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Due Dec 2006 - Reunion thread

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weirdbird Tue 29-Oct-13 14:49:22

Hello everyone, have recently started posting again, so hello to any of our old group.
How is everyone finding having a 6 nearly 7 tr old?

I am still drinking Milo and still have an addiction to Tunnocks tea cakes wink

I now have a DS who is 3
DD1 is now at secondary school and making me feel old grin

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Indith Tue 29-Oct-13 15:09:15

hello! my Dec 06 boy is getting way too grown up for my liking. dd turns 5 in Dec and then ds2 is 19 months. I'm a student mw now. not sure what else to report. germ sharing child and my head is swimming.

EustaciaVye Tue 29-Oct-13 15:19:24

dd2 is already getting excited about her birthday party in december hmm

excuse lack of punctuation but is a bit of effort on my phone.

Indith Tue 29-Oct-13 15:22:28

I've just booked a community hall for the parties. One right before Christmas, one soon after. I do NOT like doing parties.

weirdbird Tue 29-Oct-13 16:27:37

DD2 held out till Jan so I normally send out invites the first day back. Tried sending them out before but too many parents forgot.
She has requested a Mushi Monster party confused

Am potty training DS today, is it too early to start drinking?

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TheDailyWail Tue 29-Oct-13 17:05:17

No - not too early! Just half experienced potty training with nephew - I think I have mentally blocked this phase!

I have had a change of jobs in the last couple of years and I work in a s xth f rm - loads of fun.

Dds are growing up too too fast!

bebespain Tue 29-Oct-13 17:13:40

Hello everybody...thanks for doing this wb smile

Can´t believe out babies will be 7 soon, I actually cried when DS lost his first baby tooth a couple of months back!

DS2 is 4 and a half now and DD will be one in a couple of weeks (and no I can´t believe that either) shock

Still living in Spain and hating it finding it hard...

I don´t think I am going to do a proper party this year. I am thinking of taking DS and a few of his friends to the cinema instead. We leave for England on the 19th and being that his Birthday is the 18th I reckon I can do without the extra work, not to mention the destruction to my home! Although last year they were very well-behaved and only a ready-bed was trashed.

Hope you are all well

jabberwocky Tue 29-Oct-13 17:39:28

Hello everyone!
DS2 was an early one so we are getting ready for his party on the 22nd of November. He is fine having it at home so that helps. Dh is in charge since he is living in that house now hmm

babypowder Tue 29-Oct-13 18:04:47

What a lovely thing to do, WB! I mostly lurk on here these days.

Indith, I'll bet you'll be a fab mw. I've left the corporate project management world behind, and I'm registering as a child minder. It's a long haul to get through the process, but hopefully I'm nearly there.

We're taking DD2 and some of her friends to see the Christmas play at our local theatre (DD1 is in our local panto, so this will be an antidote grin). There are a lot of kids in DD2s year born in late December, so it's non stop fun through to New Year hmm

weirdbird Tue 29-Oct-13 18:16:24

Woohoo it's the old gang back together again, I had to go back through some of the old threads to find usernames, it was enlightening! grin

I have gone back to work after having been self employed for 10yrs.
DH working for the civil service has been on a pay freeze now for 5yrs, his part had been on a pay freeze before they started cuts sad
We couldn't make the pennies stretch any further, so have gone back 3days a week, am finding it hard to find the time and am so tired I have gone back to browsing the web of an evening.

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Amapoleon Tue 29-Oct-13 19:39:06

Hi all! Rarely come on to MN anymore. I can't believe dd is 13 in December and my baby ds is going to be 7 on the 24th of November. He is having a party but it is going to be the last big one, as it's getting ridiculous. I am now working for myself, teaching English and there just aren't enough hours in the day!

Elibean Tue 29-Oct-13 21:53:06

Hello 'old' gang!

Thanks for doing this standing in the hallway of a small hotel in Somerset, en route to relatives in Cornwall. This is the only spot I can get wifi or signal, and then will have none till Sunday when we go just waving to mark my place for now!

Dds are asleep in room, I can't believe (but am enjoying) how grown up they are. 2006 seems like yesterday and a million years ago.

Look forward to reading thread and swapping party headaches in few days!

EustaciaVye Wed 30-Oct-13 09:41:13

This is feels a bit like coming home. I have felt the need for some semi-anonymous chat for a while so this is perfect.

We are having a dance party this year smile Thankfully we have outgrown Moshi Monsters! Have done cinema before and that works well, as does bowling.

bebspain - first tooth! DD2 has lost 8. She has the tiniest mouth and I have already been told she is likely to need quite a few teeth out to make room and orthodontic treatment sad Combine that with her squint issues and my heart breaks for her sometimes. Nothing major, but
enough iyswim.

Jabber - we had our behavioural optometrist session yesterday so I will fb you at some point with an update grin

weirdbird Wed 30-Oct-13 16:29:14

DD2 has only just lost her first as well, have also been told she will probably need extensive orthodontic treatment as well!

Elibean I will be in Somerset tomorrow evening smile but with no children as am making use of my parents house while they are away (with permission) to have a girls weekend away.

Have been to see a gynae urologist today to try and fix how broken my bits are post DS he was 10lb 10oz and broke me sad
Am going to have some specialist physio before they consider surgery. But am not sure if I want to go down the surgery route, have had 2 friends have similar surgery recently and both went wrong and they are no better with having to have weeks of recuperation confused am not sure if it is worth the risk.

The side of having children no one talks about in company...

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EustaciaVye Wed 30-Oct-13 17:03:20

sad wierdbird. I had a friend who had a prolapse fixed and is much better now.

I had an endometrial ablation in January and am very glad I did.

bebespain Wed 30-Oct-13 18:13:09

Good God wierdbird, I honestly cannot begin to imagine sad

EustaciaVye - I can relate to you and your DD2 needing orthodontic treatment. In our case it is DS2. He was born with 2 bottom teeth, in fact it is the first thing I heard them say when he was born! Seemingly in most cases because they are "pre" milk teeth they should fall out when the baby is still very young. In DS case only one of them did!

I took him to a couple of dentists about it and they didn´t have much of a clue. Anyway fast forward to a few weeks ago when I noticed a little "tooth" starting to poke through...turns out it is just the remains of the previous one shock and it will eventually work its way out of his gum. The worst thing is that when he was x-rayed he doesn´t actually have a tooth showing underneath...apparently it could still grow but if not the Dentist was talking about orthodontic treatment with the worse case scenario being an implant...I am so sad for him...already the children at school have noticed his gap and have been asking about it, DS2 struggles verbally and it breaks my heart sad

Sorry..that got long wink

Indith Wed 30-Oct-13 20:00:20

Wow, so much going on. I've missed you all, FB always seems more sporadic and easy to miss than a thread on here. Maybe that's just to do with where I spend my online time!

Work is such a juggle. Sorry you are finding it tiring wb, life has not been easy for many these last few years. BP you are mad! Childminding! I'm sure you will love it. I certainly love handing my children over to mine grin.

I hate it though when I get an early finish one day and I drive past school at kicking out time and I know that she is collecting them. I want to collect them. I want to be in teh school yard and chat to the teacher and walk home with our friends and play in teh park. But I also know I was shit at being a SAHM and I want to do what I'm doing. Wish I could do it during school hours only!

After the nightmare that was dd and sleep I have managed ot get another non sleeping infant in ds2. He is horrible, horrible, horrible. My mother (up doing my half term childcare while the CM is on holiday) however has tonight managed to get him to go down awake in his bed and go to sleep. I've told her she isn't allowed to leave. He hasn't ever been able to be put down awake. I think she should do the night wakings too.

Ds1 has only just lost his first 2 teeth in the past week or 2. One of them fell out overnight and went missing, presumed swallowed.

castlesintheair Thu 31-Oct-13 08:00:24

Hello everyone.

Am marking place as am travelling right now but hope to catch up with everyone soon.

Gloria42 Thu 31-Oct-13 13:38:26

Hello everyone! After receiving my very first PM, it would be too rude not to pop in and say hello smile!

I still have just the one DS who is growing like a weed. Currently wearing age 8-9 clothes as all his other trousers are too short shock.

I have been working full time again since he went to school and still find it tough to fit everything in. Indith, I would love to be the School Gate Mum too, instead of the "OMG is that the time, must get to work Mum" but finances won't allow!

We are 6 baby teeth down, with at least one more wobbly one. The Tooth Fairy is a frequent flyer to our house!

Looking forward to hearing about all the birthday plans

jabberwocky Thu 31-Oct-13 21:10:03

Ds2 has lost two teeth so far and has at least one or two more wobbly ones. At least, I think that is right. It is harder to keep up with everything these days what with them being at h's house half the time.

We are gearing up for trick or treating tonight! The boys and I got professionally done up as pirates on our Disneyworld trip last year and we are resurrecting the costumes. It has been drizzly today but hopefully the weather has moved on and will stay dry.

spina Tue 05-Nov-13 22:49:07

Oh excited! Thanks for gathering us together wb!

Marking my spot. Haven't got time to post much now but I'll be back soon.

Indith Wed 06-Nov-13 09:07:29

Oh busy busy busy. Must come back soon!

weirdbird Thu 07-Nov-13 00:17:16

Am really hoping my job will be made perm, rather than contract as at the moment I am trying to keep my self employed work going as my 3 days a week may end in Dec. just don't have the time to do both though so house looks like a bomb has gone off.

So nice to see you all again smile

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EustaciaVye Thu 07-Nov-13 21:37:57

Sooo, good news is I have a new kitten. Bad news I think she has fleas hmm. Trip to vet for check up will confirm but ffs.

accessorizequeen Fri 08-Nov-13 20:03:14

I am marking my place so when I have more time I will come back and read. Ds2 has been a horror all week so In desperate need of wine!

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