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October 2011 - we can hardly believe its true, our babies are turning two!!

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MummyDuckAndDuckling Sat 21-Sep-13 11:37:42


Hope you don't mind me starting a new thread as once again, birthday season has begun and the first of our October babies are turning 2! Would be lovely to hear from everyone past and present smile
Ill try copy over all the stats again when I'm next on the laptop.

Hope everyone is well smile

CheshireDing Thu 26-Sep-13 21:41:27

31 weeks now Pene, did you do anything to help her turn? this one is making no attempts sad I worry the longer it stays in this position the less likely it is. I was freaking out before about everything stopping again right at the end, now I have something new to freak out about that never even crossed my mind before grin

Ha ha just long enough to scare you Strawbs smile Has he gone from stammering to full sentences with a BBC accent now ! grin

Tallulah I always find it so funny when I think about the daft things we do as Parents now, it is probably 30 years or something since I had to sing Twinkle Twinkle and now I have to make pig and sheep noises and sing random songs grin. I think the author is Georgie Birkett (from memory), fab little book. What about painting a blackboard on a patch of S's bedroom wall at his height then you don't have to hold him up ? P has a magnetic patch on her wall for her alphabet letters.

What cakes are people planning for Birthday's ? I expect pictures on fb of the finished products !

MummyDuckAndDuckling Thu 26-Sep-13 22:43:32

That's a great idea about magnetic paint... Where did you get the magnet alphabet letters? I've been looking but not found any.

Great about the talking strawb. I'm honestly shock at the things S is saying daily now. Today she was telling me about how she has a little sister blushconfused who wears a pretty dress with a flower on it. No idea where she's gets it from! She was in her room drawing the other night while I was putting washing away. She came out with her paper to show me and I asked her what it was. She said it was a house and then told me that a 'little girl and her mummy live there but no man' shock. Wonder if it was a self portrait of us haha!

I've just wrapped all her gifts up. Mickey Mouse club house and the figures to go. Ben and Holly DVD (I'm getting sick of peppa pig!) and a baby doll smile

I baked her cake on Monday, so will take out freezer on Saturday morning to decorate that night. My plan this year is a number 2 covered in smarties (spotty theme for this birthday party). Can't wait!!

TallulahPumpkin Fri 27-Sep-13 19:41:29

Oo, good idea. I think we've got some magnetic letters about somewhere that we used to have on the fridge.

Mummy I can't get over how articulate S is already.

The funniest thing happened this evening. I was as usual struggling to get a wriggly Seb in his sleeping bag. I said, if I don't put this on you'll get cold'. He suddenly stopped and looked really alarmed. I then said 'stand up so I can put it on' and he did! Sometimes I think he has moments of clear understanding. Other times he is so absorbed in what he's doing he bearly hears me typical man.

I do need some advice though girls. Seb is becoming a real biter. Usually on our shoulder when we holding him. It really hurts as his teeth are so sharp. We've tried firm telling off, explaining that it hurts and asking to say sorry, quick tell off and then praising good behaviour/giving positive attention. Nothing is working. At CM today he was hitting and biting and they put him in time out and made him apologise with a hug and by the afternoon it seemed to have worked but it is hard to put him in time out when there is only him or it's bedtime. Any thoughts?

Sorry chesh you will be unlikely to get a photo of any cake I've made! (or rather, there is unlikely to be a cake!)

strawberrypenguin Fri 27-Sep-13 21:13:49

Tallulah W was a biter of a while we went with an escalating approach, first a firm no and saying we would put him down/stop playing etc then if he did it again we would follow through and explain that it wasn't kind to bite. And get him to hug after wards. It didn't last too long and he only does it very occasionally now.

I promise pictures of W's cake on FB no matter how awful it looks grin I'm planning on doing an In the night garden one. I've got plastic figures though, no way am I attempting to make them!

MummyDuckAndDuckling Sat 28-Sep-13 08:32:17

I started typing this last night then S woke and I forgot confused

Not much to offer on biting, I don't think S has ever tried! We did have a few kids at nursery who would bite a lot. Only thing that worked with one girl was that her dad bit her back!! Not sure if you want to go down that route but it worked, she didn't try it again after that. I think she realised how sore it was (not that he done it hard!). I think it's got a lot to do with communication etc, age related in that they are still unable to express themselves they way they want to. I'm sure most kids grow out if it by 2 1/2 - 3.

Its been a long night with S only having 5 hrs of sleep blushsad. I'm helping a friend out at an event today so she's spending it with my mum. I've text her to warn of that she may be dealing with a grumpy girl all day wink

PenelopeLane Sun 29-Sep-13 01:06:26

We've had an on and off issue with biting, but it's been helped (although prob not the right word!) by the fact A has since been bitten a few times by another boy in creche so now he knows how it feels, so now when he does it, we are able to talk about how much it hurts.

Cheshire No I didn't do anything to turn her, it just happened one night - and was quite sore too! Any luck yet?

I had a baby as well smile Last Friday, a week early. We've called her Lily as well (it's not half as popular here as in the UK) and she's gorgeous. Today is my first day when I feel like the fog has cleared, although am still tired.

It was such a positive birth experience in the end, especially after all the interventions and surgery and tearing etc I had with A - in fact giving birth to Lily makes me reflect a little differently on A's birth and makes me realise how hard that one was! This time round though I woke up at 2am sore, labour established itself about 4.15, arrived at hospital at 5.45 (MW wanted me right there just in case it was another fast labour), she was born at 8.45 and I was discharged at midday! It was nice to come home so soon. So, a longer labour than A's, but much much better.

A's OK - the only things that seem to upset him so far are me changing her nappies, and if her crying interrupts me reading to him.

CheshireDing Sun 29-Sep-13 06:44:32

Aww congratulations Pene, this sounds like a lovely birth. Lily is a beautiful name too, does she have a middle name? Sending some cake and thanks. So you have a September baby now too grin

Paint was from B&Q and the letters from Amazon Mummy, you had to put lots of paint layers on though to make it more magnetic and the letters had to be very light ones - we bought small foam ones.

Sorry no biting suggestions, time out is good but not so easy at bedtime !

strawberrypenguin Sun 29-Sep-13 07:59:26

Congratulations pen Lily is a lovely name smile

IBelieveInEngels Sun 29-Sep-13 09:55:33

Morning all!

Sorry for going AWOL this week. My DM and DF have been over from the UK so have been juggling them and work.

Hi trudy - I wonder if you're anywhere near me? I'm in the Netherlands and fairly close to the border.

Have a great party today duck - happy birthday to S! Wow at "I love you"! M is still mostly single words, though managed "I see you" after a lot of hide and seek!

Annie* we have some track for DS for his v-tech traffic light thing and another car to go on it. I already have loads of small bits for Christmas as well (toddler umbrella, craft stuff like coloured paper, a sticker book, story book, hand puppet). Will probably also get him some new wellies for birthday as his are 4 sizes too small! Tallulah DS has so many toys as well. Trying to focus on books, crafty stuff, practical things, clothes and outside stuff if people ask what to get him.

We're having friends and family over at the weekend before his birthday, and a few days later DH and I have a day off so we'll head to the zoo.

killa how's the sleeping goiing? We only used dummy a bit when DS was very young so not sure what to suggest. When DS was still occasionally waking in the night we got to the stage where we would ignore him unless he was awake for more than 20 mins. DS seems to have adjusted well to the side off his cot, but still in sleeping bag. Should move over to duvet soon, but am holding back. He still seems so small!

Hi ed! Btw, you put DC's full names in your post..not sure if you meant to. Hope things are good with DH?

DH has been up and down chesh., but a bit more up recently. Thanks for asking. Sorry to hear about your house/boiler. What a nightmare.

DS bit me a few times a couple of months ago. I bit him back and he hasn't done it since.

Last year I just bought a cake. This year was thinking of a square chocolate sponge with chocolate frosting, ridged so it looks like a field with a tractor on top! Hmmm....we'll see!

Huge congratulations pen !

I'm still on 2ww, though cheated and didxa pg test last night which was negative. Will wait and see if AF gets me before testing again.

TallulahPumpkin Sun 29-Sep-13 13:40:30

Congratulations Pene, you snuck that in there! Lovely name, fb pics?. So glad the experience was a good one. Did she come with a present for A? I believe I brought my big brother a truck when I was born, lol. Softens the blow a bit.

Pen/Mummy we did think about biting him but not sure if social services would come knocking. It's probably frowned upon. grin Think will try more time out if it's at play time. hmm.

We went to Peppa Pig World yesterday. Some friends were taking their daughter for her fourth birthday so we met up. It started off rainy and crowded but we ended up having a really good day. He 'met' George and Peppa (so sweet, he kept saying 'hu-lo Bebba, hu-lo dorge') and loved the 'bot' (translation: boat) ride and the train. He hated waiting in the queues! When he was napping we popped into the shop (fully of toddlers having tantrums) and got some stuff for his birthday: a mini book library, plastic mug and a soft George toy with his dinosaur. Honestly, the things you can buy there! It's not cheap but quite good, especially for older kids (as long as they're under a metre = free). Dh enjoyed the water slide grin.

KillashandraRee Mon 30-Sep-13 07:09:25

Congratulations Pen! thanksthanks Lily is a beautiful name. Xx

IBelieveInEngels Mon 30-Sep-13 12:14:01

Okay, trying duvet instead of sleeping bag. He went in fine, complained a bit when I shut the door and now everything seems to be quiet up there!

Now having birthday cake angst - last year I just ordered a cream cake and made an apple pie. Now seeing all these lovely cakes is making me want to try something different. I remember seeing pictures of a cake my mum had made for my brother - a train made with swiss rolls (which they don't sell here in Holland) and accessorized with playmobile figures and Liquorice Allsorts (which are called English Liquorice here!).

Still, have 2 weeks to think about it!

MrsHende Mon 30-Sep-13 19:02:56

Congratulations Pene! Delighted for you that Lily is here safely!

MummyDuckAndDuckling Wed 02-Oct-13 09:30:52

Huge congratulations pen!! Glad it a worked out and you didn't need to spend time in hospital over A's birthday!!! thanks

Just a quick post as I wanted to ask if anyone is having wake ups around midnight that's then resulting in a total meltdown? S has had a few but last night I snapped at her as she had been screaming for an hr! I was firm in just putting her back to bed with no talking, then she asked for a drink which I got her etc. in the end she fell asleep on the floor! I lifted her back into bed but it just started the screaming again. I figured out it was the duvet she didn't want so I covered her with a blanket but I knew there was no way it would keep her warm. Sure enough she was in my bed at 4am but thankfully did go back to sleep for a few more hours!!!

I'm just wondering as its always around the same time. I thought at first I was disturbing her when I was getting ready for bed (bathroom is right next to her room) and i tend not to go to bed till 11/11.30pm which was when she was waking. But last night I was in bed early so I know it wasn't me.

I'm thinking today I might try no nap again as yesterday she was up at 7am, didn't nap till 2-3pm then eventually fell asleep some time around 9pm despite being in bed at 7.45pm. I'm hoping if she can go without nap then I can get her back to a 7/7.30pm bedtime.

Anyone relate?

CheshireDing Wed 02-Oct-13 13:50:22

Ha ha love the fact you bit M back and he stopped then Engels grin
The swiss roll train sounds good, will you have to make the swiss roll then too? Sounds like effort !

Mummy we have had a couple of night wakings again recently of screaming, I think it has been nightmares and I think she might be going through a growth/developmental phase as she is eating loads and wanting to sleep more. She was screaming about spiders the other night (even though she picked one up and stuffed it in my face unannounced last weekend !) and I had to pretend not to be shocked.

Mummy boast - P can count to 10 and said "Love you Mummy" whilst on the potty. It was an emotional moment all round grin

IBelieveInEngels Wed 02-Oct-13 17:15:31

It sounds like way too much effort chesh! Think I'll stick with cream cake!

Exciting news here. Poas yesterday and today and have a faint line. Feeling queasy today as well. Waiting till the weekend to test again!

MummyDuckAndDuckling Wed 02-Oct-13 20:09:50

Oooh, fingers crossed for you!! grin

TallulahPumpkin Wed 02-Oct-13 20:34:31

Engles, sounds hopeful.... fingers crossed.

Mummy we've had a few hysterical nights too. Friday night was awful and he seemed genuinely scared. Whimpering and everything, it was awful. I presumed it was night-terrors.

Chesh - Go P!
Seb can count to 14 he does miss out a few numbers though! 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 5, 7, 14 grin.

KillashandraRee Wed 02-Oct-13 22:40:32

Ooh Engels fingers crossed!

Duck I can relate! E has been waking up a lot in the night at similar times and so struggles to nap in the day. I'm waiting to see if a duvet and pillow helps at all. If not am contemplating losing the dummy...confused

Well done P and S on counting. E can count to two!

Anyone else got lots of imaginary play going on? We've got trips to the shop to buy fruit and sausages and a shark and a monkey in the house that we have to throw out the front door as they're naughty...blush

IBelieveInEngels Fri 04-Oct-13 10:24:50

M can count to 3 because when he's grabbed something he shouldn't I count to 3 and now he mimics me and adds "NOW!" in for good measure grin

Still looking good here. Waiting till tomorrow to test again, but I have a good feeling about this smile

DS has horrid cough atm, poor little thing.

MummyDuckAndDuckling Fri 04-Oct-13 10:34:34

Oh engels that's sounding promising!!!

not making me feel broody at all, nope!

strawberrypenguin Fri 04-Oct-13 12:11:35

Sounds hopeful eng fx for you

W is still not great at numbers his counting usually consists of pointing and saying 'two, two, two, two, TWO' with great emphasis on the last 'two'!

AwkwardAnnie Fri 04-Oct-13 23:01:44

Ooh exciting Eng

Mummy we have lots of screaming abdabs in the night, but it's not at a regular time anymore. We had 3 nights last week of all out inconsolable tantruming for about 15 minutes last week, at at around 3am... although after the 3rd night I decided they were night terrors because he's never like that in the day and when I tried to calm him down he just got worse. Each night he fell asleep laid on the back of the settee (we have a chesterfield) and I managed to get him back in his cot.
Could it be something like the heating switching on/off? Does it get cold? Neighbours making a noise?

I've decided on an In the night garden cake this time. He Loves Makka Pakka. I've bought a set of small plastic figures (I'd love to have made them, but I can't be bothered mixing all the colours) I'll just ice the cake. I've also got some rice papers circles to put on buns and biscuits. S's birthday is a week on Monday and DD is having her 6 teeth out on the Friday so S will be away for a couple of days while DD recovers, and I'll have chance to bake.

S is away at Mum's at the moment. DH is having CBT at the moment. It's going well but dredging a lot of stuff up so he had a bit of a meltdown yesterday. We decided it would be best for S to go to my Mum's while DH gets his head together. DD and I are going over there in the morning too.

I'm looking into sending S to nursery one day a week for the day after DH has had his CBT. I don't particularly like the idea, but he's so sociable that I think he'll love it. DD was incredibly shy, so even when she started at 3 she didn't speak to anyone for almost the whole year... and I mean anyone. If it helps DH too then it's good. I didn't realise how expensive they are though!!!

MummyDuckAndDuckling Fri 04-Oct-13 23:39:02

Annie - glad things are looking good for dh. I hope it continues. Cake sounds great! I cheated this year and used sponge mix.. Tasted just as good grin

Usually I put her into bed and walk out closing the door. Ill go in to check on her before I go to bed around 11.30pm. Her door is quite noisy when I'm opening it so I'm thinking that its disturbing her just enough to waken. Last night was better although she woke crying at 3am cause her duvet was twisted on her feet.. confused. Her room isn't near boiler which is only coming on in the morning around 6.45am when she's usually up anyway. Through the wall from her is neighbours bathroom but they both work full time and have young dd so I doubt are making much noise. I'm putting it down to squeaky door and night terrors!

I'm off for an interview for commonwealth games volunteer tomorrow grin. Pretty random as I filled out the form so last minute the night it was due so didn't think I had a high hope! Not really sure what to expect!

strawberrypenguin Sat 05-Oct-13 07:37:14

I'm doing the same thing for W's cake annie grin W is a Makka Pakka fan too!

We've only had a couple of screamy nights so far duck I think they were bad dreams.

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