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Still brooking no argument for sleep, glorious sleep!

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Stacks Tue 18-Jun-13 19:45:11

This will be the thread where all brooking babies learn to self settle and sleep through the night (the real version, not that 5hr at a time thing).

TheLittleFriend Tue 18-Jun-13 19:49:09

Stacks you beat me to it, I'd just started a new thread too!

If this is the one where they sleep through though, I'm staying put!!

Stacks Tue 18-Jun-13 19:56:17

Oops, I wondered if anyone else would be starting a thread. It's been so quiet recently I thought it'd be unlikely though.

I definitely need a sleep through. Even if it was just once. T was up lots last night, he's always particularly bad in the 'morning' up every hour or less from 2:30 onwards last night, but slept for 2 hours 10-12 and 12-2 (which is depressingly good here sad ). I just wish T would learn some consistency. He settled himself back to sleep on Sunday night (waking in 45m cycles) three times from 8pm, but last night screamed and complained till he was fed for similar wake ups. Every time I think something is improving sad

Still, he's sitting up well and the like. Focus on the good!

TheLittleFriend Tue 18-Jun-13 19:56:52

Lovely to hear how well T is getting on with sitting Stacks. It sounds like you've got the right approach for weaning, just let him play if he's not willing to eat yet. He will soon.

Green I survived my night on my own thanks, but J's sleep still not great. I hope moving him to his own room will help too, but we won't be doing it for a few weeks yet, after we get back from our holiday

How is everyone else? It's very quiet in hear at the moment!

musicalmrs Tue 18-Jun-13 20:11:58

<Marks place>

Thanks for the new thread Stacks!

Sorry to hear about the sleeping woes Stacks and Little. I'm afraid I have no real advice... but it's completely rubbish sad

Have had a fun few days with a lurgy filled Isabelle. She got a sickness bug on Thurs night, and has managed to pass it around to many members of our family! She was ill this morning but hasn't been sick since, so crossing fingers.. bored of being stuck at home.

GreenOlives Tue 18-Jun-13 21:28:02

Well done on the new thread stacks! T sounds like he's doing great with the sitting! And on the weaning front it won't be long before a lot more goes in and you find more fun stuff in his nappies! My T's ear infection is all cleared up thanks for asking and his nappies are back to chicken korma usual! !

Sorry to hear J's sleep is not improving little. Are you waiting until the recommended 6 months before moving him to his own room? Or is it because he's sharing with you on hols so you don't want to confuse things? I only ask because T being in his own room really has made a fantastic difference to how well he sleeps.

musical Oh no, poor Iz! (And everyone she shared her germs with!) Sounds like she's over the worst now thankfully so you'll be able to end your solitary confinement very soon!

T has his 2nd lot of jabs tomorrow - they are 4 weeks late as we were on hols last time so he still has another lot after this. DH is on lates so he can come with me in the morning so I'm not the baddie!! grin

GenericDietCola Tue 18-Jun-13 22:30:29

Thanks for the new thread, Stacks, and hurrah that it's the one where the babies sleep! Great re T's sitting skills! E can't do it yet without me sitting behind him to catch him. He's pretty good at wriggling around on the floor tho! He is weaning now and loving it. Have you tried T with banana? That's usually a favourite with babies.

Olives, that's fab news re T's sleep! Sadly moving E to his own room did not have the same result!

Little, I hope J sleeps better soon and that you have a brill hol. When are you off?

I went to work today to agree when I would go back, eek! Not til end of Sept tho. In phone, so will just brook for you all and try to pop back tomorrow smile

Ooh hello, I haven't really moved into the post grads thread yet, been so busy in my new baby blissful bubblesmilesmile I have started a thread here if anyone can help, I will pop back later to catch up and update.

RubberBullets Wed 19-Jun-13 10:46:02

<marks place>

pommedechocolat Wed 19-Jun-13 20:59:58


Hi all. Extremely exciting that this is the thread for sleeping!!

14 months old and I'd kill for 5 hours sleep in a row... But anyway, best not go there, as I'm confident its not imminent smile

Go T with the sitting! The SLT at work who specializes in reflux told me spoon refusal, as S did from 7.5 months, is a typical reflux sign. He did blw pretty much. Now he's dairy, soya and egg free plus on domperidone and ranitidine, he sometimes takes a spoon!! Just keep offering. Fortified breakfast cereals are good. S likes ready brek with shed loads of golden syrup and oatimilk and koko coconut milk are both fortified to the same calcium as cows milk. Or use expressed of course. Or alpro soya 1+ is the same calcium and calories as cows milk (the others are much lower calories)

Erm, forgotten the rest. I'm a horrible tired and shouty mummy atm, really upset how I've not done so well this week. New resolutions again...

Stacks Wed 19-Jun-13 22:48:33

Well, this is our 3rd wake up since T fell asleep at 8:20. First feed though, which is much better than normal. Last two wakes I just laid really still and he fell back asleep with just a bit of fuss. This one was proper screaming though, surely he can't be hungry?

I like the coconut milk, but really didn't like Alpro soya. Yuk yuk yuk. I did wonder if I could give it to T. Maybe I'll try making him some cereal, though I'm not sure how he'd feed it to himself - just fistfuls of it everywhere? He'll put a spoon in his own mouth (though its 50/50 which end) but seems to realise when you've put something on it and uses his had to get it off, or just uses the other end smile

TheLittleFriend Thu 20-Jun-13 20:37:07

Green, part of the reason for not moving him is due to us sharing with him in holiday so wanting to get that out of the way, and partly just wanting to keep him near til close to six months. We've decided we'll definitely move him after hols now though, so he'll be 5 months. If I'm going to be up several times feeding him, I don't want to also have to resettle him because we've woken him going to bed.

Stacks, a friend if mine did ble with her boys, her tip for breakfast cereal was to put enough milk on a weetabix to soften it, but so it keeps its shape. Then you can cut it in to bite size pieces. Still messy, but less than with sloppy handfuls!

Boo, how is K today?

Well J can now roll front to back and back to front. He's practising every time I lay him down. Shame he also practices at 2am!

K is feeling much better, feeding better now too smile

GreenOlives Fri 21-Jun-13 13:54:12

Glad K is feeling better boo smile

That makes sense little. Well done J on the rolling! although not at 2am

stacks Sloppy food and hands make me shudder! I'm not very good with mess, hope T gets to grips with a spoon soon so there's slightly less mess for you! I didn't do blw with Max, am planning to do a mixture of purees and blw with T. He's so used to taking meds via a syringe in his mouth that I'm hoping a spoon won't feel too foreign in his mouth iyswim?! Crap nights sleep last night, mixture of both boys so brooking for better tonight!

Hiya, well it's all happening over here smile sitting, weaning and rolling ignoring the sleeping

K is still on the mend here, she didn't feed properly for 2 days so has been glued to a boob all afternoon, but that's ok (for now) as I thought all prospects of continuing bfing were well and truly over the other day.

Apart from that she seems to be doing what a 7 week old does smilesmile

GenericDietCola Fri 21-Jun-13 16:39:51

Aw boo, that's fab news!

TheLittleFriend Sat 22-Jun-13 08:47:20

Sat in out of hours gp with Jude waiting to be seen. He's been screaming with a fever since 4pm yesterday. sad

GreenOlives Sat 22-Jun-13 08:48:26

Oh no! Poor Jude sad xx

Oh Little hope you get seen soon sad poor J x

Stacks Sat 22-Jun-13 10:16:15

Poor J Little I hoe you get seen quickly. They should prioritise littlies right? Really hope whatever is wrong can be treated quickly so you can all get some rest.

Glad K is going better Boo. Has she stopped the catchup feeding yet?

Green I read more about BLW and told DH - who's now decided its the only way to go. I didn't realise a lot of the idea behind baby feeding themselves is to avoid parental pressure to eat - no "one more spoonful" or aeroplanes to trick baby into eating more than they want. So we're giving some purée but just slopped on his high chair tray... It's incredibly messy but T seems to enjoy it and will suck his hands after smooshing everything on the tray. I just have to put a wash on after dinner and get him straight into the bath! I'll maybe upload a couple of pics to Facebook smile
Oh, and the syringe feeding didn't seem to help T take a spoon - but hope it helps for you!

Hi Gen, Pet, Musical, Rubber, Pomme and Dream. Hope all is good with you?

TheLittleFriend Sat 22-Jun-13 14:07:49

Thanks all, sounds like its a similar virus to the one K had Boo, as he's struggling to feed as well. Gp ruled out any ear/ throat/ chest infections though. Every now and then he is vomiting lots of mucus, which is gross, but seems to help him feed. Looks like we're in for a crap weekend!

Little that does sound similar but K didn't bring up any mucous sad the Dr couldn't find anything wrong either. Hope J feels better soon.

GreenOlives Sat 22-Jun-13 20:03:25

Glad it's nothing serious little and I hope J is much better soon. T also has a horrible cold and is not feeding as much so the Brookers babies all seem to be suffering sad We have been getting green snot in milky vomit too <boak> And last night he decided to take a leaf out of J's book and practice trying to roll onto his front at 4am shock angry He can't manage it yet but spent a good hour trying!!

GreenOlives Sat 22-Jun-13 20:05:01

stacks Would love to see the messy photos! grin The thought of it makes the slight ocd side of me shudder! smile

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