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December 2012: we need more chocolate and cake!!

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halestone Wed 25-Sep-13 22:07:45

New Thread

utopian99 Thu 10-Oct-13 20:37:31

Oh no spooky*, just read last post..

SpookyTeacakes Thu 10-Oct-13 20:43:56

grin It's ok he's gone upstairs in a grump with his coffee in his favourite boring plain white mug (which he was reaching to get when he knocked over the other one).

Congratulations on the flat and fx for the planning smile

halestone Thu 10-Oct-13 20:44:14

Congratulations Utopian thanks i hope your new home brings you many years of Happiness. Also i hope DS is feeling better soon.

Spookygrin to the name change. hmm To your DP breaking the mug.

WL the heart necklace sounds lovely.

Talking about food H is still pretty much hit and miss but she's getting better at it. She'll eat scramble eggs if my grandad makes it but not if anyone else makes it. Shes started saying Ta when we pass her things now grin i feel like shes growing loads. My baby seems to be disappearinghmm

itsMYNutella Thu 10-Oct-13 22:18:01

Evening ladies, just a quick hello and thank you before I go to bed. Thank you especially for your support on AIBU - it is scary over there grin. I could have written more but I felt bad writing mean things about the PIL. And I got the answer I was expecting, it's ok if I'm not happy but yes I am being a bit precious. smile

Anyway... Dr has diagnosed PND. Which I feel is more of a coverall and simplifies treatment options. I have a referral for therapy which I'm actually looking forward to perhaps because I love to have a good moan and tomorrow we have an appointment with a "family service" who should be able to help us find a childminder.

I feel so much more positive today, really like a weight has been lifted. I hope this feeling stays a while!

Spooky I love the name change!

isthat DS easily feeds that often and still twice at night on a good night. We have switched to formula which he seems to enjoy because he can eat on the move nosy baby

Right. Bedtime. Night night all! smile

WLmum Thu 10-Oct-13 22:39:53

Excellent utopian how v exciting. Loving the efficiency. What are you planning on doing to the flat? There's loads I'd like to do/needs doing in our house but currently there is a funds issue. I'm not sure one shower/bath is going to be enough when the girls hit their teenage years!

Wow to the speech hales. Our babies are swiftly moving towards toddlerhood aren't they - scary stuff.

WLmum Thu 10-Oct-13 22:53:35

Great nutella so glad it all feels positive, although sorry about the pnd obviously. I saw a therapist for a while some years back. Whilst she didn't actually 'help' me it was good to have someone to cry to outside of my normal life.
I don't think you're being too precious - if pil can't really carry ds there is a bit of a care issue. I know T can really hard to hold if she's struggling and I would be worried that someone not so strong could drop her. In reality he's unlikely to come to harm but if you don't feel comfortable don't do it. I wouldn't - and haven't - fil wouldn't change nappies but he and mil thought he could have dds alone for short periods if she wasn't available. I thought otherwise.

WLmum Thu 10-Oct-13 22:54:40

They def thought I was being precious but I don't care. My babies, my responsibility, my rules.

PurplePidjin Thu 10-Oct-13 23:29:34

R eats like a mad thing, i sometimes wonder if I'm over feeding him! 1-1.5 weetabix with 1/2 a fruit pot for breakfast at 6. 1/2 slice of toast or 1/2 a pear (or equivalent) mid morning. Pouch+fruit pot equivalent at lunch - he'll eat a whole egg + 1/2 a bagel, today we were out and he ate 3/4 of a toddler sized sandwich plus some baby sized rice cakes and 1/3 of my blueberry muffin. Dessert spoon of sauce + dessert spoon of pasta+fruit pot sized pudding for dinner. 3-4 breastfeeds during the day (7:30, 8:30/9, mid morning or afternoon sometimes and bedtime) depending on what we're doing. I do "don't offer don't refuse" so if he's grumpy i shove a boob in his gob. Today i offered water instead a few times when he grumped which helped so i need to get more valve sippy cups and let him have free access i think.

WillYouDoTheMonsterMash Thu 10-Oct-13 23:37:03

Glad the doctor was helpful Nutella massive hugs to you thanks

That's about what J eats Pidj, he also has 20oz of formula. All after 3pm hmm

Exciting times Utopian

<Waves to RL friend who may now be looking for her grin>

WillYouDoTheMonsterMash Thu 10-Oct-13 23:38:44

J's giggling in his sleep, it is officially the cutest thing any baby has ever done ever! smile

utopian99 Fri 11-Oct-13 03:16:02

O is up with a cough. I can settle him with water and cuddles but he wakes every time I put him down. My boobs are rock hard as he didn't feed much during the day so hope I won't undo things by giving him a bit of milk but I suspect he feels a bit off anyway..

WL sorry for your dd, I hope they do stay friends. My oldest primary school friend went to a different school from me from 7 yo and yet she's probably still my closest and was moh at our wedding..

nutella glad you have some help coming your way. I think having a counsellor to talk to can do wonders just to allow you a vent, it really helped my DM through a tricky time.

Amazing speech hales, we still have no discernable words from O, I'm a bit sad about it, I so want to be able to tall better with him. Here's hoping he picks up some signs soon at least.

SpookyTeacakes Fri 11-Oct-13 06:08:46

Glad to hear you're sounding more positive Nutella smile sounds like your doctor was really helpful

WillYouDoTheMonsterMash Fri 11-Oct-13 09:17:00

It's only 9:15 and if I hear pollywollydoodle holiday one more time I'll scream. Time to go out I think! Hope you all have a good day

utopian99 Fri 11-Oct-13 11:27:54

Hope no one minds but sick of phone GPS and looking for a cheap satnav. Who has one? Would you recommend it?

jackandjilly Fri 11-Oct-13 14:18:01

Utopian-We have a Tom Tom, it has been perfectly fine. Can't compare to any others though.

WLmum Fri 11-Oct-13 19:20:10

utopian that's lovely about your friend.
We also have a tom tom, happy with it but also can't compare it to anything g else but so so much easier than using your phone!

WLmum Fri 11-Oct-13 19:25:23

pidj you'll appreciate this - have started knitting Xmas presents for big 2. I know I'll have to wait 30 years until they understand the labour of love but I understand it.

SpookyTeacakes Fri 11-Oct-13 19:33:38

Utopian he's bound to talk a bit later than the ones who aren't as mobile yet smile

I'm really struggling to keep up with washing etc now I'm back at work. Even though today I only did 8-1:30 by the time I got home, changed, calmed the dc down and say down for lunch it was 3 and I'm knackered. So basically on the three days I work nothing gets done. At least I've nearly finished my Christmas shopping and we're off to London in two weeks and bath end of next month smile

PurplePidjin Fri 11-Oct-13 19:36:02

grin did i fb R's latest hat?

Stacks Fri 11-Oct-13 19:41:08

I was going to tell you guys about this ages ago, but forgot. Vertbaudet catalog had £15 off when you spend £20, plus a free wooden 'abacus' toy (it's really nice, T likes his). Just put in the code 2735 at the checkout. You can pay when you order or set up an account. They've got some nice stuff on there, including things like sleeping bags with detachable arms. Link here.

WL I've been making some despicable me toys for my dn for Christmas. I hope he appreciates the effort one day.

WLmum Fri 11-Oct-13 21:49:48

Awesome tip stacks I had just been thinking about getting T another snowsuit and this way I can get one for £8. Awesome!

utopian def don't worry about the lack of speech - my big 2 were not the earliest to start but were the earliest to be talking well. A friend with a slightly older ds commented last week about how eloquent dd2 is.

halestone Sat 12-Oct-13 02:08:50

Hope you managed to find a babysitter that you liked Nutella.

WL pictures are needed when you've finished knitting grin I cut out the fabric to make H a dress today it will be my first attempt at sewing baby clothes. Unfortunately i need to order more fabric.

Utopian my nan has a cheap one that i use to borrow which is good i'll find out tomorrow.

H is a very vocal baby and has alot of words and does loads of signs with her hands however she was one of the last in this group to crawl. I think she is just more inclined to develop vocally first. My friend with twins who are a month older said she thinks at this age they develop in one way quicker than another. I think i agree with her. and H takes after me i never shut up

halestone Sat 12-Oct-13 02:09:30

Also thanks Stacks for the tip i shall investigate their website tomorrow.

utopian99 Sat 12-Oct-13 03:06:05

Thanks for the tips, TomTom it is then! Just need to work out model now.. Also for reassurance on speech, dh says he thinks it's one development then another too, just me being a worrier.

You're all being deeply creative. envy My sewing machine is in storage and won't be joining us till Feb, boo. O's temp is still up - only 101f but I'm not happy about it. Am monitoring closely; he was super clingy today and kept getting away from the sitter for cuddles with me so in the end I gave up and sent her home as there was no point. Given that he is ill it was nice to ditch work and just be there with him though.

2blessed Sat 12-Oct-13 04:11:28

nutella pleased that you're finding a positive way forward.

I hope sickly lo's feel better soon.

Only 1 wake up so far...

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