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March 2013 - still too sleep deprived to think of a funky title

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StormyBrid Sun 21-Jul-13 08:36:47

Old thread here.

We seemed to be running out of space (again) so I made us a new thread.

worsestershiresauce Sat 27-Jul-13 13:40:28

Stormy I love the fact we're a box of all-sorts. It's just refreshing not to be judged for where you live, what you have, who your friends are, how much you earn.... all that sh*t. There isn't one person on here I don't like, and that's probably because we are all just being ourselves and not worrying about making a good impression.

I started life on a Belfast council estate and ended up in the 'big house'. I genuinely get on with anyone regardless of who they are. My DH is the same. Small town Essex boy done good. Sometimes in RL people are friendly to me until they find out where I live. Sucks huh.

Don't have a boat though grin.

The thing about life is be happy with who you are and the rest is easy.

Aaaaaand OFF the soap box grin

Eigmum Sat 27-Jul-13 14:25:35

How funny worse, my parents are both from Belfast! See it's funny isn't it, I hate boats, wouldn't see me dead on one. Too many dodgy sailings into larne in a huge ferry!

Plonkysaurus Sat 27-Jul-13 14:38:49

Ooh its been a rather busy weekend here. Sadly no boats (I'm having te same mental block picturing 'just a boat' too!) but dinner al fresco happened.

loved the nursery so thats one hurdle overcome. i then joined forces with my mum and took ds swimming, Great fun, and we stayed over at my parents last night. We've just given ds a few spoonfuls of puréed banana. He was a bit resistant at first but he ended up opening his mouth and swallowing. Pulled some very funny faces though!

Leni I thought you weren't intending to have another - have you changed your mind, or do you just want to hold onto a few precious things? All the stuff we no longer need, want to keep but don't have space for is slowly making its way I to the attic at mums. I've a strong suspicion our stuff is going to get reused more than once.

Oh the socioeconomic wossname. I think the anonymity offered by places like MN is fantastic. My background is incredibly boring, very MC, as is DP's. but my dad grew up in real poverty (think ending up in a Children's home for awhile because they were good Catholics who, quite literally, didn't have a pot to piss in), but he also Done Good, despite leaving school at 14. I admire him so much for striving to send both his kids to university even though he'll never understand what exactly we did there. I have been called posh and a pikey in the same sentence!

Thankfully I can just come on here and say 'Ooof, those postnatal piles are a bit stingy, no? Incidentally I've not showered in a week'. Now that's a great leveller smile

KFFOREVER Sat 27-Jul-13 14:56:13

Very impreased with the boat but as someone said earlier no matter what our background we all still have to contend poo explosions and sleep fighting babies.

Me and dh come from typical wc background. Although from what dh has described he grew up in poverty. Our ds is lucky that he has the things we never had but materials are not everything.

Finally ds is having an afternoon nap although i was about to leave the house. Im to scared to wake him so it looks like we will have to go out later.

I have an empty crib in my room. A part of me is angry with dh that he hasnt dismantled it im useless at diy and another part of me is sad to see it go.

StormyBrid Sat 27-Jul-13 15:12:04

I get confused with class. Dad and grandparents teachers, we had a big enough house in a nice enough area, but on the other hand money was always tight and we didn't do holidays except camping. As for us, we're presumably the underclass at the moment as neither of us are working, but then we both have degrees... Too many factors to consider!

worsestershiresauce Sat 27-Jul-13 15:40:51

Small world Eig, although I do say where ever you are in the world you are never far from someone from Belfast. The Irish love to emigrate!

Funny old day today as the worselet is doing a lot of sleeping. Normally she fights the urge to the point where we all break and go for a walk, but today, every couple of hours, bam, she's out like a light in her basket. Given she is otherwise ok in herself so not obviously unwell, I'm blaming it on the weather, which is alternately baking hot and humid, and dark and thundery. I've lost count of the number of times I've been out to shut the dogs in before paranoid dog takes it on himself to do a runner for fear of being eaten by the loud growly monster in the sky. It's like there is someone up there with a switch watching me. Dogs in, sun comes out. Dogs out, thunder. Tis ever so slightly pi55ing me off.

Leni keep the clothes grin. You never know.... Vac pack them into a tiny bundle and shove them under the bed or something.

Socioeconomic wossname is officially my favourite phrase for the day. I am going to see how many times I can fit it into a sentence before DH thumps me. It could be quite a few.... he often doesn't listen.... which is fair... I talk a lot.

Plonky mashed banana! Well done babysaurus. I offered that the other day, but the tiddler wasn't impressed. Today I cooked a carrot, but she promptly fell asleep. I still have said carrot languishing sadly in the fridge, and am wondering if it might be a little 1970's to resurrect it. My mum did that - if you did not eat your lunch you got it for dinner. Scarred me for life it did wink

Stormy Your DH did well. Gold star. If he ever annoys you can I borrow him?

Anypants Sat 27-Jul-13 16:52:24

Well, if having a boat nudges me up the socioeconomic wossname, I can sleep soundly in my Primark onesie. grin

SoYo Sat 27-Jul-13 18:14:55

Eig & Wors my Mum's from Belfast too! I have many memories of that bloody ferry and none of them are good!

Eigmum Sat 27-Jul-13 20:58:17

Yeah soyo! I just laughed out loud as I hated that bloody ferry too! any here here for the onesie, haven't got one yet but have a secret fantasy to try one!

SoYo Sat 27-Jul-13 22:01:09

Oooh Any I've got 2 onesies but they're both from M&S (were fab when preggers). Does this mean I'm well classier than you?!!!

ecofreckle Sat 27-Jul-13 22:41:51

Hello. Finally there is rain for us  Just had great fun and games pushing each other out into it. Much fresher now.
We’ve all come to my sister/Dad’s house for the weekend. My BIL has just given me a bread making lesson and my parmesan rolls are currently in the oven. We have all been down to the church to see Mum; it would have been her birthday on Monday. We lay the blanket out on the grass and DD had a lovely bimble around.
DD seems to be in a phase of sleeping through til 3.30/4.00, feeding and then liking to be awake/alert/playing/gymnasticsing til we give in and get up with her as soon as clock display begins with a 6. After a wash and getting dressed she promptly places out and wants a super early nap. Wouldn’t it be easier DD if you just had it all in one nice long chunk?
I like that we’re a mixed bag of mothers; both over this thread and in our own backgrounds (i.e. we might have parents with very different backgrounds or a life now that’s very different to parents for e.g.). That sort of suggests that there’s no point putting anyone in a pigeonhole. RL’s too complex for that. I’m the first of my family to go to university, Dad drove lorries, I read (past tense….pre-baby) the Observer, I shop at Aldi and Sainsburys, I like ‘Don’t tell the bride’ on BBC3, I like French films, I didn’t have a TV until DH moved in with me, my sister lives in this crazy something-off-the-telly house. A mixed bag :-)
worse we’ve been a bit like you with the naps today. Maybe it’s the weather as you say. We had family over to sister’s today and DD spent most of the time ignoring her adoring public, flat out in cot.
leni clothes wise we have labelled everything with a Sharpie pen and distributed it to our numerous pregnant friends. That way it’s out of the way. For now. We think we’re leaving it at just one child. I am an old lady so going for another might be tricky. But never say never!
Great banana work plonky. You and eig with her top tips are making me think I really ought to think about something other than milk –and the odd morsel of my lunch which falls on her head—going past her lips. One of the NCT ladies was saying that she’s started her LO off with some 4 grain mix that you make up with milk….it had quinoa in it. These babies are going to have such sophisticated palates.
soyo like stormy I don’t want to jinx anything. But… :-)
Oh….my buns are ready. Better go and get these babies out and check them out. Late night treat with some melting butter :-)

Anypants Sat 27-Jul-13 23:06:04

I have no doubt you are soyo, innit.

StormyBrid Sun 28-Jul-13 05:14:39

Insert the usual complaining about insomnia here. On the plus side, DD held out until one before needing milk. But then she woke herself up farting at five and is resisting resettling. Had I not only just got back to sleep after waking for no reason at two, this would not be a problem. Does anyone fancy coming round and hitting me over the head with a mallet?

Anypants Sun 28-Jul-13 06:28:32

Why yes stormy - i'll come round once i've finished smacking my head against a wall. Three times i've been up tonight - despite DD going off to sleep marvellously at 7.30, for some reason she was making all sorts of noises that kept me awake. I was also woken to the noise of stuff falling off windowsill where th blind was being moved by the wind. DD is now awake too early but refused to go back to sleep until 7.30 so I am feeding her now. She's developes a rather horrific high pitched squeal that she emits when even slightly.unhappy. Been using it for a few days now and I find it especially irritating when she needs a nap but is quite upset at the prospect. Really hits a nerve as it's the sort of pitch only dogs should be able to hear.... envy

LaLaLeni Sun 28-Jul-13 06:35:19

Hmm yes, insomnia doesn't care if you are MC or WC that's for sure. My two hours reserved for sleep when OH comes home is slowly compressing down to an hour because I can't sleep. Did fall asleep with DS with my head in the jungle gym on the floor yesterday though, holding hands, aren't we cute!

I think the wossname thing is more a mindset than money or status related - my DM's dad was a Cornish MC accountant who went to prison when she was little and she was left sleeping top to toe in a single bed with her granny, along with a spell in foster care where she was physically abused. Her DM was a wren working at Bletchley Park but I never found out why she didn't live with her. DF's mum was married to General Dyer's (Indian massacre) son in India but ran off with DF's DF who was there fighting with the Gurkhas. Both DPs didn't go to uni but DM was a headteacher and definitely as MC as they come. Weirdly after my DPs got married, DFs dad and DMs mum met and ran off together eventually getting married too. My family is not at all straightforward!

OH is sort of MC, we both went to uni but his parents are very WC. His DF thinks a red pepper is exotic and won't touch one. No idea how he turned out so different. That sounds like I'm saying WC people don't know about food which I'm not, it's just an amusing fact about him! We're in that bracket of having enough but not enough to live in a big house in London.

The baby clothes thing... Well we said just one, but part of me wants to 'just see' if we can have another one naturally wink. Probably too late now and OH is adamant not. Isn't that a funny word - why are people 'Adam Ant'? Is that where his name came from? Ok I'm tired and my brain's misbehaving now....

StormyBrid Sun 28-Jul-13 06:42:26

She is still awake.

My grandma wouldn't eat pasta or rice. According to her, they're "foreign muck".

Plonkysaurus Sun 28-Jul-13 07:54:21

Ohh if we're going back to grandparents...My dads mum was a total floozy, ran orf with an old fellow with a title when she was just sixteen and they had a baby. He died (he was rilly old) and she was a single mum with a toddler, but inherited a fortune. She quickly found another man - grandad - and he quickly pissed the fortune up the wall by investing in the circus so that my very white working class uncle bears the middle name 'Rafique', the name of grandpas shifty circus contact. Subsequently they did many moonlight flits from the taxman and various landlords. Needless to say my dad learnt how to cream off the top from a very early age and became a self made man.

I think we'll be going back for a second without any shadow of a doubt(dp actually wants a third, i may suggest he does the whole pregnancy bit if so). It'd be nice if we owned a house and were married by then I suppose.

Eco we mainly gave the banana just to see what'd happen blush but we're well aware that the floodgates are open now. We've accidentally started weaning. How were the rolls? The rain is glorious isn't it? So lovely after all this humidity. Sounds like you had a nice afternoon at the church. There's just something about babies innocently lolloping about on the grass..

Any the onesie is only an effective get out if you wear it to pop to the shops!

somethingbeginningwith Sun 28-Jul-13 09:07:00

Gosh, my family is boring! No circuses or Gurkhas here. Both sets of DPs are MC and according to the British class calculator, OH and I are "established middle class" as there are supposedly now 7 classes. It's all too complicated for me.

plonky glad the banana was a somewhat success, we gave DS some yesterday too. It seemed to satisfy him. That's it now, let the weaning begin shock

any I think my onesie is from Asda, not sure if that's better, worse or on par with Primark!

We're also going to almost certainly have another but not for a good few years, we've said 5 minimum, so I'm loathe to throw anything away, just in case... I've given a few things to SIL in the vague hope that when she's done with them, I might be able to get them back. She's due next week, is it alright for me to be secretly smug about the fact that I know what she has in store for her during those first few weeks? And also, seeing as how I was 13 days over, to maybe kinda sort of want her to not be on time? grin

Well, I had a dream about all of you last night. We all went to a seminar on...well, babies really, and what to do with them; feeding, changing nappies, etc, but none of us knew who anyone was and we weren't allowed to say! Also, the seminar was in DS's room. What do you suppose was going through my head...? Maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me I'm doing it all wrong and need guidance. Nappies do go over the head right? And it's ok to put coke in the bottle? It IS diet coke after all! wink

StormyBrid Sun 28-Jul-13 09:24:06

If we're going even further back, one set if great grandparents met at missionary school - for him it was that or spend his life down t'pit. But if we're going claim to fame, without outing myself, my second cousin twice removed was very high up in the anti apartheid movement.

DD eventually went back to sleep at half seven. Squeaked at eight fifteen then, wonder of wonders, put herself back to sleep until nine. I still feel like a corpse.

worsestershiresauce Sun 28-Jul-13 09:49:04

You lot are brilliant!!! I love the idea of a floozy granny with a titled lover I want one, and a political great would be a pretty cool addition to any family tree. My lot are dead boring, unless you count the dubious claim to fame of a few of the great uncles having worked on the Titanic. Probably not something to boast about that.

Eig and SoYo what if we were related shock!!! You'd be forgiven for disowning me if we were wink

Something the whole class thing is way beyond me too. I don't think it really exists any more to be honest, as people only seem to care about money. One thing money can't buy is class.

As for dreaming about us all..... that's hilarious. I hope we behaved ourselves and didn't talk at the back of the class.

Boring tedious hour ahead of me now. Apparently we have a solar panel person coming round to discuss the environmental benefits of sticking a huge great panel on the roof. Two minds about this.... I'm all for green energy but it takes more fossil fuel to make a panel than it will recoup over its life time hmm

pudtat Sun 28-Jul-13 10:17:08

Ooh, better buying European panels than Chinese on that score, they are made in a more energy efficient way even though they're a bit pricier. We went for German. And the last few weeks have been great!

Must dash, will update later but basically my day off has become my day on...

christilass Sun 28-Jul-13 10:37:43

Hi all :-)

Well mini farmer is 5 months old today goodness time is flying !!
Mini farmer has been eating mashed fruit and veg for the last 2 weeks and he loves it , he shoves the spoon into his mouth himself and smiles :-) it seems he enjoys food as much his parents .
been in his big cot for 3 weeks now ahh he looks so tiny in it , he rolls over and gets stuck and screams till i rescue him .
Also he sticks his legs or arm through the cot sides HV suggested puting a cot bumper on the Outside of cot which does seem to help .
life onthe farms has been very busy as per , its been
hay time , Farmer has been working his huge sized
soxs of working from 4ish am until midnight ish.
ive had some lovely rides on my lovely wee horse ahh she's just a kind genuine animal , asbo girl on the other hand is a little terror she certainly lives up to the shetland status !!
Well mini farmer and i are still in bed he's still sleeping this has been a regular occurrence for the last few weeks the latest we have slept to is 11.15 so I'm expecting him to wake shortly .
i off course is making the most of this extra sleep time as i suspect it shall change at somepoint !
Hope all you lovely ladies and babies are well .
keep up the great work we are All doing fantastic

Anypants Sun 28-Jul-13 10:38:47

stormy - yes, I think Georgeatasda is pretty much on par with Primarni.
And shock to the 'minimum of 5'. I'm happy with just the one and have a big loft to store all DD's stuff in case I change my mind.
No interesting 'who do you think you are' family history here sad I too want to floozy granny grin

somethingbeginningwith Sun 28-Jul-13 10:53:31

Oops! I mean minimum of 5 years til the next one, not 5 babies! Nonono! grin

KFFOREVER Sun 28-Jul-13 11:09:12

Whoop whoop ds slept from 9 - 5am. --of course i was awake though. To get some extra kip i slept on the sofa so dh dealt with the little man.

No interesting family history here

We would probably want another baby so i will be keeping my baby stuff but not sure where we will keep it all as there is very little storage space.

christilassim shock at the lay ins. Come on tell us your secret. smile

Im off to do some cleaning snoozing whilst little man is asleep.

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