Jan 2013: Part 5 - Food is for fun - Sleep is for wimps...

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Pascha Sat 03-Aug-13 09:50:51

Here we go again

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lollipoppi Sat 03-Aug-13 10:00:57

I can't believe we're on another thread already!

Wonder where everybody else went? Do you remember tinkle? She was having a really rough time with her DD, hope she is better now!

Apple, is DH still off? Maybe another trip to the park with kids is in order so you can rest

Lora1982 Sat 03-Aug-13 10:11:46

Bad mother moment... he USED to fall back sleep after his morning boob. Well anyway this morning he was having a sit up in bed while I rested my eyes (not the proper sleep we all crave just eyes shut) and I open my eyes and he's grinning with his arms hanging off the bed!

Good news though dp left me half an easter egg for breakfast.

Pascha Sat 03-Aug-13 10:11:54

Daniel is covered in marmite toast. And he's just let out the most enormous burp! Aren't babies disgusting?

I remember Tinkle, its been a while hasn't it? Not since march as far as I can see. I hope they're doing better now.

Nipple biting? shock Dan has better manners thank goodness, he's never tried that one.

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Pascha Sat 03-Aug-13 10:17:33

Hehe Lora My lie-in this fine Saturday morning consisted of DH snoring, DS1 inbetween us watching Postman Pat on the iPod and Daniel clawing at my boobs and twisting violently round trying desperately to see the programme while feeding. Who knew nipples could stretch that far? hmm

I rescind my earlier statement re better manners. He's just dangerous in a different way.

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CreepyCrawly Sat 03-Aug-13 10:35:32

A new thread already?! Thanks pascha.

Oh yes, stretchy nipples. If the dog so much as breathes, Nancy has to watch him. I think he taps around the place on purpose now.

Babies are definitely disgusting. We've just had more poo than I ever thought was possible. Pretty sure all the poos she's ever done added together wouldn't be as much as this one was.

Happy Saturday!

BuntyCollocks Sat 03-Aug-13 11:08:07

Oh glorious, it is hard sad misery loves company!

Thanks for new thread, pascha! C also is very distracted by everything in the world. Someone called it niplash - v accurate!

<whisper> we had a good night. Kind of. She was very unsettled from 7(!) until 11(!) - a lot of patting back to sleep, but she slept, albeit in our bed, from 11 until 3, and then didn't wake again until ds went galloping about at 6:30.

It was heaven. I wonder if I'm going to have to embrace co-sleeping.

octanegirl Sat 03-Aug-13 12:10:01

Oh Bunty - but I love your description of C being distracted by everything in the world. Same here. I get niplash as he suddenly yanks his head away to stare excitedly at the ceiling....
On the weaning front - some creamed spinach was actually consumed. I know this because I saw it 24hrs later.....

Cejay8 Sat 03-Aug-13 14:21:01

Just wanted to say I always keep up with the threads I just don't post very often at all hmm Perhaps some of the others do the same. S is just over 6 months now but no real interest in rolling yet and not sitting unsupported. She loves sitting in her bumbo watching her mad brother running around grin its great entertainment!

I seem to be doing a mixture of weaning methods and she's sort of on 3 small meals a day now (thanks mostly to Ella!)

S is doing great it's the 3 year old who's driving me crazy!

EagleRay Sat 03-Aug-13 14:35:39

Hi - here I am attempting to post more regularly - where better to start than a new thread smile

Baby Eagleray is 6 months old now and we are very familiar with niplash, along with scratching of boobs. And honking too - she literally grabs it repeatedly like she's honking a horn (and ocasionally my wobbly tummy too). Two little teeth appeared last week and I had my first boob bite last night - ouch.

Weaning going well - mixture of methods, but mostly purees from the freezer with the occasional finger food. Going to try and cook some new recipes today (cooking a chilli later and going to make a mini one for her, minus the hot bit)

Sleeping is interesting. She absolutely will not go down before 10pm, and is fed to sleep in my bed (we cosleep). Then she wakes again around 1/2pm, then 4, and then wake/feeds hourly til I get up! Really hoping for some improvements, but no idea where to start. Going down at 7pm or sleeping a bit longer in the early hours would be great but not sure which one to tackle first! (the only reason I'm still alive is because I mastered the art of feeding while I sleep early on...)

How is everyone doing with weight loss? I had a crisis at Easter where I realised it was starting to go up again, so did WW and have now lost 20lb since then. Long way still to go as although pretty much back at pre-pg weight, I was overweight to start with, so want to lose another 20lb. Funny thing is, back at easter I had to really, really limit my food to lose anything. I no longer watch what I'm eating and it's coming off fairly fast hmm

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend

glorious Sat 03-Aug-13 16:05:14

Thanks for the thread pascha , I like the title. And thanks for the sympathy bunty . We were up at 445 this morning even with the cosleeping and she didn't settle until 11 so with a few feeds in between it was not a good night. Glad yours was ok.

Welcome back all! No point asking me about sleep eagle . Well done on the weight.

AppleCrumples Sat 03-Aug-13 16:15:57

Welcome back eagle and cejay.

Thanks for new thread pascha!

Hope all having a good day.

Re sleep Ivt still goes down fine around 6.30-7 she even self settles but will no konger sleep properly after 1 am.

Dp not much help. He went out with his bro last night and i found him in the kitchen making cheese on toast at 2 am hmm.

Ah niplash, never heard it called that! There is a lot of that going on here.

Tell me its nearly september..the bickering is driving me demented sad

happyhow Sat 03-Aug-13 17:07:35

Thanks Pascha!

Bailey gave us a long lie this morning which was great. He's getting much better at sleeping during the day too although I really wish he would go longer at night.

Still having the bottle battle. Have been trying him before every feed and he won't do much more apart froma couple of sucks and chewing the teet. I'm going to keep persevering though. Is it bad to wish my supply would dip so he would start taking the bottle because he would know he'd be guaranteed milk that way?!

Had a lovely night last night. Had the in laws plus hubby's grandma round for a BBQ and prosecco. Sat outside until 10.25pm! Got a chiminea in the dobbies sale last week and it kept us warm although we absolutely stank of smoke!

lollipoppi Sat 03-Aug-13 17:37:59

Welcome back all!

Had an eventful afternoon, went for lunch with the girls, ds1 decided to inhale the pepper and threw up everywhere!! Then wet his pants as he was so upset, Meanwhile DD was screaming, I think my kids were walking contraception for my friends this afternoon!! They looked shock

Got home and ds1 decided to tidy up his bedroom by putting EVERYTHING he owns in the bath!
Wine tonight!!!

Loveitall Sat 03-Aug-13 19:34:32

Evening all...we took ds for a trip to the seaside today which was lovely, tho I think dh got a bit annoyed as I was always checking the parasol on the pushchair and making sure he was covered completely in shade! (I think was poss over checking lol).

With weaning, so far ds has been having hipp organic jars mainly, tho next week I endeavour to have him eating more our meals and veg purée etc. am now wondering when to start him on finger foods like toast?

Lostbobbles Sat 03-Aug-13 20:53:58

Thanks for new thread Pascha

Nice to read all the updates of the non reg posters. Well done on weight loss eagle and cejay, I totally feel your pain with the older sibling situ, mine is currently the cause of major hypertension!

Also back in the shitty sleep club not that I ever escaped further than the holding pen lost count of the number of times I was up last night.

Did have a good eve out with the girls though and had nice day out for lunch with a few of the school parents/kids.

Weaning going ok here, she much prefers to feed herself and gagging is improving so I'm trying give her more finger foods but I'm just not brave enough for a full on dinner on the high chair tray and to subsequently end up in every orifice yet.... I know, such a wimp but the MESS

PS the fridge is bare of divine chocolate, bad times waitrose tomorrow to do mass re stock

salt1 Sat 03-Aug-13 21:28:50

Hello all, floss is 6 months tomorrow. Weaning going well and she loves green beans and Avocado. Sleep still crappy at night though pretty good in day time. Would give money for an unbroken night though x

BuntyCollocks Sat 03-Aug-13 22:20:32

Welcome back to our non regular posters!

For those wishing to do blw but CBA with the mess, I've started putting c on the floor on a splat mat if I'm letting her feed herself fully that meal - last night was pasta with a cherry tomato sauce, whacked it and her (bare apart from nappy) on the splat mat. She ate loads, and when she was done, a quick go over either in the sink or with baby wipes mess dependant, shove the mat on a rinse cycle when everything solid has been shaken into bin. Bingo!

Weight coming off exceptionally slowly. I'm averaging about 1400 cals a day, still breast feeding a lot, and losing a lb to 2lb a week. I did put half a stone on at the start of june due to birthday celebrations, which didnt help.

It's because I'm still feeding as much. Once she's down to morning and night I'm hoping it'll speed up, and once she's finished, god knows when, it'll drop off.

Well, that was the experience last time!

AppleCrumples Sat 03-Aug-13 22:28:33

bunty i'm nicking that idea! She had brocolli and mash a few days ago and needed a bath afterwards! Took ages to clear everything up!

<doesn't mention weight, its gaining weight that i struggle with>

EagleRay Sat 03-Aug-13 22:54:53

Happyhow I'm having a similar battle with bottles here. She used to be given formula top ups but then became a bottle refuser once she was EBF. Been trying to give her water with meals as she's suffering a bit with constipation and so far tried doidy cup, sippy cup and bottle with size 4 teat, all with v limited success. I did get her to take 50ml of milk earlier from the bottle after a bit of faffing so we're getting there. Good luck and keep going!

Re weaning and mess - I find some days I can cope and some days not. Every now and again I let her coat herself and her high chair with mush, but most days I coat her in bibs and keep a firm hold of the spoon (she still holds it but I don't let her snatch it off me!). I'm a bit gutted that a few of her nice clothes have become wrecked with splodges of yellow (cannot remember for the life of me which food it was) and no amount of hot water and Vanish will remove them!

That's a pretty good rate of weight loss Bunty - I'm losing about the same. Some weeks it feels like not much progress has been made, but it's always in a downward direction.

Angielka Sun 04-Aug-13 07:57:08

Welcome back everyone.

Oh bunty I'm taking that idea too. Got a splashmat ordered actually, just missed delivery on Friday so have to pick it up form the post office tomorrow.

Weight is a disaster. As soon as I stop breastfeeding I'm trying that 5:2 thing.

Happy Sunday everyone

CreepyCrawly Sun 04-Aug-13 08:04:59

Welcome back eagle & cejay

Love the splash mat tip bunty, will give that a go. I'm hating the mess!

Well done on the weight loss! I finished the 30 day shred and am definitely more toned, but still wobbly. Gonna work my butt off and eat healthier starting tomorrow. My goal is to look amazing for my sisters wedding in march.

Better night here, for Nancy anyway! She did 7 til 7 with a feed at 4. I couldn't bloody sleep though because I kept waiting for her to wake up.

Have a good Sunday everyone!

Tugstonia Sun 04-Aug-13 09:38:36

Morning all! I lost you all for a bit there but glad to have found the new thread smile

I've been feeling a lot brighter the last week or so but went to the GP anyway who was lovely and sent me for a load of blood tests to check hormone levels and various other things etc. Am seeing her again next week so will discuss further, but I really don't think it's PND. More likely a combination of crazy post-pregnancy hormones and sleep deprivation.

Sleep-wise, madam has taken to going to bed (well, my bed!) really easily at 7ish but then always wakes up at 1.30 and 5am, every morning. I've tried a dream feed at 11pm but doesn't make any difference. This morning she did go back to sleep after the 5am wake-up and also managed to sleep in her cot between 1 and 5 so something's improving. Sorry to others with sleep-averse bubbas.

She's really enjoying her food - I'm mostly giving her mushed up food but also started giving her finger food like toast fingers, cheese sticks and rice cakes and she gives them a go. Need to educate DP on weaning though as just caught him mixing her ready brek with semi-skimmed cow's milk...

Tomorrow I'm starting back at a bootcamp style exercise class I used to love pre-baby in the hope that it'll help me shift the last stone of baby weight. Creepy well done on the Shred, I'm going to crack that open again too I think. Exercise also really helps lift my mood so got to be worth a go.

Anyway this is turning into an essay! Have a lovely Sunday ladies

Lora1982 Sun 04-Aug-13 10:25:36

I remember being lied to about how boob feeding will help me lose weight. Whats this 5:2 thing?

Birdies Sun 04-Aug-13 10:35:21

I remember tinkle too - i hope things got better. complicated hasn't posted for ages too - she was my 'stress over small baby on scan' buddy.

Like the thread title pascha!

I can still hardly believe it but X slept 8pm to 6am. A record 10 hours in a row! The only thing different was she had her long nap in the morning yesterday rather than lunchtime. And she's having another long morning nap now. Really hope this continues......

bunty glad sleep is better for you as well. lost and glorious hopefully things will improve for you too soon.

creepy how did you fit in the 30 day shred?! I've got the DVD but don't know how I would manage it!

tugs glad you're feeling better.

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