. she still looks healthy though. have been asked to.go to baby clinic for weigh in tomorrow but i hate the obsessing about her weight. Shes been fine up to now so think may go next week instead.

thethreeblondies Tue 26-Nov-13 09:53:29

Hello, quick check in as E is feeding and sounds like is filling his nappy quite spectacularly! thanks for new thread!

After gettingy house lovely while nesting I'm struggling to keep on top of it, hsve resisted putting him in sling to nap at home but as another velcro baby might be the only way!

Waiting for new bedside cot to be delivered, can see via delivery tracking that my driver "Jonathan" is on delivery no.4 and I'm no.76! also tells me he should be with me in about 4hrs! Wonder if it tell me where and what he's having for lunch! grin

xuntitledx Tue 26-Nov-13 10:00:54

flyer - that's funny, I had a dream about work hmm

gt - which jab has gone pussy? If it's the BCG then the nurse explained to us that it would be normal for a blister to form and for puss to ooze and if so, not to treat it with anything - just try and give air time and keep it as clean and dry as possible.

Luckily LO didn't react to his BCG but he does have a little mark or scar on his arm which makes me cross when I look at it - I know these are essential but they've marked my perfect baby! blush

Definately up for a Manchester meet too!

OrangeBlossom2 Tue 26-Nov-13 10:25:45

Untitled I was relieved that they don't need BCG in this area so Tom wouldn't need a scar on his arm. blush my sister had TB when she was 3, definitely worth vaccinating against if you are in an area which has it.

kiwee Tue 26-Nov-13 10:27:29

Checking in on my way to bed! Will catch up properly in a few hours with 3am (ish) feed.

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