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June 2013 Bebes (1)

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Olimoss Mon 01-Jul-13 19:03:42

Including our friends from late May & early July!

Thought time for a postnatal thread.

So. I'm craving a nightly glass of wine already, week
5 of motherhood. Anyone else?!

pinkapples Wed 07-Aug-13 22:20:47

Curly we're waiting on an appointment as ours was cancelled due to the nurse being sick Theiah is 8 weeks tomorrow

At the moment were in a sleep vs Moses basket acrobatics and currently the acrobatics is winning. However she is quiet and will hopefully get bored and send herself
To sleep fingers crossed

Got our aqua babies stuff through today too! Very excited and hoping that I stop bleeding so I can go with her otherwise ill have to be poolside while hubby swims sad not that I want to deprive him but I was so looking forward to it! Fingers crossed

MrsBri Wed 07-Aug-13 21:53:40

That's good, pink. I think DH is going to scoot out and get some ready for the next feed. :-)

curlyclaz13 Wed 07-Aug-13 21:41:52

I hope all the constipated babies are better soon. Oscar has been a poo machine today every time I change him he fills a nappy again I think we must have gone through half a pack of nappies. I have also found that hes bouncy/vibrating chair always makes him poo.
I must ring the doctors as we haven't had an appointment for jabs and he is eight weeks today.

pinkapples Wed 07-Aug-13 21:24:58

Mrsbri we switched to the aptimil comfort and that's worked a treat all round for crying and constipation grin

Hawkmoth Wed 07-Aug-13 20:46:40

MrsBri... He's a rough boy but I never thought he would hit the baby. Both he and DD are in need of extra sleep to hopefully calm them a bit.

Hope the screaming and constipation is resolved soon. Nothing worse than an inconsolable baby, I really sympathise.

MrsBri Wed 07-Aug-13 20:39:40

Learner, I hope things improve for you and you find a solution.

Hawk, that's not good. Is is totally out of character for him? I'm glad the baby is ok.

AmI, we were given lactulose to soften the poo. We've also stopped the Gaviscon to hopefully unblock her.

She is in so much discomfort, it's awful to see her and hear her scream her lungs out. We're going to talk to the HV about changing her milk to a comfort one as we think the constipation has made her tummy irritable and sore so when she farts it hurts a lot. I'm feeling quite fragile tonight after an afternoon of it. :-( Thank god DH isn't working tomorrow to share the load.

I hope everyone else is ok and babies are not too bothered by their jabs.

Hawkmoth Wed 07-Aug-13 20:19:51

FFS. DS hit the baby while I was changing her. She's ok. God knows what that was about.

AmIGoingMad Wed 07-Aug-13 19:42:51

X post learner- I hope Anna settles for you soon!

AmIGoingMad Wed 07-Aug-13 19:41:53

There are some really insensitive hvs madness!

we change elodie before every feed too. like mrsbri, she tends to wake herself already starving and always with a full pee nappy!

Dontmind good luck with the jabs. I'm dreading having to take DS with us for Dds - he'll get upset at her being upset hmm

Dd is doing pretty well in the nights for us now but DH and I have gotten into that keeping track if who's managed more sleep which is not good. At least we've realised we're doing it this time so we can occasionally stop and laugh about it.

I can't work out how this managing 2 is going to get easier at the moment. DS usually wakes as DD settles in the night/ early morning, cue grumpy mummy! I'm so bad with limited sleep but I'm really trying to suck it up! Not that this moany post would suggest that!

I hope the babies are all ok after jabs now?

Mrsbri what did gp say about Amy pooing? Is she any better now?

How was Joe's check up oli?

learnermummy Wed 07-Aug-13 19:26:01

I know dontmind, I'm just relieved she stops crying for someone! If I was more sensitive I could certainly have taken it the wrong way!!

Truly awful day here, particularly the 45 mins I spent cooking boys' tea with her screaming constantly in chair beside me. Think she's windy but colic drops doing nothing. Am giving up orange juice and fizzy drinks at HVs suggestion. Think might need to find a cranial osteopath or something - getting desperate!

DontmindifIdo Wed 07-Aug-13 18:13:52

Can I just point out to everyone that whereever possible, HVs are to be avoided? they can operate the weighing scales and put a dot in the red book on the chart, beyond that, they're a bit useless - don't put any store by any nonsense they come out with.

Learner - your DD probably stops crying for DH because if you have been holding/trying to calm her down you are probably stressed, she can feel that he's calmer and that calms her. That's all it is. Your HV, however, is obviously crap at her job.

I do think it's pointless asking you at 6 week check if you're drepressed, I know several mums who had PND, it wasn't really clear that they were depressed until much later.

DD is still not sleeping in the evenings. I was so snippy with DS this morning when he was just trying to get me to play before nursery. She's got her jabs tomorrow, eeek! I tend to faint when I see people have injections so normally get DH to do it for DS, but he's got meetings tomorrow in town so can't work from home and do it. I'll have DS with me as well, so two to control and trying not to freak out...

Olimoss Wed 07-Aug-13 16:41:24

Nice work Sunny - I've been caning the cake mix too! And glad to hear someone else is going to do a bit of work, I don't feel quite so awful about it now....

SunnyL Wed 07-Aug-13 14:55:03

Had to chase up my HV this morning as we hadn't had a letter about immunisations despite Lily being 8 weeks today. Somehow we'd been forgotten but they're going to fit us in next week now.

Had a productive morning and made a huge lemon cake for the christening. Felt soooo good to finally be able to eat raw cake mix again. Think there is a distinct danger that I eat the whole thing and have to make another - all 30 portions!

Also just got an email from work to say one of my projects is coming up for re-tender. If I go in and help write the tender they will pay me. I going to do it as I'm the only person who could write the tender and it will guarantee me work for the next 3 years which I can't sniff at.

Mutley77 Wed 07-Aug-13 13:37:17

My GP and HV haven't even asked me about depression in the million visits I seem to have had recently - but they seem to sort of allude to it!!

We used to take DD (our first) out a lot when she was a baby - and in fact I remember our last holiday with her on her own in Corsica before we had DS - she was 3.5 years old and still sleeping in the buggy while we had dinner in restaurants during the evening bless her cotton socks. With 2 or more though, babysitters are a must unfortunately...

curlyclaz13 Wed 07-Aug-13 13:16:15

What a nice hv you have learner !
Oscar cluster feeds every evening, no chance of going out here either but we're fine with that (and we can't afford it now anyway).
I have a new sling to try and am hoping OH will wear this one too.

learnermummy Wed 07-Aug-13 11:59:34

Love the questioning on depression! Chat with health visitor yesterday and she asked if I felt a failure because Anna stops crying for my husband!!

Amusing that you're trying to get to 4 hrly feeds Oli when I'm still mainly hourly here!! There's no way we could go to any kind of restaurant at the moment with all the screaming/feeding that goes on every evening!!

Hawkmoth Wed 07-Aug-13 11:38:30

Six week check... Hmm.

Highlight would be the doctor, "do you have any.... Depression?" As she circles her face with both hands.

Also if I stop eating pastry and drinking fizzy drinks I will lose a stone in six weeks. Great!

Olimoss Wed 07-Aug-13 09:58:36

Hi again

Learner - I think I will ask Dr when I take Joe for his 12 weeks immunisations in 2 weeks time, if it's still going. It's not an infection, and isn't like a period, so am a bit stumped, unless it's just a section of the uterus that hasn't healed and keeps bleeding, then stopping...and cycles of that over and over. We will see!

We are working, seriously now, on trying to get J to stretch to 4hrs between feeds. This morning is the first time I've had a chance to try the routine (Save Our Sleep from Tizzie Hall - am not sure about the book on the whole, is VERY VERY bossy but the routine seems fair enough) and we are currently having a little fight about sleeping! Poor J. He slept from 730pm-1210am last night, longest ever, but then reverted to 3hrly. So I fed him at 530am when he woke, then again at 7am when the routine begins. God knows how we will get on! Swimming, hospital appts, dinner guests - how on earth are you supposed to fit all that in?

Regards travel (now that I've had a chance to catch up on the thread) - obv am taking J home to Australia in a couple of months, so guess will test then how well a 4 month old copes - am sure it'll be fine actually, a lot easier than it will be hauling him over there next year....and we are thinking of a week in Morocco in late October, when he'll be 5 months. I figure that he's part of our lives, our lives continue, let's just take him where we'd be going anyway (within reason). He's off to a Michelin starred restaurant in 2 weeks - you can imagine how stoked they were when we rang to book! Too bad, I say, he will be sleeping and if for some reason he totally loses the plot then I'll obviously take him away from the dining room so as not to ruin others' nights. But still... sounds like we are all going through similar things with routines and immunisations and things, which is reassuring. Work is ok, really, better than I had thought - am REALLY looking forward to first payday! And the maternity nurse is lovely which is brilliant. Also, a heap better value than nursery. Obv still really expensive but totally better value for money. Happy to spill beans on cost if anyone is interested.

Right, during the course of typing this mammoth post (sorry, I feel like I've not been around here for so long, distracted by work and Joe) I appear to have won the war and J is falling back asleep - need him to stay that way til 11am. All digits crossed.

Have aces day, you all...

Mutley77 Wed 07-Aug-13 07:45:11

oli - hope joe's review is ok.

pinkbear - how long are your SD's with you for? I found it very trying with my 4yo and 8yo during the holidays (first 2 weeks of july here). Much easier now they are back at school despite school run hell!

DD had her imm's yesterday - they have an extra one here (some drop in the mouth for some kind of gastroentiritus) - DD screamed and I ended up crying - think the nurse thought I was a nutter! Anyway she was really upset from about 3.30 to 6.30 (had the imms at 10.30) then slept to 11 - her longest gap between feeds EVER!

Unfortunately it was then 2am and 4.30am then 6.30am - will we ever get a night's sleep???? Any tips on establishing some kind of better sleeping would be fab - wondering if permanent co-sleeping is the way to go but will need to banish DH to the spare room I think!

pinkbear82 Wed 07-Aug-13 07:07:09

Could someone pass the matchsticks over please. Can't complain about dd she was really good and no different to normal, but in between her awake times DSD (6) kept waking up, and then wet the bed.

DP off to work today so I have all 3 angels and already dsds are fighting over something. brew Will be needed winewould be preferred. Ho hum.

pinkapples Wed 07-Aug-13 04:49:16

Up for a night feed.. 4.45am thank you angel baby

curlyclaz13 Wed 07-Aug-13 03:08:14

woohoo middle of the night change without screaming ! laughing instead, wierdo smile

AmIGoingMad Tue 06-Aug-13 23:08:53

One of those days today! Will catch up tomrw.

learnermummy Tue 06-Aug-13 22:57:03

Oli have you asked your doctor about the bleeding? Didn't think it was supposed to go on longer than 6 weeks.

Sarah2506 Tue 06-Aug-13 21:47:08

sunny I went to the gym. Feels like a major night out! Just an hour or so away makes such a difference! Though I was doing the post section easier version. No way I'm breaking into a run anytime soon!

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