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March 2013 - 6 months down, 210 to go!

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StormyBrid Mon 16-Sep-13 10:26:50

Old thread.

Keep on rambling, ladies, we have a whole new thread to fill!

worsestershiresauce Sun 29-Sep-13 21:37:26

stormy, pud that's hard, life can be very cruel. I'm so sorry.

Not much doing here, what with the worselet and I being snotty wrecks. We did manage an outing today though, to buy toys. One can never have enough toys apparently.... or toy shops. The sheer excitement of Toys R Us sent the tiddler into a long and happy sleep. Now all she needs to do is work out how to play with the array of plastic tat we bought her without clonking herself over the head. Hard plastic and babies are such an ill advised mix.

KFFOREVER Mon 30-Sep-13 07:54:24

Good morning all.

stormy pud life can be cruel. sad this usually affects the family especially the partner more than the person going through this sometimes as they dont really kbow whats happening.

Not much to report here. Same as usual. Fighting naps, night wakings, no teeth and a nosy baby who wants to be everywhere and touch everything.

Actually i want to do a aibu on here. too scared to go on aibu board. Dh works 50+ hours over 6 days. Aibu to ask him to wake up for night feeds wakings on a saturday night so i can get unbroken sleep? I feel guilty for insisting on this but i just long for a good nights sleep. He doesnt object to it but he doesnt hear the baby wake. I have to wake him up and sometimes by the time i do this i cant get back to sleep.

Plonkysaurus Mon 30-Sep-13 08:29:10

Stormy and Pud that's shit! I'm sorry sad last time we saw dp's nan she was suggesting that DP get it on with his sister, as they're both so good looking. It's hard to see what that sort of thing does to a person.

KF no YANBU. It doesn't sound like a very fair balance, and I think when you work those kind of hours you can be in danger of elevating the job above all else and missing out. Crap sleep is part of being a parent. He has a young baby, his colleagues will expect a certain amount of knackered ness, surely? Having said that, they were the hours I worked until falling pg, and if someone suggested I get up at 4am I'd probably tell them where to go. It's a tough one, but once a week with the proviso that he'd get a lie in is not unreasonable.

A weekend full of minor events here. Illnesses recovered I ventured to sainsburys with ds, and my usually placid baby had a screamy fit the entire way round. So I'm embracing online shopping. Grrr. Ds avoided the plague, and suffered a single running nostril for an entire thirty minutes. Clearly my two weeks of breast feeding has paid off grin
And I dinked my car on my neighbours pride and joy yesterday. Thankfully she's taken it well, but it's safe to say it made my sunny Sunday a bit more stressful than I'd have liked. But I do have some new ink to look forward to.

StormyBrid Mon 30-Sep-13 09:49:23

KF doesn't sound unreasonable to me. We've always had the same trouble, with me waking whenever the baby does and having trouble getting back to sleep, and it just seemed easier for me to do the night feeds since I was awake anyway. But the man's always done the late night feed (usually between eleven and midnight) which gives me chance to go to bed early and get a decent bit of kip. Since he's been back at work and so out of the house fifty hours a week, we're still doing the same thing, but on weekends we take it in turns to have the day off. I still wake up when DD does at the crack of dawn on Saturday mornings, but as soon as it gets to 7am, the man takes over and I go back to bed (with a fan on for white noise to block out the baby noises that would otherwise keep me awake).

So, I'd say go for it, and get him to do the night feeds one weekend night, and then let him have a bit of a lie in the next day to catch up. And if you're really struggling with getting back to sleep, if you don't object to tablets I'd recommend amytriptyline. A low dose of that every night is working wonders for me. I still get woken up in the night, but I can get straight back to sleep afterwards rather than lying awake for two or three hours.

worse does the worselet seem to enjoy hitting herself in the face repeatedly? DD does this, and it's baffling. Doesn't seem to hurt her though. They're strange creatures, babies.

Big hugs to you too, pud. Horrible, isn't it? My mum's still in the early stages of dementia, but it's alongside a neurological condition that means her balance and motor control are shot to hell. She really needs constant care, because it's no longer safe for her to do something so simple as getting herself a glass of water. Her father had the same thing, but her mother was able to keep him at home until he died, which as you can imagine makes my dad feel even worse. Different circumstances though - my grandmother was a trained nurse with no other commitments, whereas my dad's not in the best of health himself and also has his own business to run, without which they'd be buggered financially. For months now he's been saying he's utterly exhausted and close to cracking up, so for his sake something needs to change.

Anyway, I really need to distract myself and think about something more cheerful. Anyone's babies done anything hilariously ridiculous recently?

Plonkysaurus Mon 30-Sep-13 14:08:19

Hmm how about a joke Stormy?

Knock knock.

StormyBrid Mon 30-Sep-13 15:06:46

Who's there?

Plonkysaurus Mon 30-Sep-13 15:22:20


StormyBrid Mon 30-Sep-13 17:49:11

Hatch who?

Plonkysaurus Mon 30-Sep-13 18:13:55

Bless you.

<falls about laughing>

SoYo Mon 30-Sep-13 18:17:21

I laughed out loud Plonky. smile

I think it's been a few days since I posted. Busy weekend driving all over the country with a stinking cold and a baby that wanted to see every hour of the clock.

Sorry to hear about those struggling with dementia issues, it's a terribly cruel disease.

Madam is no longer over her febrile illness than she's caught my cold, lovely. It seems we're deemed to never sleep again!

Does anyone know where Leni and Eig have gone? Hope they're ok!

ecofreckle Mon 30-Sep-13 20:25:14

For various reasons you all need hugs. Sorry that you are struggling with family issues, illness or both. Sending lots of love and light your way. Hope you had a good break soyo. Great joke plonky! It even raised a smile on my face. I know I've had some baby adventures already but being in a taxi at half seven in morning with baby and all our bags with whatever we'll need for life on the road for three weeks and a massive long haul flight is making me tiny bit stressed (sorry for lack of punctuation stormy!).
I'm going to miss you guys hugely whilst I'm away. I Love hearing your news and will catch up when I am on WiFi in starbucks can.
Did you want me to send a postcard along the way?
Night all, next stop Vegas!
bloody nutter

pudtat Mon 30-Sep-13 21:10:15

Good luck Eco and have fun!

WingDefence Mon 30-Sep-13 21:13:37

I laughed too! grin

eco enjoy Vegas, baby!

Stormy & pud I'm sorry to hear about your parents' illnesses. Illness hits all families in different ways but dementia is a nasty one sad

We're all doing fine here at the moment. DD still has random nightly wakings but I'm hoping that once she's on ff (which has to be before I'm back at work so in about a month) and a more regular times that'll help. I'm actually glad we've dropped the dream feed as it apparently made not a blind bit of difference to her sleep patterns! Annoyingly she is going slightly longer and I do think 'if she did this after a dream feed she'd be sleeping through the night' but the evidence shows otherwise...

Good night to all smile

Anypants Mon 30-Sep-13 22:03:02

eco have a great roadtrip - jealous of the fun but not the amount of stuff you must be taking with you shock

My thoughts are with those of you with health issues of every kind - we have to do what's best for those we love.

Poorly DD here - thought she was over her cold from last week but she was not her usual sunny self today and suddenly got very hot. Took her temp - 38.3c, so took her off to the docs this evening. Just a bug, she said, keep an eye on her. Apparently, one shouldn't try and get a fever down as it's the body's way of fighting viruses. Calpol administered and patient currently sleeping soundly. Let's hope she's better tomorrow confused

SoYo Mon 30-Sep-13 22:19:09

Have an amazing time Eco, I'm very jealous! If you find yourself on the roulette tables my money's on 22!

Any it sounds like our bug of last week. High temps do help white cells fight infection to a point but they also make you feel shitty and as mini people can't understand why they feel crap, and very high temps can do rubbishy things, I'm very much in the cool baths and calpol camp for them!

vjhist85 Mon 30-Sep-13 22:47:58

Phew. Have caught up I think! Eco have a great time, sounds amazing. Oh and yes you must come and meet mini-v (and me!) next time you're down this way.

So, I think we may be over the worst of the lurgy and wonder week. After a week of returned night feeds/hours rocking/co-sleeping, the last couple of nights have gone back to normal-ish, although dd is still mega snotty. She is also sporting a revolting cough-opinions, she seems fine in herself but this cough is really hacking and gross, and I can hear/feel it all on her chest. I'm sure she's fine, but should I be worried?

We're off to greece at stupid o'clock on Wednesday. I'm currently at that horrible stage of inertia, where you know you've got a ridiculous amount to do, but you just CAN'T do it. Which doesn't bode well. Looking forward to it, I need a break, what with DH out of action for the last month, ww and plague, I'm about ready to drop, and an old back problem has reared its ugly head.

Weaning going great guns here, although I'm running out of ideas a bit. Illness aside, 3 meals and 3 bottles is pretty sustainable and I no longer feel like every second is spent preparing/feeding/cleaning up after meals just every other second

Right. Need to get cleaning. Wish I didn't have this obsession with cleaning the house before I go away, that's where the stress comes in, forget the packing!

Wishing you all lovely evenings

SoYo Mon 30-Sep-13 23:35:03 very tired baby went down beautifully at 8. Unfortunately she's now been up 4 times since then.

I'm so sick of singing Old Macdonald but its all that bloody works. Shit shit shit shit shit.

ecofreckle Tue 01-Oct-13 06:54:56

Vj I know! My list for next half hour til taxi comes comprises of house primping chores. But it will be nice to come home to. Have a great break.
Soyo. Try adding a dolphin to the farm. Dh does for his own amusement. Hope your night got better.

StormyBrid Tue 01-Oct-13 08:10:28

Did anyone else read that "shit shit shit shit shit" to the tune of Old MacDonald, or was it just me?

Surprisingly good night here. I got eight straight hours' kip! Can't remember the last time that happened. Fartypants didn't so much as squeak until 6am, whereupon I ignored her and went back to sleep until she started crying at half past seven. We have a second tooth through now, which I suspect had been waking her up.

KFFOREVER Tue 01-Oct-13 08:24:29

eco have a lovely trip. This is usually the one time the house will stay clean and tidy so enjoy the moment coming back to pristine home.

Thanks for the advice ladies. I just needed a little reassurance that i wasnt being a right cow.dh usually does have a bit of a lie on sunday mornings if hes up in the night.

stormy i will think about the sleeping tablets. Same thig happened last night. 2.30am night feed then couldnt sleep until 4.30am but thats when ds woke again. Very impressed with mini stormy for a good night. She needs to have words with minikf.

soyo im all twinkled out. Thank god that twinkle bloody twinkle stage has stopped. I ended up recording my voice on my phone and playing it on a loop. Ds was confused but it worked.

SoYo Tue 01-Oct-13 08:36:36

KFF that's genius. Today I will be recording my nursery rhymes!

Madam woke up 8 times between 8 & 3 then came into my bed & cried every time a nipple was put of range of her mouth. DH is on nights. I've got a meeting with he big boss today about going back part time. Hmmm.

Eco have an amazing time!

Plonkysaurus Tue 01-Oct-13 15:50:19

Go Stormy! That's an incredible feat. My friend swears by amitryptilene (however its spelt). Sounds like baby stormys doing grand an all.

SoYo oh bless you. I hope the meeting goes ok.

Eco have a lovely time, you'll love it I'm sure. And yes, I read your string of expletives to the tube of old mac d.

We've not embraced nursery rhymes in this house. The closest we get is the radio, or a bit of deftones at a push.
My relaxing week has turned into mayhem, with things planned for every single day. This includes a friend staying tomorrow night, a shopping trip on Friday and a weekend with the PILs. Particularly fantastic timing as MIL already considers me a bad influence on her precious fully grown up and completely stifled daughter, and I'm getting an evil tattoo tomorrow.


Just as a straw poll (ish), and because this has been bothering me since the holiday, how we'll does everyone get on with their MILs (those that have them)? I fear I might've overstepped the mark and she's suddenly gone quiet on me I promise I don't relish the newfound silence at all

StormyBrid Tue 01-Oct-13 15:56:05

Me and the man aren't married but his mother is still MIL in my book. We get along pretty well. I've already told her she can text and invite herself whenever she likes, rather than waiting for theman to extend an invitation. And I said to her the other week, "I'm so glad you agree with me about not dressing DD inpink sparkles." She immediately replied, "Oh, I don't agree, not in the slightest, but I respect your decision." Can't complain at that! So what's gone on with your MIL, Plonky?

Anypants Tue 01-Oct-13 16:11:58

The MIL? Don't get me started. We get along but only because I have the patience and tolerance of a saint. She's 85 but thinks she's 21. She keeps telling me to give DD rusks and a dummy, she calls her 'the baby' instead of her name, she gets the hump if she hasn't seen us for a week, she has a nasty little jack russell that despises DD and wants to chew on her and I think her house smells fug

Anypants Tue 01-Oct-13 16:15:41

<retrieves phone from small person> smells funny and she looks like she'll drop her every time I give her DD for a cuddle.

Apart from that, we get along fine wink

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