Post Natal Exercises

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aaronsmummy Thu 22-Jun-06 09:05:58

I lost my sheet of Post-Natal exercises from the Midwife and need to sort my c-section tummy out. Does anyone have a link to any etc.

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kipper22 Thu 22-Jun-06 09:37:26

I still have my copy but didn't have a c-section. does that mean different excercises? i could send it on if it's any use?

aaronsmummy Thu 22-Jun-06 10:20:08

Hiya, they are the same you just have to leave it a while longer before you start them. I would be really grateful if you could send them on.

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kipper22 Thu 22-Jun-06 15:41:35

Will do - for some bizarre reason they're still by my bed and DS will be 1 in August! Only realised they were they when I caught him trying to eat them last week so sorry if the corner looks a little soggy. Can you email me your address on Oh, and I guess congratulations on the fairly recent arrival of aaron?!

aaronsmummy Thu 22-Jun-06 16:01:11

I have emailed my address. Thanks so much. Aaron, my eldest, is 7 now lol - I have 3 altogether. Maybe another if I can lose this saggy tummy. xxx

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slight Thu 27-Dec-07 22:35:08

Hi just been reading your messages I too have mislaid my much needed excersise sheet please could you also email me a copy would be really greatful 6 weeks post op really need to get started!!!!

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