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Is there a September 2013 group yet?

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Gingerandlemon Sun 15-Sep-13 19:41:25

Just that really! I gave birth two weeks ago on 1st September and am so ready to start asking everyone if they're going through the same stuff as me!!

badguider Sat 28-Sep-13 21:38:17


Another from the September ante-natal thread. Ds was due 5th September but arrived on 31st August - hope you'll still allow me on the thread? smile

So four weeks old today. Pretty easy birth and recovery thankfully. We can get out and about so long as its places I can feed. Ds is bf and only goes a max of two hours between feeds. Feeding is going ok but I'm a lot more comfortable in friends houses or at dedicated baby meets than just generally out - and being outside on my own with nowhere immediately obvious to sit and feed stresses me out after one time I got trapped on a park bench and it started to rain!

CharlW1 Sat 28-Sep-13 22:40:25

Hi all - im from the September ante natal thread too - I was due 6th September but had Isla on the 29th August- can not believe she'll be a month old tomorrow!

sailinggirlie Sun 29-Sep-13 06:45:21

Ginger! You were due the same day as me! My daughter waited till the 3rd to arrive! X

sailinggirlie Sun 29-Sep-13 06:51:35

Oh and I'm glad to see other emergency c sections here too! Well, not glad for you but glad not to be alone! Hadn't anticipated that at all and the no driving and limited lifting is doing my head in!! Xx

Joskar Sun 29-Sep-13 09:08:18


Also from Sept ante-natal thread.

Labour = hellish. Labour for 8 hours then discovered she was breech then EMCS.

Feeding = hellish. Very little supply. Expressing all the time. Boob refusing. Formula.

Baby = awesome. Just the best wee girl in the world. Utterly charming and beautiful and obv extremely intelligent.

kipsonline Sun 29-Sep-13 20:11:14

Hello! Another sept-antenatal thread-er here too! Although DS3 was actually born early on 16 aug... V fortunate to have a 30min (yes, really!) v straightforward labour but just as well with a DH who works long hours and a v lively 6 and 3 yo to keep up with.. Am fully bf, not getting a huge amount of sleep and never any chance to catch up in the day but don't feel as bad as I should, again, just as well grin currently enjoying wine and cake after a crazy day...

RunningBear78 Mon 30-Sep-13 08:50:57

Rrrroooooaaarrrrr crashing in from the September antenatal thread grin hello!!

babybear born on the 14th, 10 hour straight forward labour at home. Feel pretty much recovered now and have been out and about quite a bit. First public feed at the council offices when we went to register ds, coupled with gigantic noisy poo during the registration interview ...and first public nappy change. Same happened the next day at the hearing test. Also bf and changed on the grass in a local park! Feel quite brave about the whole thing, but do need to sort clothing out ...

jennimoo Mon 30-Sep-13 13:42:59

Hello! Also from the antenatal thread but DS arrived 26th August so 5 weeks today. He's DC2 so not really had time to stress about anything this time around. BFing successfully it seems as he's growing huge!

Wincher Mon 30-Sep-13 15:40:44

I amalso from the antenatal thread, ds2 was born2.5 weeks ago. Had the perfect home water birth and have found things much easier second time round, but the sleep deprivation is a real killer.

Rollermum Mon 30-Sep-13 16:26:17

Hi everyone,

I'd like to join you all smile Congratulations on all your babies!

My DD1 was born a week ago on 23rd, after a difficult birth - 5 day induction wiped me our, then long labour with drip and ended in forceps delivery. I lost a lot of blood and still feel utterly exhausted.

My DH is being great, and BF is going better than I thought it would at this stage but emotionally I am fragile and desperate to catch up on sleep.

Am amazed so many of you are able to go out and function in the real world - hopefully we'll get there!

FreckleyGirlAbroad Mon 30-Sep-13 16:58:27

* badguider* I so know what you mean about the feeding when out and about. I had to enjoy the pleasures of feeding whilst sat on the disabled toilet in a department store the other day! Plus my D's trends to latch on then just lie there, as though it's more a comfort thing than feeding!!!

Those of you with stitches, how long before this feeling of being hit between the legs with a cricket bat starts to fade! I'm 11 days on and the bleeding is showing down but the aches...... Ohhh the aches!!!

BinarySolo Mon 30-Sep-13 17:11:09

Hi there I was on the anti natal thread too. Ds2 was due on5th sept but born on 29th august. He's so perfect. Labour was induced so done and dusted in 6 hours. 6 excruciatingly painful hours!

Only told one person this in real life, cos it makes me sound insane, but when he was born he was really alert and smiling. I mean really smiling so that even his dad comment. And the crazy bit which may be a side effect of copious amounts of gas and air, but he was sort of sparkly.

That looks so stupid now it's written down. blush

WaggyBlueElf Mon 30-Sep-13 17:28:00

Hi, I was a (pretty lazy) member of the sept antenatal group as well. My son was born on sept 11th (there's a date no-one will forget!) after being induced. I found labour really tough - v painful v quickly and contractions that were too strong and too close together according to the midwife. And after pushing for an hour, he still wasn't budging so had an episiotomy and ventouse to get him out. Ouchy. Stitches are a lot better now but they did get infected after a few days, which was fun.

He can't work out how to breastfeed (or he's too lazy to) so I'm expressing and giving it to him in a bottle. Bit hassley but never mind. I also think he's got a bit of colic - for the last few days he's been screaming more than usual for no apparent reason. We're trying infacol and burping him religiously, but if anyone has any other tips they'd be gratefully received. Ah, here we go, screaming go!

MammaGnomes Mon 30-Sep-13 19:43:36

Hi all,

From the antenatal thread too although I have tailed off a bit but kept up to date on FB

Eliza was born on 19th so 11 days old today she's currently snoozing in her Moses basket - runningbear I swear I get her out sometimes ha ha

pretty straight forward labour only 8 hrs active which I hear is pretty good for your first?!

OH goes back to work tomorrow so I'm guessing that's when I'll find out exactly how hard this parenting malarky is. I'm nervous but also excited that I can do things at my pace and figure out our own routines. I also have my mum for a few days to help out.

weebarra Mon 30-Sep-13 20:03:59

From the antenatal thread too. DD, my DC3, was born at 37+4 on 21st August, so is six weeks old on wed.
We're doing fine, she's had no choice but to fit into the interminable school run that is my life!
I've developed an abcess in my breast which isn't responding to anti-bs so currently feeding from good boob and topping up. DD is gorgeous but high maintenance, loves a good vomit too, so we're on the gaviscon.
Her big brothers adore her!

GirlWithTheYellowHat Mon 30-Sep-13 20:47:41

Checking in from the anti-natal thread. A big lurker but chip in when I can. I'm so confused with names now as I check the FB group a lot more.

Emily is 11 days and it feels like she's always been here. DD1 (16mo) just loves her.

Still managing to BF and pleased that she only lost 1.4% of her weight on day 5 and was weighed in at 7lb 10 on Thursday (up from 7lb 3!) smile

Kittenkatzen Tue 01-Oct-13 01:06:24

Hellooooooooooooo!! Another from the AN thread here, have been so slack on mn recently though and only really keeping up with the fb page, will try and do better!

DS was born 20th September after a pretty hellish 36 hour labour which started out calm and dignified in a birthing pool in a mw led centre and ended in an ambulance transfer to hospital followed by failed ventouse, forceps, episiotomy, the works. Currently still hobbling round the house fighting cabin fever having burst a stitch - ouch sad

In the plus side, little W is amazing and doing well bf despite a tongue tie. We were discharged by the mw today after he gained 6oz in under a week...the little piglet is now 8lb 12oz!

MrsMangoBiscuit Tue 01-Oct-13 09:35:39

Hello, another ante-natal poster here. DD2 was born 17th by EMCS. Labour was ok until it wasn't (baby was struggling), and I ended up having a lot more of an operation than expected due to excess scar tissue from last time. Ended up stuck in hospital for a while, and was feeling pretty low, but recovery is actually going really well. Feeling pretty good, both physically and emotionally. I reckon the lovely baby cuddles are helping with that.

Our little porker didn't actually lose any of her birth weight, and by day 4 had actually put on 2oz. Will hopefully get weighed again this afternoon. We're ff as I was just too beaten up after the op to keep up with bf. Still feeling a bit sad and guilty about it as she took to bf so well (unlike DD1 who chewed!) but she's doing really well, so I'm sure I'll get over it.

Binary, that didn't sound stupid to me, it sounded lovely. Probably something to do with the gas and air, beta-endorphines, and oxytocin, but still lovely. smile

fl0b0t Tue 01-Oct-13 12:43:44

Hi all!
Anyone else got a baby going through the three week growth spurt?!
My word. He's been okish at night but two days running I've barely been able to put him down after his morning feed as he just wakes up and wants to feed again! Poor poppet! STARVING!

I've also twinged my lower back (bloody car seats!) so trying to avoid the up/down/up/down of trying to get a baby to sleep in the moses basket!

In other news- my sister moved about 40 miles away (but opposite side of London) and started a new job end of August (she's a teacher) (oh and got married but that's a whole other thing)... and she's only been to see her nephew once in the first few weeks of his life (where she talked about her new job for three hours)... and I haven't heard from her in two weeks :-S I texted her yesterday inviting her and (bah) husband over but she said they're not free for 3 weeks.... AIBU to think she will regret not seeing her (currently only blood relative) nephew when she realises how much he has changed? She loves kids, but seems very disinterested in Robin :-( My SIL (who has a baby) seems more interested!

EmmaDee Wed 02-Oct-13 01:13:27

Hi all, also from the antenatal thread, little Thomas was born 11/09/2013. Waters broke early hours of sSu day morning (8th) went to hospital with drunk dh in tow as I was only 38 weeks. They sent me home back in Monday had pessary didn't work up to labour wars late in the Tuesday evening for iv. Totally mental labour had remi (crazy stuff) then epidural eventually!! Then after 19hours the wee man's head not presenting properly had to go to surgery for forceps. Horrible way for him to arrive but to be honest I can't remeber very much!!

Well hope your all enjoying your new bundles ad much as me, however if anyone has any magic sleep dust it would be greatly appreciated, or baby hypnotism techniques?!

Frenchgin Wed 02-Oct-13 13:19:29

Horrible though it is its good to hear others are struggling with sleep deprivation I don't feel so alone!

DS started off well even sleeping 4 hours sometimes but has regressed and now at 4 weeks if I get 2 hours in a row & 5 hours overall (in 10 minute chunks!) it's a good night! He's decided he doesn't like his Moses basket any more which is making things difficult.....

FastWindow Wed 02-Oct-13 20:37:58

<waves at roller>

Hello, can I join? Had DD on the 22nd, sneeze baby, and double surprise when she didn't have a willy. Spent nine months (and 5 loooong days) convinced I was having a bit as the pg was identical to my first.

Still a bit shock that I'm a mum of two!

FastWindow Wed 02-Oct-13 20:38:37

A boy. A boy. Damn phone.

Joskar Wed 02-Oct-13 21:14:53

How are the breastfeeding mums doing?

I'm desperate to bf and it's just not happening. DD is not interested. She's 11 days old and not ill in any way. I'm expressing all the time to keep the supply going and to give her as much as poss of the good stuff but (somewhat bitterly) topping up with Aptamil. Doing lots of skin to skin and trying to create positive boob associations. Starting to feel a bit dispirited. I think the noise of the pump (Philips Avent) is starting to wear my nerves thin. Plus it leaks all the time (if anyone is considering buying it save your £100 would be my advice!). Don't they use repetitive noise as a form of torture in some countries?

Any thoughts? Anyone else?

fl0b0t Thu 03-Oct-13 02:33:35

I loved the sound of the medula ! But then it was given to me second hand which is the kind of price I like! bf now going well here but my boy is a hungry hippo. Was worth persevering for us. Have you been to any more bf clinics?

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