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March 2013 - still too sleep deprived to think of a funky title

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StormyBrid Sun 21-Jul-13 08:36:47

Old thread here.

We seemed to be running out of space (again) so I made us a new thread.

StormyBrid Mon 22-Jul-13 10:52:12

plonko it's mainly that it doesn't feel right swaddling her when she can roll around. And we'd have to make the switch sooner or later. Hopefully soon she'll either figure it out or find her thumb.

We've been wondering about the flozzes too, as all our five ounce bottles clearly have six ounces in. Which sort of means she's having one more ounce than I'm recording per feed. Which makes me worry less, and anything that makes me worry less about this child's eating is a good thing.

Talk to us about weaning, Eig. What are the rules? So far all DD has had is a taste of any liquidy foods we're eating, as she can't choke on them. Just getting her used to the idea of flavours really. She's fascinated by people eating, and I have a blender and am getting impatient!

worsestershiresauce Mon 22-Jul-13 13:31:14

Absolutely not Any! I wouldn't want mini-worse to go through the media frenzy that bugs Kate's life. I'd rather she was a happy nobody than a papped princess. There is something really quite liberating about being able to walk down the street without 50 photographers tripping over your ankles, and 12 different bloggers logging your bad hair day on the internet.

Oh god Eig, nightmare. I hope you aren't too shaken up. I hate hate hate the miserable minority who think that anyone who has worked hard to have something nice is a fair target. Really pi55es me off.

VJ I'd just give her what she is hungry for, as she's a dainty little thing and doesn't look the type to guzzle until she is sick. This hot weather is really messing up the worselet's appetite. She'll have anything from 3flozzes to 9, but randomly, which means a lot of faffing about with bottles or throwing out of milk. Oh how easy those bf-ing days now seem with the benefit of rose tinted glasses wink

Bl**dy hot today. The kitchen is thankfully fairly cool, and I'm not venturing out now until it cools. DD was so hot and sweaty after a short walk this morning I had to strip her down to her nappy and fan her with a magazine. I felt a right t*t but she perked up enough to have a good old laugh at mummy acting like a prat.... again.

Oh joy, the dog has just barked and woken the worselet. Thanks for that hmm

Go Mrs Cambridge!!!! I feel kind of sorry for her. Having the world's media speculating on your level of dilation is an intrusion too far really.

vjhist85 Mon 22-Jul-13 14:17:57

I'd much rather dd married the son of prince harry, if she's going to marry any royal! Just somebody rich enough to pay for his MIL's life of leisure would do though...

Talking of life of leisure, tiddler's got it pretty good today. She's nappy only in her bouncy chair with a fan on swing going past her (which makes her squeal and giggle with delight every time it goes past), sucking the ear of a bunny, chatting to all her cbeebies friends. Bad mummy here, but we've been out all morning, and with the weather due to break tomorrow we've decided an afternoon of chilling out indoors is fine with it being 34 deg outside!

somethingbeginningwith Mon 22-Jul-13 14:41:28

It's been much cooler here today and yesterday. DS even had jeans on earlier. Jeans!

So excited for the royal baby. I've already had a word with queenie, she's putting DS's name on a list of potential suitors.

Well, we roll here now. We roll and roll and it's very exciting. Although he gets very grumpy on his front after a while. Front to back is obviously more difficult than back to front.

I'm glad babies are sleeping better now, it does wonders to get those couple extra hours, doesn't it?

Plonkysaurus Mon 22-Jul-13 16:18:42

Sadly I think if ds married into the royals I'd be the embarrassing mother in law who has a few too many and tells everyone she's not particularly fond of the monarchy.

Worse I agree with you re the media coverage. It was bad enough with the texts we were getting just from family, I can't imagine the stress of a media circus.

SoYo Mon 22-Jul-13 19:34:51

Something it's been much cooler up here too but it seems to be warming up this evening just in time for bedtime. DH is on nights so its just me and these pesky girls again this week, which is when both DD & the PuppyMonster both seem to kick off.

Is it wrong that I'm quite excited about the royal arrival, I've been flicking onto the news all day. There just seems something special about this baby being brought up in the spotlight that will be the same age as our wee ones, I certainly wouldn't swap places though. It can't be much fun for a bubba being expected to look & behave impeccably at all times.

SoYo Mon 22-Jul-13 21:08:26

It's a boy!

somethingbeginningwith Mon 22-Jul-13 21:39:16

Sweepstake for names...? wink

somethingbeginningwith Mon 22-Jul-13 21:40:47

soto it got much warmer here for the evening too. We went for a walk and I was literally pushing the buggy through the mug. Currently in the midst of an absolutely cracking thunder storm though. It's so nice to sit in the conservatory and just listen.

somethingbeginningwith Mon 22-Jul-13 21:41:17

Soyo not soto hmm

Plonkysaurus Mon 22-Jul-13 21:44:58

I'm sticking with George - my other two predictions were right grin

Something we've got lightning but no rain yet. I reckon we could be seeing the same storm!

vjhist85 Mon 22-Jul-13 21:50:26

I reckon James...

worsestershiresauce Tue 23-Jul-13 06:59:58

Well given they are trying to be the new modern monarchy I think they should go for a non-traditional name. They won't, obviously, but it would be funny if they did. His Majesty Tyson Jack Tyrone has a certain ring don't you think?

Gorgeous day today - lovely and fresh after a really quite impressive thunder storm. There is still the odd rumble, which is a pain, as dog1 has an inconvenient habit is legging it and running across 3 counties at the smallest grumble from the sky, so most of my day will be spent monitoring his whereabouts.

Wish me luck for today, I've booked a personal training session for both mini-worse and I. The plan is she will sit in her pram and observe. The reality will probably be she will scream in her pram until removed and allowed to join in.

Hope you all had good nights, good sleeps, and are waking to clear air and cool breezes.

StormyBrid Tue 23-Jul-13 07:56:48

I don't know what's got into DD. Went to bed with no fuss at seven pm. By two she'd still not woken, so the man poured five flozzes down her sleeping throat. I heard her cough at six, but otherwise not a peep until seven fifteen. She slept for twelve hours! I wish I had too...

Anypants Tue 23-Jul-13 08:15:35

I'm with you stormy. Babypants slept right through but I was woken from 3 with the loudest claps of thunder i've ever heard. I think I was so worried about her waking up that I slept very lightly and almost had a heart attack a few times. There's no air movement so I was also sticky and uncomfortable as it's still about 27 degrees. Gah.

Plonkysaurus Tue 23-Jul-13 08:55:17

I've just been looking at baby weaning videos on YouTube. Anyone tempted to try baby led weaning should check this out. I'm convinced!

StormyBrid Tue 23-Jul-13 08:59:19

It's much cooler here, rained in the night, and apparently there was thunder too. Maybe that helped? I'm just praying to my heathen gods that it wasn't a one off!

somethingbeginningwith Tue 23-Jul-13 09:20:41

Oh there was definitely thunder here. Woke me up at about 5am!

So, you know all this talk about how we shouldn't let babies sleep on their tummies when we're not in the room to keep an eye on them? What's the story when they start rolling in their cots? Do we leave them to it? Turn them back over? Continuously check them? DS is not so hot at going from front to back but back to front is no problem. Am I overthinking?

Anypants Tue 23-Jul-13 09:40:40

something - yesterday morning, I found DD face down, thumb in, legs through the bars of the cot. She looked perfectly happy and I know she's only stuck when she starts screaming. You could try rolled up towels either side, held under the sheet, if you want to try and prevent rolling?

somethingbeginningwith Tue 23-Jul-13 09:45:10

any I've walked into scenes like that before too. Cot gymnastics are fun, aren't they? It's not that I want to prevent rolling, I think it's brilliant, it's just the whole face down deep sleep thing. I suppose it's needless worrying really! smile

vjhist85 Tue 23-Jul-13 09:49:20

Dd also had her best ever night here- quick grumble at 4.30, then slept til 6.20! Fed her at 10.45 last night so we're getting closer to the longed for 8hrs... It's left me so energetic this morning that I've cleaned the kitchen and bathroom already. And I also can't believe she slept through the ridiculous storm at 3am.

Sadly down here in the SE the storm has made little difference to the mugginess, and I was so excited at the prospect of that lovely fresh post-storm feeling today!

LaLaLeni Tue 23-Jul-13 09:53:35

I think it's ok if they can easily roll both ways, but as with dummies it's probably fine even if they can't as long as you start them off on their back. DS's head has a huge bump on one side from sleeping on his back and slightly to one side, so the new rolling skills couldn't hurt to even him out!

OH came home yesterday eve after being away all weekend and did the night shift after I cooked dinner, and washed up. Now he's apparently tired from being woken in the night and won't get out of bed. Welcome to my world love, what do you think I did when I hadn't slept?!

Plonkysaurus Tue 23-Jul-13 09:59:50

Something I think it's probably fine, it's inevitable anyway.
Not something we've had to contend with so far as babysaurus has deigned to roll over just once so far. He does roll on to side in his sleep but I've told him that doesn't count. Mister clearly hasn't read the development books.

Another one who's been up since five. I sense am afternoon nap coming on.

We're also looking round a nursery on Friday. Eep!

Anypants Tue 23-Jul-13 13:36:32

leni - Hah! Had a brilliant one myself yesterday. DH is in the garden sunbathing when I get home. I feed DD, change her, sort the kitchen out then she won't go down for a nap. So, DH comes inside and I hand her to him so I can go and get the washing in before starting dinner. DH asks 'oh, are you going out to sunbathe?' with a look that said 'selfish cow'. Hah!

ecofreckle Tue 23-Jul-13 17:45:20

Hello everyone. Sorry to have missed so many goings on. Been lurking a bit since getting back from our camp (And trying to figure out if I do indeed know any shady characters Stormy but the best I could come up with is my Dad who might once have bought some bunting that fell off the back of a lorry. I'm afraid I'm about as square as they come!).

We have a roller too now. But only from back to front. Had a few very disrupted nights because of this. Found DD on her front and facing the opposite end of the cot at 3am when her grunts of effort woke me. Something you ask if it's safe for them to be on their fronts. I was wondering too and I found that the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths says this:
^Babies who sleep on their backs are safer and healthier.

Should your baby vomit they are not more likely to choke if on their back.

If you find your baby has rolled onto their tummy, turn them onto their back again and tuck them in, but don't feel you have to get up all night to check.

Babies will at some point learn to roll onto their front. When the baby can roll from back to front and back again, on their own, then leave them to find their own position.

At the start of any sleep time, put them on their back.^

So I guess I'll keep popping her back onto her back when I find her like that but will not keep an all night vigil. I have today popped the rolled up bath towels either side of her to see if that makes a difference. I'd prefer her to practice the gymnastics in the daytime outside of the cot.

It is officially too darn hot. We timed our walk today in the hope that it might coincide with the forecast rain but no such luck. We did however get accosted by a pretty forthright 70 ish year old lady. She held up her hand and stopped us on our walk to say this: "you really should have her facing towards you. With her facing the world she's ripe for a clout round the head from someone's shopping bag and she'll never learn to talk because she can't see you. I hate to see this". Oh ok, you crazy old lady, I'll go and buy a new collapsible buggy that fits in my Fiesta's boot that faces me with some of the spare cash we have hanging around. It really is true that as soon as you are a mother you are fair game for this sort of unsolicited 'advice'. Pah.

We had a spring clean at the weekend not because we had the whole of our NCT group over yesterday so we're feeling on top ish of things. But it took all weekend. That's not really how I want the three of us to spend what family time we have. I guess therefore (in the sad absence of a cleaner) I must get better at doing the housework around the baby when DH is at work. Just doing the washing and some cooking on top of baby care seems to be enough to fill my days but of course I am finding time to MN so I could in theory have just cleaned the fridge out. What are your secrets to maintaining slick homes ladies?

Plonky I loved that BLW video :-) If only I could eat chicken off the bone with some much finesse. I have the BLW theory book but I think I need the one that actually suggests a programme and recipes/food suggestions. Is that the Annabelle Karmel one? You've probably mentioned this before.

worse Good luck! And, how was it? DD scream so bail you out? How are those tummy muscles doing? I went to gym on Saturday. It was pretty unfun. But air conditioned and therefore a way of exercising without expiring in a heap. Even walking on the hot days has been too much for us.

My DH posted a photo of me on facebook last night saying My beautiful wife is out for a well deserved dancing session this evening. I love her very much . Bleaurghhhh.... Very out of character for him. I think it might have been to do with a passing comment I made about how romantic a friend's DH was in his effusive praise of her. So I have cancelled out any compliment that may have been hiding. I can imagine that if I shared this on the relationships board they'd suggest DH was a guilty philanderer :-)

Right, in a strange take of musical beds we do not currently have a spare bed in our spare room so I am off to fashion a temporary nest to see me through until weekend when next bed arrives. I need somewhere to escape to for mini power naps at present what with all of the gymnastics.

Hope you have all enjoyed the muggy-royal-baby-tasticness of today.

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