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October 2011 - we can hardly believe its true, our babies are turning two!!

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MummyDuckAndDuckling Sat 21-Sep-13 11:37:42


Hope you don't mind me starting a new thread as once again, birthday season has begun and the first of our October babies are turning 2! Would be lovely to hear from everyone past and present smile
Ill try copy over all the stats again when I'm next on the laptop.

Hope everyone is well smile

strawberrypenguin Mon 21-Oct-13 06:46:50

That's awful duck how rubbish of them not to have sent it. Hope it gets sorted soon.

mrsH W usually asks for Pat, Tumble or Night. (Postman pat, Mr Tumble aka something special or In the night garden) although we only let him have Night as part of his bedtime routine. He doesn't stop for long enough to make it through a film! I've found a good way of stopping him watching too much Pat (his favourite) is to have some Pat books and offer those instead - it works at least half the time and he's learnt now that I won't always put the tv on for him. He watches most first thing in the morning while he's waking up and we are getting ready for the day

IBelieveInEngels Mon 21-Oct-13 07:38:47

x-posted with you last night Duck. That's rubbish.

M got a few nice bits for his birthday. Some clothes, books and little cars with a track from BIL. Even though we haven't been overwhelmed with stuff I will still need to sort out his toy box before Christmas.

MummyDuckAndDuckling Mon 21-Oct-13 07:54:56

I had a bit of a sort out a few months ago but still feel like toy central again! Dreading what Santa will bring grin. I ordered a wooden kitchen which arrived last week. I'm already thinking it will need to stay in living room as I can't see it fitting in her room confused

ipswichwitch Mon 21-Oct-13 22:08:23

Thanks all, we had a lovely meal and nobody seemed to notice the colouring in efforts! Dylon is a great idea, will have to get some sharpish as this is the dress I'm wearing for pretty much every occasion until normal clothes fit again!

N loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates - he has foam swords he makes us play fight with shouting "yo ho ho!" At the top of his voice! He also loves Doc McStuffins and will cuddle his toy Doc doll while watching it, either that or put her on the potty and inform us she's having a wee grin

TallulahPumpkin Mon 21-Oct-13 22:51:24

Mummy how annoying.

MrsH that's impressive, i don't think I've seen it that many times. Seb loves Waybuloo, ITNG but his absolute favourite is Peppa ('Gegga Gig'). He can watch it for ages but I don't think he has the staying power to watch a whole film. He started engrossed by "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs" when it was on at the weekend but didn't last. We've not watched one in a while but he used to love musicals. Perhaps we should try him with Oz.

We had to buy another cupboard for all his toys last weekend! God knows what his birthday will bring, we've tried to be sensible and not buy too much.

PenelopeLane Mon 21-Oct-13 23:15:58

I've been meaning to catch up here for ages, but usually surf the internet with a baby in hand at present so it's rare to not be typing one handed! Lily's sooo windy still, it's really tough some days - have tried everything that's been recommended and all is well for a short while or a couple of days, but then it comes back. Boo! She is a delight but the crying can feel very stressful.

Tally what time of year are you there? If summer, you've got a lot of choice and most places are nice. To give you an idea of distances, Auckland - Wellington is a 9 hour drive, and Auckland to Northland (which engels recommended and is very nice) is about 4 - 5 hours in the other direction. Taupo is halfway between Auckland and Wellington. There is a lot of lovely things to see in the upper North island in the general area around Tauranga as well if you want to minimise time spend in cars - the Coromandel is near there and has some great beaches (although to be avoided at New Years eve due to beach parties!) and Rotorua not too far away either - maybe a couple of hours. Rotorua as a town itself isn't that flash but there is a lot to see there in terms of of thermal pools and geysers, and some nice lakes.

PenelopeLane Mon 21-Oct-13 23:16:49

A loves Peppa as well, and the Lion King, which he calls 'warthog singing' grin

TallulahPumpkin Tue 22-Oct-13 20:30:01

Pen lol, I've not tried Seb with Lion King. Might have to look that one out.

We're getting to NZ on 26 Feb and are there until 14 Mar. We'd like to see as much as we can (thanks to you and Engles for the tips) but will be obliged to spend at least some time with the 'happy couple'! My parents went to NZ a few years ago and loved Rotorua. I'll let you know if the plan is to end up in Wellington. We'll be planning a bit closer to the time.

I taught Seb to answer, and showed it off at the childminders: I ask him 'Where are we going on holiday' and he says 'Hoonnng Koonnng' (actually it's more like 'Gonnhoonngkonnn' So cute. New Zealand is a bit harder to say but he has a good go at it.

IBelieveInEngels Wed 23-Oct-13 18:27:49

M has spent this evening alternately throwing himself on the floor in floods of tears and giggling uncontrollably as he sits next to me on the sofa with his trousers on his head. It's like living with Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Is this just preparation for the teenage years? grin

MrsHende Wed 23-Oct-13 20:18:23

Engels, the photo on FB is hilarious!

I heard the other day that the hormones going around a two year old's body are only around in such quantities again when they're going through puberty! So, yes, we're being prepared for the teenage years...grin.

DH and I are just home from a lovely 2 day, baby free, break in St Andrews. The lie-ins were wonderful!!

Went to the doc this morning to see if she had any baby making advice. It was a good day to take bloods to see if I've ovulated this month and she called this evening to say that the results show I haven't, I thought I had. So, back on Friday to take more blood. Keeping fingers crossed (and wondering how to break the news to DH that we need to squeeze more action in this week just in case I'm ovulating RIGHT NOW shockshock)

strawberrypenguin Thu 24-Oct-13 18:29:03

2 day break sounds lovely MrsH hope the docs can give you some answers soon

W slept with a duvet for the first time last night and slept all the way through - a much better start than I expected.
Realised this afternoon that this time 2 years ago I was in hospital strapped to a monitor at the start of a very long induction!

IBelieveInEngels Thu 24-Oct-13 19:12:23

M is the same now strawb In fact when he managed to poo through his duvet cover last weekend and I had to wash it, he wouldn't go to sleep with just a sleeping bag on - he made me put a blanket over him.

Think the side of the bed may have to go again hello sleepless nights as DH said that M climbed out of bed this morning and he caught him just befoire he hit the floor.

Have had an undignified day having scan at mw and at hospital/gynacaelogist (sp?) to check that everything was definitely gone as had very strong pg test a week post-mc and ongoing pg symptoms. HCG has dropped a lot so just have to go for one last blood test next week and we should have the all clear to ttc after next AF. I told DH that I don't think I have ever had so many people look at my fanjo in one day grin

Good luck MrsH . Perhaps you and DH should try the 'just shagging' approach?! I swear I'm too old for it now. I should have tried to get pg when I was in my mid-20s and full of energy. DH and I are both so exhausted right now blush (though his ADs don't help).

Time to get my trainers back on to get ready for my 15k race in 3 weeks. have been out of training for over 3 weeks so hope I make it up (and down) the hills.

MummyDuckAndDuckling Thu 24-Oct-13 21:24:33

Oh Engels, that sounds hard. I hate having all those examinations etc. I guess the doctors take it all in their stride grin. Good luck with race!!

All well here. Phoned about the job problems, apparently PVG has been sent, just taking a long time to come back. That's 7 weeks now... confused Fingers crossed I can get some work before Christmas. The savings are really dwindling now sad

I'm meeting up with S dad tomorrow. I'm so nervous about seeing him which is just ridiculous!! I do feel ok about it all though and I'm glad I didn't rush into anything. I'm just worried about how S will take to it all. She's very confident with people so I don't see that being an issue, but more the 'who's that man mummy'. I'm planning to say to him that for the time being, he is 'dave' and not 'daddy'.

Tonight, she said to me 'where's my daddy?' (We had been talking to neighbours who's little girl was telling is her daddy was working). I said to her 'who is your daddy?' And she replied 'I don't know mummy' sad. I hope for her sake this does work and she can have a relationship with him.

TallulahPumpkin Thu 24-Oct-13 22:32:43

Good luck Mummy and S, hope it goes OK tomorrow.

KillashandraRee Fri 25-Oct-13 09:47:55

Good luck mummy hope it goes well x

IBelieveInEngels Fri 25-Oct-13 09:48:51

Good luck today duck thanks

(and btw I still can't believe how articulate S is - still one word sentences here!)

MrsHende Fri 25-Oct-13 18:16:11

How did it go duck? Was thinking about you.

Such a hard thing to do, but I think you're doing the right thing, I just hope he realises how lucky he is that you're giving him this chance thanks.

MummyDuckAndDuckling Fri 25-Oct-13 18:51:36

Thanks ladies, you are all so lovely thanksthanksthanksthanksthanksthanksthanksthanksthanks

It went much better than I expected. My tummy was in knots driving over to meet him, but it was almost like all was forgotten and everything was how it should be after a few mins. He was amazed with S (not surprising as she was 6 weeks old last time.. confused) but he started talking back to her and she seemed very at ease. I was honestly expecting her to ask 'who's that man' as she often does to people she doesn't know, but she never. Just smiled and said hi, almost like she knew who he was and wasn't shy etc.
we sat and had a coffee and watched people skiing (mrsh you should know where I mean!) and it was nice. He didn't say anything about the past few years, just that he couldn't get over how beautiful she is (my heart softened a little for him when he said it). Gave her a birthday gift which was nice of him. So who knows what's next, he asked to see us again next weekend but we are away so maybe following one.

Thank you all again for wishing me luck, it was honestly much needed smile x

IBelieveInEngels Sat 26-Oct-13 19:05:19

Good to hear Duck

Any ideas for keeping the little critters from waking us all up before dawn tomorrow? Trying to keep Max up for an extra hour, but I don't think it's going to be rewarded with a lie in tomorrow monring! This morning at 6.30am he managed to climb out of his bed and came into us, so the side is now off and staying off whihc I reckon will mean some sleepless nights for us.

Wondering about getting one of those lights that gradually comes on or turns acertain colour (can't remember what they're called) though reckon M is sitll too young to get the hang of it.

Must call hospital next week to try and get an earlier appointment for the lump on M's tongue. Not till early mid-December but we can see that's grown in size.

MummyDuckAndDuckling Sat 26-Oct-13 19:20:00

Engels, I'm keeping the time the sand and just going to move it back mid morning once we are up and dressed etc. that way I won't feel so bad! Haha

I'm sure if you call them to say its grown they will see M sooner eh?

IBelieveInEngels Sat 26-Oct-13 19:35:22

Hope so, otherwise we have to wait 6 weeks and I think that's too long.

strawberrypenguin Sat 26-Oct-13 22:54:41

Glad it went ok duck smile

eng hope you can get the appointment moved if you feel 6 weeks is too long then it is, keep pushing if they say no

ipswichwitch Mon 28-Oct-13 21:18:05

Glad it went well duck, and hope it continues to do so.
engels I would ring and ask for it to be brought forward, and if that's not an option yet keep ringing for cancellations. N is taking off with his sentences now - mostly "I want....." type of things! It's a bit like a switch has been flicked as he's coming out with all sorts.

Had a horrendous weekend - he's had an ear infection since Friday, then last night vomited some blood while we were giving calpol. After a 1am visit to the drop in centre, seems he's just strained his oesophagus with coughing and burst a couple of small blood vessels, along with the fact he has tonsillitis again. Poor little guy - the blood was quite scary. He's now tucked up in the spare bed with DH for the night. We are getting him a proper bed this week, with duvet and everything since he seems to be much happier in one than his cotbed. Seriously tempted to get the pirate ship one to go with the pirate decor I'm trying to get finished!

PenelopeLane Tue 29-Oct-13 00:06:02

Ips that sounds really scary! Hope he's ok

Engels hope that appointment can get moved, fingers crossed

duck so glad to hear visit with S's dad went well! Here's hoping for more of the same in the future

Cheshire haven't heard from you in a while <although may not have been paying attention lol>, you musn't have long to go now?

Talullah your trip sounds good! Tauranga is nice as well, lots of good beaches there too and you're coming at a nice time of year smile Let me know if there's anything else you need advice on!

I am knackered, I love being a SAHM with 2 at present, but do find it quite full on at times! Although tbh I don't find it more full on than I did when A was a month old - as Lily is now - as half the effort is having to learn to juggle two. Am telling self all will be easy as once I get the hang of it deluded perhaps?

strawberrypenguin Tue 29-Oct-13 06:16:36

Gosh ips how scary! Hope N is feeling better soon what a horrible combo of illnesses to have

Can't believe L is a month already pen! how is A doing with her now?

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