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kayleigh81 Mon 26-Jun-06 11:26:26

I am just looking for advice on this.
My ds is 8 weeks and normally has his bedtime bottle about 9.30-10 pm and sleeps until about 3-4am.

Last night he had his bottle and the usual time but was still asleep at 6am and i woke him up to give him his feed as i didnt know if this was to long to leave him without a bottle.

Should you leave a baby of this age for so long or would you wake them earlier for a feed???

My dp says if he was hungry he would have woke up but i'm not sure....any advice on what you do???

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PrettyCandles Mon 26-Jun-06 11:28:51

8w is fine for the occasional night through without an extra feed, especially if he's generally well and gaining well. Some babies do sleep through from this age. Count your lucky stars!

kayleigh81 Mon 26-Jun-06 11:31:39

thanks prettycandles, he's always been quite good for sleeping since coming out of hospital. It might be because now he is staying awake for longer during the day that he's sleeping through the night, just not sure if i should be waking him for a feed????
anyone else got advice on this????

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PrettyCandles Mon 26-Jun-06 11:49:55

My first started sleeping through at 9w. I found that if he had 4 feeds in the day he might or might not sleep through that night, but if he had 4 feeds the next day then he woke in the night. As long as he had at least 5 feeds every day he didin't wake in the night. His last feed would be at about 11pm, then he slept through till at least 7am, often later. Bliss. As my MIL said "you don't know you're born". I certainly understood what she was talking aobut when no2 turned up, and she didn't sleep through until we sleep-trained her at 6m - and even then not consistently!

kipper22 Mon 26-Jun-06 12:06:34

ds started sleeping through at about 8 weeks - it's so scary when you wake up after that first time and see the sun shining isn't it?! he was fine - we just upped his daytime intake a little. oh, and never wake them for a feed! enjoy the peace and the chance to watch him sleep!

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