JUNE 04 Terrible twos...and chit chat.

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luckylady Wed 05-Jul-06 10:59:10

Calling all June 04 mums...

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SecurMummy Wed 05-Jul-06 11:00:40

Tee Hee - Here Miss

luckylady Wed 05-Jul-06 11:06:34

LOL , here is a piccie of my two now....out in Ayia Napa..
drivng around town

hope this works

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gomez Wed 05-Jul-06 11:10:18

Hello again - was just catching up on our new thread when this appeared! Wonder if we can keep it going this time since we were the lowest volume of post ever seen on an ante-natal thread!

LL - you have had a crap few months - hope DD is better soon and there is nowt too serious going on! Getting working on number three love! You have been broody since 10 mins after S. was born if I remember rightly.

We were umming and ahing (after my Uni plans went t*ts up, after our house sale when t*ts up - but that is all old news now)thougt we would give it a blast in the New Year, birthday night oot in January and there you go.......

Zepher - sooo pleased to read your post and hear that things are reasonably under control for the moment. If the Council can sort you out with somewhere okay then it might be work out not to bad - much lower rent at least!!!! How is number 3 doing?

Niceglasses - hello there.

Secur - hope your nose get sorted out by the doc! Is it caused by a hayfever type thingy then?

All fine here - weather nice today, no storms and not too hot. FiL has taken both the girls away to the park and then out for lunch - so a nice realxing day for me. In fact I am off for a kip in a minute!

Catch up soon.

gomez Wed 05-Jul-06 11:11:17

Cute wee brown berries LL!!!

luckylady Wed 05-Jul-06 11:23:04

Gomez you are right I have been broody since SCott was born, on and off though but more on....

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SecurMummy Fri 07-Jul-06 11:32:25

Well - aren't we doing well - an initial spurt and then nothing - so like us

We have a swimming pool now, it comes up to dd3's chest and she has spent all her time in it (actually they all have, along with most of the neighbourhood kids too ).

The other day she slipped off a ball she was playing with and ......swum to the edge! Is that normal?

Thing is, it has now happened a few times and she actually seems to enjoy it! Almost as if she is kind of doing it deliberatly! (ie at times when she could have got her legs back she hasn't and splashed to edge instead!)

I knew she was good in water, never complains about going under or getting her hair wet etc but this seems a bridge too far! (or perhaps I have a mini mermaid?)

Hope you are all well

SM xx

luckylady Fri 07-Jul-06 11:43:33

Sounds like you have a mini mermaid... Scott will swim with his arm bands on he started this last summer but as we are in the pool everyday in the summer it became part of his everyday life...

Had some bad news today a friend of mine was in a crash early hours thursday morning, she has been midi vaced back to the uk she has shattered one vertebrae in her neck and dislocated two others, got told this morning she has regained feeling in her legs, which is a good sign.. She is only 21 and getting married in 10 weeks... so I have everything crossed for her..bless her..

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SecurMummy Fri 07-Jul-06 11:45:51

LL - best wishes to your friend

Oh - and this is without arm bands too - I am soo chuffed [swollen with pride emoticon]

luckylady Fri 07-Jul-06 12:21:08

wow that really is fantastic.. proper water babe there secur xx

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niceglasses Fri 07-Jul-06 12:25:14

Okay, how bad are your two year olds? My dh, despite having 2 older brothers, is much the more snatchy, tantrumy, and just contrary really. Driving me a bit potty just now. And prone to lashing out. Sigh. I didn't have this with the boys.........

Any of you going for any more???

niceglasses Fri 07-Jul-06 12:26:58

Oh, sorry didn't read whole thread. Congrats Gomez!!!!!! Lovely

SecurMummy Fri 07-Jul-06 12:27:13

err - your dh is lashing out?

send him to the dogs home

SecurMummy Fri 07-Jul-06 12:29:33

I would NG - if anyone can loan me a husban for a while?

TBH dd is very placid - of course she is going through teh "shriek if you are tired/hungery/want something/don't want something" stage! But on the whole is quite good - mind you her siblings are quite a bit older so tehy are quite good at "handeling" her!

So are you going for anymore?

niceglasses Fri 07-Jul-06 12:39:17

Oh feck - dd. Dh just as bad mind....

SecurMummy Fri 07-Jul-06 12:40:48

gomez Sat 08-Jul-06 08:14:56

Hi again. Par for the course with us lot LL you are quite right!

I am afraid Niceglasses that DD2 is pretty good, just the odd strop and even then nothing worth getting excited about. But I am with you on the DH thing - . DD2 is inordinately determined thou' - unlike DD1 who has the staying power of a chocolate fireguard.

BabySecur water baby - like S. DD2 is fine with bands on but sinks without any help. She is mad in the water thou' and has no fear.

Zephyr - hope you are managing to sort things out love.

I am 2 weeks into out first set of school holidays with DD1 (6 to go) and finding it fairly bearable I think I had built it into such an ordeal in my head that it had to be better than I thought........

Right Dh has just surfaced so I am off back to bed with a cup of tea and the paper.

Catch you all later.

luckylady Mon 10-Jul-06 09:41:47

Hi all

Hope you all had a good weekend.

Not much going on here. SCott is saying more and more each day now.

Had the coil removed this morning..just waiting now for af to arrive, not looking forward to it as it will be the first in just under years..... atleast then I can begin got get to grips with my cycle...

Take care all

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luckylady Tue 11-Jul-06 11:22:07

Hellllooooo, are we losing the thread already lady.......... lol

DD gets her plaster of tommorrow and I get the results of my MRI .. fingers crossed all good...

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gomez Wed 12-Jul-06 08:44:51

Hope both you and DD get good news at the Doc's LL!

luckylady Wed 12-Jul-06 21:40:28

DD got her plaster off. She has now got to go for an MRI as the consultant I seen today thinks she has a condition called partial subtalar fusion!! (sp) will have to wait for the results she will have the scan within the next 2 weeeks then the results two weeks after that. If she does have this then she will need to be flown back to the Uk for an operation on it.. The consultant has been one for 35 years and this isonly the 6th case he has seen. So it is very rare.

I on the other hand have a sprain to the right ankle (which has lasted 3 years!!!) and Chondro Malatiapatella grade 2 in my left knee.

I do feel sorry fot DD though bless her, when the consultant tried to move her right ankle there is next to no mobility in it bless her and he said even though it will be stiff from being in plaster he should be able to manipulate it. This no means that she cant go back to kickboxing, or anyother sports apart from swimming at the moment.

I need to lose my weight now aswell as it is not helpig my ailments, and I am considerably over weight!!!!

But here is to happy dieting an more excercise for this luckylady

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gomez Thu 13-Jul-06 13:34:39

Oh bugger - poor DD . Is the prognosis after surgery (if she needs it of course) good?. that she might need. The wee scone will be so frustrated thou'.

I am sure you are fully intending to get plenty exercise over the next few months anyway LL.....

I had managed to lose loads after DD2 without too much effort but as soon as I stopped feeding her (last summer) it all came piling back on and by Christmas I was a right podger again. Full of good intentions for the New Year but was then up the duff in super quick time so hey, ho!

(I did weight myself last week in a fit of madness and discovered I have put on around 1/2 stone which at 26 weeks isn't too bad.)


zephyrcat Thu 13-Jul-06 13:44:15

Hellooo! Wondered where you all went!! It's certainly an aptly titled thread as we are well into the terrible two's here and it's driving me mad!!! Fin has turned into an absolute monster!! I'll try to link to a recent pic....

Not much has changed, we are still homeless and just waiting to hear where we go from here Really fed up with it all to be honest.

Having 3 was fun for a while but now Finlay is the strop monster from hell it's a bit more of a challenge!! On the other hand when he's in a good mood he is very sweet to the baby which is lovely to see.

zephyrcat Thu 13-Jul-06 14:13:21

ok in theory, the little.........darling should be here!

luckylady Thu 13-Jul-06 22:52:41

zc he is gorgeous.

Gomez- Not sure what the prognosis is for after the op I think it depends!!! I have been sent some info from a cousin of mine who works in a medical teaching establishment and in there it says that after the op she will be in plaster for 10-14weeks, the first 4 weeks being no weightbearing at all . Will just have to wait and see, I may be worrying over nothing tbh I hope I am. But in my mond I keep thinking there must be something wrong for her to be getting these fractures over little things.... It is at times like this that I wish i were seeing consultants in the uk and be near my mam and family

I know I am being silly worrying but I cant help it...

Oh well take care all xx

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