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Still brooking no argument for sleep, glorious sleep!

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Stacks Tue 18-Jun-13 19:45:11

This will be the thread where all brooking babies learn to self settle and sleep through the night (the real version, not that 5hr at a time thing).

GenericDietCola Wed 10-Jul-13 08:12:38

Oh dream, it sounds so tough. Brooking mega hard that things improve very soon.

Well my jubilation was short-lived as I managed to wake him on my way out of the room. Damn you, creaky floorboards!

Loopy, I was meaning to suggest a beaker too. in theory that's what I'm doing with DS, but I really must get on with it.

Exciting re olives and little's babies weaning!

Withalittlesparkle Wed 10-Jul-13 08:22:58

Hi ladies sorry I'm not being a very active Brooker but just trying to survive the early days!!!

I was just wondering about bleeding? Things had seemed to die down a lot but now I'm periodically getting fresh red blood, maybe 1-2 tablespoons every 4 hours, more noticeable when I've been lying down!

I went to triage and they were pretty dismissive, took a swab, said it was a potential infection and sent me on my way armed with some antibiotics!

I know to expect bleeding but the red stuff really scares me, I spoke to a midwife on Monday and she said it sounded normal, or that I could be having a really early period!

Just want the bleeding to stop!'

GreenOlives Wed 10-Jul-13 09:42:53

sparks that bleeding sounds fairly normal to me. I had fairly heavy bleeding for 2-3 weeks then it slowed down but in total I had 5-6 weeks of bleeding after both boys. It was sporadic in terms of flow - definitely heavier if I was doing a lot up on my feet. My midwife said it was a good reminder to take it easier! smile
dream I have no idea how you function - I wish so much that I had some ideas to help but I don't! Just sending you a big supportive hug instead smile
gen Bloody floorboards!! grin
DS1 has slept through for 3 nights in a row!! This is a major breakthrough! The only change is that he had had a fan on in his room because of the heat so it would seem that white noise is the key! The test will be when the weather cools and the fan goes off - we may be downloading white noise apps I think! DS2 had an awful night on Mon but otherwise he's doing great at night, generally only waking to feed once and I'm not totally convinced he even needs that as he's not that hungry when he wakes up in the morning so at some stage soon I need to try and settle him without giving him a bottle - eek! Think I will wait until DH is not on early shifts so he can share the load too! smile
Hope you're enjoying the uk pomme Right I've forgotten what else I wanted to say and I must dash as it's Jolly Tots this morning!

TheLittleFriend Wed 10-Jul-13 11:39:54

Dream, I wish there was an answer to your sleep problems. I have a lot if respect for how well you cope. You may not feel like you do some days, but the smiling faces of your happy, healthy children show you're doing a great job smile

Sparks, I often found the bleeding would come and go depending on what I was doing. It lasted 6 weeks this time around. How is twinks?

Green, great sleep news from you! Well done both your boys.

Gen, it's still progress, even if the floorboards woke him!

I had J weighed today and he's put on less than 6oz in 6 weeks, so we're cracking on with the weaning and he'll be having purée as well as baby rice now. He's wolfing it down so far, which is great smile

Withalittlesparkle Wed 10-Jul-13 14:14:20

Thanks ladies

My midwife called to 'check up on me' so I managed to have chat with her about it as well and she thinks it sounds normal, so Im going to try my very best not to worry too much. I figured the worry stopped after getting pregnant, but you worry through the pregnancy and then it carries on post pregnancy.

twinks is perfect (except a real night owl)

Loopyaboutmy2boys Wed 10-Jul-13 19:30:56

Re beakers etc, yes we have tried all manner of those. He won't try to use anything, beaker or bottle. The only way I can get water into him is a free flow one with a silicone spout, the slightest touch on the spout and it releases water, so he doesn't have to suck, I just ram it in his mouth for a couple of seconds to release some water then remove it (he never makes any attempt to suck and never tries to put it in his mouth, even though I leave it on his tray after each meal.

Dream so sorry your life has not got easier. Surely they must start sleeping for you soon?!

Munxx Wed 10-Jul-13 19:45:07

I'm being a rubbish brooker again. Sorry.

My dd had silent reflux and was on ranitidine and also gaviscon liquid which is much better IMO than the powders. She was also on carobel as she brought up every feed due to her allergies.

My bleeding with dd lasted 8 weeks on and off but only 2 with ds so it can be so variable sparks as long as you are not passing clots bigger than a 50p try not to worry.

So pleased to hear some are sleeping through! dream I'm so sorry you are having a rough time. I co sleep with ds from about 11 every night. We have had some progress in that he will settle with a feed for an afternoon nap and for a little while at bedtime but its slow progress and he is not really a great sleeper at all. And feeds most of the night.

Am on phone so please forgive the omissions.

TheLittleFriend Thu 11-Jul-13 20:46:44

I'm starting to think there is something to be said for the 'wonder weeks' theory. (here for those who are not aware if it).
According to the app, J has been in a 'leap' for the past few weeks, and he really has been showing the typical challenging leap behaviour. But as of today, when the leap apparently ended, he is back to bring my sunny, chilled out boy!

jaggythistle Thu 11-Jul-13 22:07:36

<waves sheepishly>

Sorry to have failed to post for so long. blush

Away to try and catch up. . .

Munxx Fri 12-Jul-13 13:56:58

Yes little I still see this with DD. she is 30 months now and has definitely just had a developmental leap!

I bled for 67 weeks after DD, and 5ish after the boys, despite CS though it was lighter. I would try not to worry sparks . Night owl, hmm, yes, I've had 3 of those! One remaining sad

Which brings me to the current state of play. 4:20am. 4 fucking 20 is not the morning . Not when you've been up and down all evening and then up 12-12:30, 3, and 3:30. i am failing to function to the degree I nearly spontaneously quit my job on Thursday as I felt so overwhelmed, which I know is down to tiredness. I have helpfully again been told to leave him to cry. I did just manage to smile and say "oh, the problem is he's a vomiter" rather than my first thought, which was to poke her eyes out with something sharp... hmm

Sorry, off to my night owl, again...

Will try and post later, just to say I was also bleeding in fits and starts for 6-7 weeks after dd and 5-6 after boys, despite cs (though it was lighter) .

4:20am today for S. <quivers at thought of this becoming regular >
It is now so bad I'm contemplating quitting my job as I feel I just can't do it properly though it is a rest compared to at home . Wish me luck for if I can find the energy to continue the night weaning...

Stacks Fri 12-Jul-13 22:20:21

Oh Dream, your boys (and dd?) put you through so much. I really hope a corner is turned soon, it can't go on like this. I was going to complain about my bad nights, but they're nothing compared to yours really. I have no idea how you're managing, I'm exhausted and its only been 6 months, I don't have to work, or look after 3 children...

Things have improved and gone downhill too. We're now able to get consistent naps in his cot during the day, this morning we even got 90 full minutes! He goes down ok for the start of the evening too, though still wakes a few times. Average good night would be 90 mins, 30 mins, 10 mins x lots till I give in and feed/cosleep. DH has been doing those first few wake ups while I sleep - so around 8-11. It's only been this week, but it's really helped me get through the tough days he's been throwing my way.

Munxx and Little tell us about these development leaps. We need some focus on LOs growing and learning and being awesome. T has been improving with his BLW every day. It's been fascinating watching him eat, there's a lot of mess involved but, eg, today I watched him carefully get a Cheerio (usually too small to eat) with his left hand in a fist, get it to his mouth, then use the fingers of his right hand to poke it out of his fist into his mouth grin <- proud mummy.

Jaggy <waves> how's things?

Loopy we use an ikea beaker. They seem popular with the babies round this way. Do you have an Ikea near you? Not sure if their design is anything spectacular though, and is probably similar to something you've already tried. Could be worth a go though, they're cheap and nice enough.

Sparks I didn't bleed much, I guess because I had a CS. The bleeding did however stop completely a couple of times, then come back. Sometimes as much as a week or two after it stopped. I thought it was my period each time, but nothing ever materialised.

Olives did the sleeping continue? I hope so!

Gen did you manage the cot again? Without the floorboard waking the next time? It's annoying when that sort of thing happens. Took me 20 mins to get T to sleep yesterday, then he sneezed just as I was creeping away. Totally woke him up sad

Smegs how are you? How is DSIL and DN? I hope the gaviscon has worked, or they've been given something which does help. We've just been given omeprazole as I'm not sure the ranitidine is working. However it tastes awful and T often spits some out so I'm never sure the dose he's getting. If DN gets ranitidine it's worth asking the pharmacy if they have the child version - it exists, but most chemist suppliers seem not to carry it. There's variations in adult versions too, the one we have now is way worse than the last batch (different chemist).

Got to go sleep. T has been up twice already so I didn't bother going to bed. Sometimes it seems worse to sleep. Getting woken up from sleep or near sleep makes me so grumpy. At least if I don't bother going to bed I'm merely exhausted, instead of exhausted and furious.

Loopyaboutmy2boys Sat 13-Jul-13 19:51:54

Just a quickie. Stacks how are you giving the omeprazole? My ds1 has that, and we crush the tablet and mix it into some organix fruit purée, and he takes it no problems at all.

I so wish he didn't still have reflux, he is approaching 33 months and today we nipped to a shop after he had been swimming, gave him his packed lunch to munch on whilst at the shop, and just one bit went down wrong and that was it, he threw up all over himself and the pushchair, so we had to buy him a new outfit and attempt to clean him up....thankfully we had the roof box on the car so the sicked on pushchair went into there.

Loopyaboutmy2boys Sat 13-Jul-13 19:53:00

(And I mean threw up as in emptied his entire stomach contents....dream sadly will know exactly what I mean...)

Stacks Sun 14-Jul-13 11:17:15

I gave him the first dose crushed in water with a syringe. He hated it though. So this morning I have him it in some apple sauce, which went in better. It was a bit concentrated though, so still tasted bad. He refused the spoon for the next couple of unsullied mouthfuls. I'll try tomorrow not doing the whole dose in one spoonful.

Gtg, we're at the PIL today.

GreenOlives Sun 14-Jul-13 21:44:11

Hello ladies. Hope you and babes are all ok. I'm whittling about T, he has been out of sorts for a couple of days which I'd put down to the hot weather but today he spiked a temp of 39.2 sad It comes down with medicine but soon starts creeping up again and he is clingy and miserable sad No obvious illness though and he's still taking a decent amount of milk. Think we'll ring GP tomorrow as he's a bit young to take the wait and see approach. I hate my baby being poorly!

Oh Olives I hope to hear that T feels better soon sad

How are all the other brooking babies doing in this heat? K is not bad, bit grumpy and feeding loads though.

TheLittleFriend Mon 15-Jul-13 09:09:56

How's T today Green? I can't bear it when either if mine are poorly sad

Dream, I hope the 4.20 start was a one off?

Olives how is T today? Brooking he is feeling better.
How are the brooking little ones doing in the heat, hoping that there is improved sleep for all!

Munxx Mon 15-Jul-13 20:55:52

Hope all brooking babies doing OK. Wee munx is sleeping in a vest and teeny munx has the fan on. The white noise effect is a bit of a bonus!

GreenOlives Mon 15-Jul-13 21:21:23

T is still poorly sad Gp thinks it's his throat. He's given me a prescription for amoxicillin but said to wait for 48 hrs before cashing it as it's probably viral sad The poor little mite is so restless and miserable and despite giving alternate doses of ibuprofen and paracetamol at max doses his temp isn't going below 38 and creeps up over 39 when next dose is about due. He did smile once today when Max came home from school, he adores his big brother smile We've moved his cot back into our room tonight so we can keep a close eye on him. We've already had to settle him several times since he went down at 7 so I think it's going to be another long night confused

Oh poor T, and poor you Olives I hope he feels better soon.

K is not at all happy with the heat tonight sad

GenericDietCola Mon 15-Jul-13 21:34:40

Oh no, poor T. Brooking he settles tonight and is better soon.

pommedechocolat Tue 16-Jul-13 18:57:37

Oh no olives! Ill, little and in this heat, really worrying.
I'd only wait max 24 before cracking that anti-bi (but then I dont like orders smile )

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