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Dec 08 - three is the new two.

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Vagolajahooli Fri 28-Jun-13 13:23:29

Well it seems appropriate you cheeky breeders.

JumpJockey Thu 12-Sep-13 10:16:57

Sorry for random double post.

Beans, hope the plumber gets there soon! Are you def trying for a HB? Soo exciting!

Nolda Thu 12-Sep-13 10:21:35

Beans, I reckon your baby will be here very soon. I guess 8.30 pm on Friday. All that cupboard cleaning is a sure sign. Hope all goes smoothly. In the meantime take it easy brew.

Arti, I'm sorry to hear you're getting no sleep. Has the mastitis cleared up now? Good that there were no tears from dd2 at school.

Please cross yours fingers that we exchange on our house today. It's been a nightmare but hopefully we are getting there now hmm. Ds is loving school and has been skipping in happily. In other news DH might have wangled me some work in his office so I might be bringing in my own money for the first time in over 7 years!

Rubena Thu 12-Sep-13 13:51:07

Great news on the exchange, school and work Nolda!

Beans, this is getting old, now could you produce a baby please? grin

Artijoke Thu 12-Sep-13 17:05:00

You are very quiet Beans. Are you maybe having a baby????

Great news in the house Nolda. What's it like?

beans37 Thu 12-Sep-13 17:40:09

Afraid not. Just having a chilled afternoon. DDs knackered, so they're giggling while I read my book. I am truly a lazy arse mum today!

DH out tonight, so am going to have a bath and go to bed at about 8.30. Can't wait.

Ooh Nolda, what's is your house like? Is it lovely?

Boiler not fixed, but will be tomorrow morning. Am going to keep my legs crossed tonight!

Rubena Thu 12-Sep-13 20:41:27

Lovely photos on fb beans! Who took them? Looks like a decent camera.

Vagolajahooli Thu 12-Sep-13 21:02:17

Yeah really nice Beans.

Also Arti that story of your 'parking fine' this morning.

I also read another story of a friends this morning that was funny. She was shopping in John Lewis for clothes with her husband. He was beside her while she was looking at some clothes for him so while looking at the clothes she says "are you large?" she suddenly saw her "husband" shuffle away. Then turned and saw her actual husband several meters away while a very flustered looking man was walking very quickly away from her.

Artijoke Fri 13-Sep-13 05:35:52

Bloody baby been up since 4am. Won't settle even in bed with me. Can't handle this kind if sleep much longer.

beans37 Fri 13-Sep-13 08:06:40

Oh Arti. Are you ok? That's some sleep regression. You're going through the hell I am about to join you in. I hope you're ok. Did he go back to sleep in the end at all? Am thinking of you loads.

But luckily I did have my first good night's sleep last night for a while. I did get up for a few wees, but I barely remember them. I think I must have been exhausted after such rubbish sleeps previously.

I am also feeling much much better and birth is feeling less imminent. Maybe it wasn't early labour, just general yuck feeling pre birth. I know its only a matter of time, so have decided to calm down about it and not expect it to happen very 10 mins!

Rubes, that was a very lovely friend of mine who took the pics for me. She's starting up her photography business. Am hoping my pics might help her get some work. We were laughing because the pictures make it all look so idyllic and marvellous, meantime, her DS was having a total strop and she and I were gossiping away kind of ignoring the kids! DD2 would NOT pose for the camera, so the few I have of her are fortunately lovely, but she was grumping massively. I've 3 times as many of DD1, the show off!!

Rubena Fri 13-Sep-13 09:46:24

Oh no hope you got him back to sleep Arti sad I have actually had to set my alarm since ds started school and I was complaining about 7! I really feel for you, as DD was a total nightmare sleeper until 2 and a bit. It's awful but at least you know it's not forever.

Artijoke Fri 13-Sep-13 10:33:24

Two and a bit years sounds like forever right now Rubes. Please God he will sleep through l

Artijoke Fri 13-Sep-13 10:38:14


...long before that. Sleep training worked for the other two at six months but I have a giggling feeling he will be more tricky as they never stayed awake after night feeds. I did get him back to sleep at 5.45 by bouncing him in his chair, I fell asleep with one leg out of bed bouncing. It turns out that I can actually pump my leg in my sleep: that's a talent that will get me far.

DD2 was meant to go to school dressed as a Roald Dahl character today. I spent yesterday evening sewing feet onto an old caterpillar costumes to turn her into the centipede from Janes And The Giant Peach. Would she wear it this morning? Of course not. She was the only child not in a costume at drop-off and I looked like the laziest mum in the world.

Artijoke Fri 13-Sep-13 10:39:35

Niggling feeling, not giggling, I am so far from giggling about sleep right now.

Nolda Fri 13-Sep-13 10:50:57

Article, hope you and DS get some sleep soon. No advice I'm afraid. What a shame Dd2 wouldn't wear the centipede outfit. I bet she secretly regretted it when she saw everyone else dressed up.

Beans, it could still happen. My DS only came along once I had given up all hope so my bet still stands.

Vag, that story is hilarious. Poor woman.

Unfortunately, we didn't exchange yesterday. The seller's solicitor was too busy apparently. I hope it will go ahead today. The house is lovely though, or we wouldn't have put up with all the agro. I'm not keen to put a link but if you search on Rightmove in Horton Heath Hampshire for 4 bed house sold stc you can see it (road begins with 's'). It's a proper grown-up house so I'm very excited.

sybilfaulty Fri 13-Sep-13 10:55:55

Everyone knows baby beans is hanging on til Tuesday. Take it easy darling.

Back later. On bus.

beans37 Fri 13-Sep-13 12:21:28

Ooh Nolda, that looks great! Fingers crossed for today!

Sybs, I am going to aim for Tuesday for your birthday. Then call it Sybil regardless of the sex... Ok, maybe not, but its a nice lie thought!


Artijoke Fri 13-Sep-13 12:25:48

Nolda, there are weirdly loads of 4 beds sold subject to contract in your area. Is the road S Crt?

DS just rolled front to back. He is so cutely thrilled with himself as he can now escape tummy time. I adore him (in the daytime).

Nolda Fri 13-Sep-13 12:44:20

Arti, yes that's the one. I wasn't trying to make it hard for you, honest. The bit I like best is the one big room along the back of the house which is made up of the kitchen, eating area and family sitting area. Also loving that no work needs doing so we get DH's time at weekends without any DIY!

Is the rolling new? Could this have been disturbing his sleep patterns (clutching at straws for you)?

Rubena Fri 13-Sep-13 12:53:57

Nolda, lovely on the house. I assumed the Crt one too Arti. I just noticed you aren't on my fb - will try finding.
Sybil sounds lovely with your surname Beans grin or Sebastian if a boy grin Now that you have waited this long, If you wouldn't mind waiting until Wed week, that would be ideal wink

Indith Fri 13-Sep-13 13:00:31


I am procrastinating.

Life is mental, hence my unforgivable vanishing act. I've seen a few of you about on FB but I am woefully behind with all your news.

So today I am on a rare day off. Which means I am supposed to be getting on with a huge pile of studying but instead I'm mucking around on here hmm. I am going to type this post, have some lunch and then try to finish my pain in labour workbook I think.

So dd has started school along with the rest of our Dec 08 offspring. She loves it but my goodness me she is tired! And tired means stroppy. Ds1 is in year 2 and feeling all grown up and ds2 is 18 months, absolutely adorable but still doesn't bloody sleep and expects to sleep all night every night attached to my boobs. When I was on holiday a few weeks ago he fed lots in the day so I think he just wants to feed at night because I'm not around in the day but I am sooooo tired! We've just popped him into a bed instead of a cot, he looks tiny in it! I have 2 weeks of night shifts coming up and I have half a mind to try to wean him completely but 1) I think I'd regret it and 2) if dd's track record is anything to go by it won't make a difference to his sleep anyway.

Ds2 gave us a scare the other day by having a febrile convulsion, so that was a fun trip to hospital and overnight stay. poor boy just had a nasty virus and his temp kept creeping into the 40s and not coming down. I have now purchased a thermometer for the first time as we've been told to medicate him when he has a temp now to minimise the chances of it happening again. Except the consultant then went on to say that they don't actually know if medicating stops them! I felt terrible though, I'm normally the sort to leave the temperature to do what it is supposed to do so now I keep thinking if I'd just medicated him I might have prevented it.

It is my birthday soon. I turn 30 21 and all I want is SLEEP and a pair of nurses scissors and a roll of tape because I can never bloody find any when I need to take a cannula out. I'm officially old and boring.

Anyone want to provide me with an easy to read summary of what you lot are up to? I know Beans is about to pop, Jammy is upduffed and Arti has lost the plot!

Nolda Fri 13-Sep-13 13:02:36

Still no news from DH (who is also my solicitor) ...

Please do, Rubes on the FB. It shouldn't be hard to find me. My RL name begins with A.

Nolda Fri 13-Sep-13 14:30:38

Hi Indith! Sorry I cross-posted with you and then went into Sainsburys. I'm glad to hear that your DD is enjoying school. I bet all our Dec 08 babies will be exhausted by the end of today. That was some scare your DS2 gave you. Don't beat yourself up. As the doc said he doesn't know if medicating would help either!

I think you have top news down quite well but I might use different words to describe Arti's plight. You need someone who hasn't got a brain like a sieve (ie not me). Where is Lady? She usually knows what's going on.

JamInMyWellies Fri 13-Sep-13 14:36:45

Arti I bet its the rolling thing, am lalalalala fingers in ears to the lack of sleep talk.

Nolda thats a lovely house.

Beans am so glad you are feeling more chipper today.

Had physio today and she has ordered me the oh so sexy pelvic belt thing. Sadly I just have to persevere and hope it doesnt get any worse. I had to get the train and walk as DH has the car today. Public transport round here is a joke. My app was at 12 I had to leave home at 10.30 to get an 11am train then walk half an hr the other end then the same back. It is 3 freakin miles away I would have been quicker to walk the whole way. Unfortunately my stupid fat swollen feet are now rejecting my runners, big old blisters.

Vagolajahooli Fri 13-Sep-13 15:10:15

Oh dear have just given DH an earful. It seems an impending assignment, organising a birthday party, baking cakes and pre menstrual-ness plus the usual time juggling does not make for fun at all. I've been a right old grump at him. He has every second Friday off and today is one of those. So he has had a nice time with the boys today but I still have to time keep and sort the boys out and get them to where they need to be. Anyhoo I've let off steam now so all good.

Nolda I'm quite excited about your house, but didn't you actual put the offer in etc yonks ago? This has taken bleeding ages. Cheeky solicitor, he's busy so someone has to wait another day. Good news is though, house prices are on the up so you may have already have a house that is worth more than you bought it for!

Poor you Arti, its really is the worst feeling that heavy laxk of sleep feeling.

Indith, funny I was thinking of you this morning, I haven't seen you much in FB and thought you must be super busy. How are you enjoying the clinical stuff? Haha I remember never having a pair of scissors when Ineeded tthem or a pen. I used to put a pen in my hair through where my pony tail hair band held my hair.

Stupid bank is so evil as we are applying for this natwest remortgage, so we thought we would discuss our options with our current bank. However, we are currently in the naughty corner because we had unauthorised tenants in the house. Now they left in February, we have continued to pay an extra 2% on our mortgage while we have not been able to rent it. And now it is rented out but the estate agent hasn't sent the forms in saying it is rented according to their terms. So they said they will not discuss any mortgage options with us until they are happy to let us out of the naughty corner. We are hoping we can remind them who needs who here, and swap over to Natwest (yes natwest the bank I wanted to teach a lesson by leaving once before)

beans37 Sat 14-Sep-13 14:38:25

It, how was last night? Are you feeling any better today?

Hello Indith! Wish you lived near me, then you could come and student on me! How is the course going?

I'm no closer to giving birth. All that hope about early labour. Think it was just wishful thinking and exhaustion!

Heating working and DH currently chopping wood so we can have a fire tonight. Rather excited about it. And we're going to watch Django Unchained tonight. Although not sure how long I'll stay awake... Back to insomnia last night.

TMI alert... I KEEP thinking my waters have broken because I seem to be expelling such a lot of goo. Sorry, I know it's rank. Have to wear a pad the whole time! Gross. Am being very (relatively!) active today. Have been to take the girls scootering, cleaned the bathroom, cleared the fireplace and hoovered like a dervish. Hoping to bring it on! I'm not due til a week tomorrow, so I don't know what my rush is. Honestly! Tit.

Vag, has DH recovered from his earful?

Jam, how's your SPD today?

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