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November 2012 - The birthdays are coming thick and fast

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StuntedFrankenNun Tue 29-Oct-13 19:47:43

Previous thread:

Pikz Tue 29-Oct-13 20:00:36

Can't believe my baby is nearly one...

BigPigLittlePig Tue 29-Oct-13 20:06:36

<sticks head in sand>
<la la la la la>

fruitpastilles Tue 29-Oct-13 20:13:07

Where has the year gone?!

PetiteRaleuse Tue 29-Oct-13 20:59:24

Birthday done here. But I will be turning 34 in November smile

Elizadoesdolittle Tue 29-Oct-13 21:07:45

E is turning one and I am turning 39. Yikes!!

PurplePidjOrTreatin Tue 29-Oct-13 23:00:00

3 weeks till R's and my birthdays cake

Lily311 Wed 30-Oct-13 05:24:08

34 today and one in exactly 3 weeks. Eeek.

Lily311 Wed 30-Oct-13 05:24:43

pr I think you share O's bday (20/11?)

Donnadoon Wed 30-Oct-13 07:20:54

Happy birthday lily cake
*nip lash ROFL

Pikz Wed 30-Oct-13 07:22:41

Morning my little ragamuffins

YellowWellies Wed 30-Oct-13 07:28:35

One already and 35 in 10 days.

Oh and he bliddy well slept through! First time in ages! grin

PurplePidjOrTreatin Wed 30-Oct-13 07:35:15

Happy birthday lily cakewine

horseylady Wed 30-Oct-13 07:42:59

One already and a year ago today (very late at night!!) I came home from hospital!!

vq hugs. I had to have Monday off as ds very poorly. I took Monday off as dh had massive meeting, both my parents work full time and my fil doesn't do cc. I had to use holiday. If it rolls over into next week I'll have to use more holiday. Works policies are dreadful. Dh got 3rd party leave or something.

Anyway ds has a viral rash.along with everything else but it's not pox. Last night he slept through and I feel more human and I'm fairly certain he feels better too. So fingers crossed he's coming through it. We've had no sick for 2 days now!!! So please feel better soon young person.

fruitpastilles Wed 30-Oct-13 08:29:10

Happy birthday lily hope you kick ass at ss today!
Exactly 2 weeks to go till the big day for us.

fruitpastilles Wed 30-Oct-13 08:29:42

horsey glad to hear he had a good night and yay to no sick.

Zamboni Wed 30-Oct-13 08:45:49

fruit fab news on the payout.

horsey hope E is on the mend.

Just a few days to go for us! Although DD keeps telling me it is her birthday too, and that S wants a rocket cake (based on his bedroom with this theme) and a Penny cake (based on DD's current hero worship of Penny from Fireman Sam).

Passmethecrisps Wed 30-Oct-13 08:57:53

Morning. 35 in about 6 weeks and 1 in 2 weeks.

How am I allowed to keep a baby?

Passmethecrisps Wed 30-Oct-13 09:07:49

Happy birthday lily cake

And thank goodness E seems to be on the mend. A night's sleep makes such a difference horsey.

Kyz Wed 30-Oct-13 09:39:26

Morning, marking place

Hope he feels better soon horsey

1 in exactly a week and 25 soon...ish...--in another 8 months--

Happy birthday lily

Am tired, am virtually useless, but I am here!

PetiteRaleuse Wed 30-Oct-13 10:13:40

Happy birthday lily you're older than me by three weeks exactly, yes I share O's birthday.

Excellent end of thread.

Been up since crack of dwan here as had medical appt in Luxembourg at 8.30. Rather proud of self for negotiating rush hour traffic and driving almost to town before parking and getting bus. Am going to côveniently forget that school holidays in all four countries mean rush hour was empty.

vq I have been thinking about your boss, which makes a change from thinking about mine, and she was well out of order. Do take notes on everything. Yes she has a department to run but if she wants it to run well she has to respect her team. I stick by what I said yesterday and will add her people management skills are woeful and there is a slight possibility she is a cunt, but will reserve judgement to see if she redeems herself in the coming weeks. Be strong.

evil those houses look just right. Not too big or too small, a decent price. Fx you get one of them and your new life can start. Your dp seems to have a variation on munchausens - he seems extremely hypochondriac wrt your lo and combines that with a major lack in basic medical general knowledge. Iirc you are a nurse as well as his mum, so he should at least respect your judgement. Cunt.

I feel the need to swear today. Good job pikz has brought sweary fucking Wednesday back to life.

Getting my winter tyres put on my car today. Just in time there is a wintry feel in the air we must only be weeks or even days away from icy mornings. Went down to 1degree last night. Brrrrr. <shivers gleefully> (in a few months I'll be moaning again about the snow)

PetiteRaleuse Wed 30-Oct-13 10:14:44

I drank a can of red bull a few minutes ago. Can you tell? Feel like if I jump on the spot I'll bounce up and hit my head on the ceiling. Such a fucking lightweight.

ChasingDaisy Wed 30-Oct-13 10:36:57

4 weeks until 1 and 4 months until 29 here.

PumpkinIsles Wed 30-Oct-13 10:42:19

5 weeks until 1, and 5 months until 22.

Happy birthday lily

Evil those houses are perfect! You are very brave. Sorry to hear about your mum sad

Belated birthday woshes to baby quichesters I missed whilst stropping blush I cannot believe a whole year has passed already.shock

PurplePidjOrTreatin Wed 30-Oct-13 10:46:51

Pass i sometimes wonder when the grown ups are going to come home, pat me on the head and tell me I've done a good job but they'll take over now blush

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