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Start your runners (talk) and your new jars of Jam, 'tis the season-almost.

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Vagolajahooli Wed 06-Nov-13 09:04:48

Here we are ladies, time for all that talk of christmas table runners and chrissie deccy colour combos. And will we be getting some new Jam in this thread! Maybe not quite.

Vagolajahoolitobejolly Sat 04-Jan-14 09:52:38

Oh and Jam definitely complain. Her misjudgement can undermine breastfeeding which is a big no no in health services. But get dh to complain cos you're too tired.

Having our last hotel breakfast in frankfurt and then driving home. Went to Neuschwanstein Castle yesterday which was awesome.

RTjoke Sat 04-Jan-14 12:30:17

Hi guys

I swear I posted yesterday morn but its gone. Bloody annoying that as I'm too utterly exhausted to type out a proper update. In summer DS def on the mend but nights he gets v wheezy so sleep pretty nonexistent. He is back to smiley self in the day though and it's wonderful to have him back. We will gloss over the fact he will no longer take bottles or solids and I'm going back to work in five days.

I feel shocking. I've probably had less than 12 hours sleep in a week. I also have the most ridiculously heavy period ever shich appears to be accompanied with contractions, nice.

One day I will write a cheery post again and it might even mention others. Here's hoping.

Mckayz Sat 04-Jan-14 15:41:22

Jam, that is really crap. I hope things get better for you now. Please complain or get DH too.

I have been thinking of training as a bf councillor. Struggling to find any courses near here. I need to see if LLL will take me as according to their website you need to let your baby self wean. But I stopped feeding dd at 17 months.

Vagolajahoolitobejolly Sat 04-Jan-14 15:50:45

Kayz have a look at BfN (breast feeding network). They require exclusive breastfeeding for at least 3 months and that's it. I did the first level helper course and really liked it they take a more listening, less judgey and less "you must breast feed or else" approach which I quite liked. Their belief is that some women don't want to bf so leave them be and the ones who do help and support them.

RT, ds1 got very ill for a week when he was 14 months he went off everything but BF, prior to that he BF twice a day and otherwise had beakers and solids. But for seven days he just fed from me. Then when he got better he went straight back to feeding as he had. I think it's about regression (something quite normal when kids get sick) as well as a need to just have bm.

Indith Sat 04-Jan-14 16:05:40

Oh Jam. Dont' get down. YOU are amazing. You keep on fighting and you deserve a trophy cake

Our training was done through surestart centres. Different areas seem to use different charities for their training, ours was NCT so positioning and attachment, thrush, mastitis etc but the problems were more being able to recognise them to send them a health care professional rather than solve them ourselves because of course a peer supporter is not a health care professional and I have seen some say things that are, to be honest, beyond their remit, it would be too easy for a peer supporter to miss something important.

Hope you find a course. Take care though, it is a great thing to want to dp. Absolutely brilliant. But don't go and pay for a course without being able to actually USE it. Most areas of the country have been training peer supporters so start with your surestart centres, the bf support groups, register your interest and keep on badgering. Much better have your training funded and be able to put it to good use afterwards.

RT I'm sure feeding and work will sort itself out, he will adapt to a new routine and either take milk in a cup or bottle or will just eat food and drink water and leap on you when you get home. Ds2 never took expressed even though he was a boob monster though he was a year old. Ds1 was only 9 months when he went to nursery though and refused point blank to have any milk. He just drank water and ate food then fed at home. It meant he still had milk in the morning, on pick up and then bed time so was getting plenty.

One more day of the weekend. Have not done enough work at all.

beans37 Sat 04-Jan-14 16:15:24

Oh RT. This too shall pass and blah blah. No help to you now, but it'll get better. Exhaustion is a cruel thing and there's a reason it's used as torture. You'll get through this. Am thinking of you.

Tell me never to be smug again (which I probably am at times!!!). Went out for lunch today after a virtually sleep-free morning for DD3 and she shrieked from the moment I sat down to eat. There were about 20 people at a friend's house. I had to just leave with the three DDs. An hour in the car and that's it for the day now! Luckily it's v nearby as I left DH there having a happy drunken time, and he can walk back and sober up later! I met a lovely couple who live locally, so DH on strict instructions to get her phone number as I see a friend there... I hope! DD3 now grinning at me like a loon. Little beggar.

Lady, how are you doing? Are you there? I'm concerned about you.


Mckayz Sat 04-Jan-14 16:23:40

Indith when I had DS2 and DD there was nothing and no one here. The BF group in a town nearby was shut down as they weren't allowed to use the hospital after they shut the maternity ward.

JamInMyWellies Sat 04-Jan-14 16:30:57

Fuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkk. Why is it still so sore. I can't get him to open his mouth wide enough and then his gums clamp down and pull all the strips of healing nipple back off. So close to giving up. Help

beans37 Sat 04-Jan-14 16:34:05

Jam, are you teasing him with your nip? Try brushing it against his lips and take it away until his mouth is open wide enough. He will get frustrated and scream and you ram your nip in when its at full stretch. I found that worked with DD3. X

RTjoke Sat 04-Jan-14 17:27:27

Oh Jammie. Are you using nipple shields? Maybe try them for a few days to let yourself properly heal. Thinking of you.

sybilfaulty Sat 04-Jan-14 19:05:21

Oh my love, so long since I fed but I remember lansinoh hot me through sore nips and mastitis. The only other thing I remember was yo bring Matthew to the boob rather than bring myself to him. You are a superstar for persevering. Have you tried looking at Kelly mom website for info? Huge hugs and wine to you.

Hugs to lovely Arti and dear lady as well.

Love to everyone else too xxxx

Mckayz Sat 04-Jan-14 19:10:47

I think I have a nearly new tube of Lansinoh, if I can find it do you want it Jam? I remember it being quite expensive.

Vagolajahoolitobejolly Sat 04-Jan-14 20:07:01

Kayz BfN in free but it takes a long time to get up to bf counsellor and the pay isn't great I don't think. You can't do private work as you work through BfN. So might be better to go to surestart as Indith says. Would you be interested in midwifery Kayz? You'd be good at it. Though working with DH away might be tricky.

Mckayz Sat 04-Jan-14 20:21:25

No Vag, I thought about midwifery but I'm too squeamish about blood and goo.

beans37 Sat 04-Jan-14 21:45:26

We're watching The Sweeney. What a genuinely shit film.

Indith Sun 05-Jan-14 09:39:05

There is a lot of goo. You get pretty immune to goo. It is the vomit that gets me <<boak>>

I'm a hormonal mess. I could read any number of things into that hmm .I hope I'm a hormonal mess anyway. Had massive argument with dh about state of the house, dd's room and the condensation problems in there and many other things. Then went to bed having stayed up until midnight and had lots of dreams in which dh was leaving me. Feel like I've spent all night crying.

so as usual need to get organised. write a list of jobs to do. Keep on top of normal cleaning, Hey as much done this morning with ds2 while the others are at rugby so can do uni work this afternoon. placement starts again tomorrow. eeek! pressure is on for the next couple of months.

LadyT, still thinking of you. hope you are doing ok. You know you can always post, that is what we are here for. Much love.

JustRubes Sun 05-Jan-14 15:02:43

Indith did the map work is that what you are wondering?
Jam i hope the feeding gets better. I'm not trying to persuade you in any direction but don't feel bad if you need to stop. Happy mum is more important for you all x
Beans you are funny! Demanding dh gets a woman's phone number! Sounds like a nice bunch of friends nearby you.
Arti hope you get some solid sleep in soon and ds back to full health.
Lady I'm hoping you are more busy than reluctant to post xx will msg you when I'm back.
I'm in - not as sunny as I'd like it- Miami. Although it's better than weather I left! Must drag myself to the gym. Flight was brutal but at least got some sleep here. Happy I'll be back in the morn though.

Vagolajahoolitobejolly Mon 06-Jan-14 15:17:16

Are you back yet Rubes?

Indith how are the hormones?

Kayz I can't stand vomit or saliva, can cause some problems in nursing. Might be why I went into community. Nasty wounds and blood I just see as a challenge.

Crikey is everyone back at school? Quite a the system. I've gone from having to get them out of bed so we didn't miss the 10 am (sometimes 11am) end to the breakfast buffet to getting them up for school. DS2's teacher handed him back to me today bouncing like a loon, with the comment "he's a little out of routine after the holidays, and a rye smile. But we had a brilliant time. The boys were great at ski school. Ds2 in particular, he got put up into ds1's group. I think it was a bit too much for him but he loved it. By the last few days we were doing runs together on the red slopes. The boys well and truly out gunned us on our snowboards. DH and I have also managed to get down black runs with some level of confidence, rather than just turning the board front on and scrapping our way down. Was helped on by the fact that one of the best pubs on the mountain could only be accessed by a black run. Best tasting beers EVER.

After the week at the snow we drove down to a tiny littleItalian skitown in the mountains on the border with Slovenia. We didn't ski but had nice walks in the snow, built snowmen and the boys went dog sledding. I want a syberian huskey! I also managed to find a hotel that had a brilliant kids club and at 4pm both afternoon we were there they took the kids away for 3 hrs to play. They loved it. Plus they had a great little Taverna that served excellent pizzas. DH and I spent the child free time sampling drinks we had never tried. I can recommend gingericeno con al vino. They also had a decent procsseco for € 2! They also messed up our bill because of some misunderstanding with the taverna about our room number and all together the two nights, kkids club, dinners, breakfast and loads of drinks cost €265! DH tried to sort it out but it appears the reception manager took a bit of shine to him and said it was all fine. I'm all for him prostituting himself. We saved loads.

More highlights were NYE in Vienna can definitely recommend it with kids. We all wandered around the old town where they had loads of stages set up and gluewein stalls. And everyone waltzes together at midnight. Also went to Salzburg and Fussen for Neuschwanstein castle. Very cool.

right I've bored you all to tears now so better go get tgese two to gymnastics.

JustRubes Mon 06-Jan-14 15:33:24

Yes flew back over night Vag - only a mere 48 hours away. DS has an Inset day today but has swimming at 5pm. Had to switch from Saturdays as dd is starting ballet. I'll collect dd after his swimming so it works out well.

We finally bought a Nespresso Machine which arrived about an hour ago - how have I never owned one before now????? Pure genius.

Have just made cupcakes with ds, and then he made me a coffee!

Vagolajahoolitobejolly Mon 06-Jan-14 17:12:42

You know douwe egberts do the capsules too Rubes. We don't have a nespresso (I'm a stove top espresso kinda girl), but DH's work has one. They have to bring their own capsules so I get the douwe egberts range. I have a friend who is so serious about her coffee that she has a cafe grade coffee machine and a grinder to match. Love going to hers for a coffee.

JustRubes Mon 06-Jan-14 17:27:44

Yeah have researched it quite a bit. When we do up the kitchen and extend it we're putting a built in job, but until then this will be great, then we will move the nespresso into the boudoir as there'll be a deck too wink have never been a tea person.
Am at ds swimming lesson. He's attempting backstroke and not doing too shabby! Gym is packed. Am slight tired but next time might have a little jog whilst I wait hmm

JamInMyWellies Mon 06-Jan-14 18:44:09

Vag that sounds like an awesome holiday. Am desperate to take the boys skiing. I need a run down of all your fab hotel and places to go.

Blimey that was a fast trip Rubes.

Arti how's DS?

Indith I randomly saw your thread about condensation. We really suffer in our loft with it. Had specialist round which was ££££ but they said its because it's so well insulated. Go figure. Didn't you have a company come in to do convertion. Can't you have them back as they didn't do job properly?

JustRubes Mon 06-Jan-14 18:51:48

Standard for a night stop trip Jam. Just 24 hours there. I prefer them although rather the shorter flight time of Dubai and Boston etc. don't mind a 2 night if it's nice dest. Might mix it up soon as fed up of the US us having ongoing immigration inconveniences.
Back to school tmrw. Ds pumped.
Dh late tonight. Can't be arsed to cook. Kids are having pizza.....

RTjoke Mon 06-Jan-14 19:31:38

Trying to get DS to sleep in his cot for the first time sine he fell ill on Boxing Day. He is NOT happy. It has to happen though as I'm at a new level of exhaustion now.

Veg your holiday really sounded great. I think you've sold me the idea of Vienna on NYE. I've always wanted to visit Vienna. You are really cramming in your European travel ahead of your return to Oz. was that your last European family holiday?

Jam how is feeding going today? I loved your FB post about the health visitor's appt.

Rubes, does this talk of extending your kitchen mean that your house purchase is back on track?

beans37 Tue 07-Jan-14 14:17:25

Did you get there in the end RT?
I'm having one of thise very rare routine baby days. It's quite extraordinary. DD3 doing what the books say. Hurray!
DD2 and I playing together since 12pm. it's really rather nice. DD1 home at 3.30. DD2 will be heartily relieved to see her!
she had her pre school jabs a couple of weeks ago and it has really traumatised her. she can't stop talking about it. DH has a needle phobia and I suspect DD2 now does too. Bugger.

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