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Very personal question for ladies 6 month post partum's about your bits!

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Itsme1974 Wed 14-Aug-13 16:32:44

Hi everyone
Hope I'm no going to offend anyone with my very personal question here......I'm trying to figure out what's normal when talking about a post childbirth vagina!! (I said it was personal!)

I originally started panicking because I was convinced I had a prolapse, I found that I had some soft, pink tissue just behind the entrance to my was connected to the back wall and sort of obscured the opening. I saw a gynaecologist and he said it was normal and it was a vaginal ridge. I was really relieved to say the least........but have now come up with lots of questions about it to am seeing him again next week.

Anyway, I was just wondering exactly how normal it really is......I'm sure it wasn't there before with me......has anyone else noticed this "additional" tissue I side their vagina? Even though the gyno said it was normal, I'm still worrying that he missed something..........anyone want to reassure me?

Thanks in advance for anyone brave enough smile

ilovemybabies123 Wed 14-Aug-13 21:06:03

Oh im very brave and want to reassure you that it doesn't sound like anything you should be worried about. Did you have any stitches? After 2 children, both with no stitches and straight forward births, I haven't got this problem but piles have been a problem since the birth of my first 3 years ago
it doesn't sound like anything serious but I can understand you are worried but try not to smile xx

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