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November 2012 - Adventurous eaters, food refusers and everything in between

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StuntNun Wed 05-Jun-13 21:47:04

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PetiteRaleuse Thu 06-Jun-13 15:21:01

Nappy changing has become a wrestling match. I seem to remember the same with DD1 but she calmed down after about a year

izzybizzybuzzybees Thu 06-Jun-13 15:34:08

Well HV has been out. She is correct in saying J has moved night into day as yet again he fed at 7 then not until 2.30. She had said not to piss about with the gaviscon but to get ranitidine. So have appt at 5 for that. With regards to his sleep she says we've to do controlled crying in the hope he then learns to self settle and also learns to feed more in the daytime. I have tried in the past to get him to take more milk in the day but it backfired. We have paeds appt through so that is 17th June now thankfully.

PetiteRaleuse Thu 06-Jun-13 15:41:14

izzy that sounds positive. How do you feel about all that?

PetiteRaleuse Thu 06-Jun-13 15:46:14

Can you get antihistamines over the counter over there? Not going to get time to ask for a prescription from my GP before we leave, unless I ask DH to leave early tomorrow, which, as he needs to finish up a lot at work, won't be easy for him. (am not going with the girls, I don't want them around sick people just before the holidays, and yes, I know that is OTT, but I really want our break to go well, as it's our last time off work together til next Easter)

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Thu 06-Jun-13 16:10:39

Yes, own brand and branded stuff available in boots, supermarkets etc PR

ChasingDaisy Thu 06-Jun-13 16:29:09

Oscar is asleep. I'm watching Cbeebies.

fruitpastilles Thu 06-Jun-13 16:36:57

Went well at the doctors, saw a locus and she was lovely, she genuinely seemed to care that S was so sick all the time, which made a change from HV's poo pooing it. The first thing she mentioned was cmpi and was amazed at my knowledge of it nearly told her about the amazing quiche but we don't think it's that. She gave ranitidine straight away, I hadn't even mentioned it. Back for a review in 2 weeks and if no improvement then a paeds referral.
Qq about the ranitidine, the doctor told me to give her 1ml twice a day, but on the bottle it says once a day, what do I do?

fruitpastilles Thu 06-Jun-13 16:45:04

*locum, not locus

StuntNun Thu 06-Jun-13 16:52:52

Twice a day for babies over 6 months Fruit, the dosage on the bottle is probably for older children or adults. It might be wise to double check the dosage calculation as well. I was told 1.5 to 2.5 ml twice a day but J has gained a pound since that was calculated.

ValiumQueen Thu 06-Jun-13 16:54:13

Fruit 1ml twice a day sounds right. That is what J has, and room to increase if necessary. Once a day would not be enough.

Missed baby clinic as J threw up everywhere as we left so by the time we would have got there, we would have had to leave to get A.

Just had a row with DH as homework always causes stress with A. He suggested a routine. I said she has a routine. Bang. Fucker angry

My fucking neck hurts again too, and my leg was shooting with pain. My leg has been ok for ages. Not very fucking thankful.

PR I so get the not wanting to let the kids near sick people. I hate baby clinic for that very reason.

PetiteRaleuse Thu 06-Jun-13 17:22:19

Great news re the otc hay fever stuff. France is bloody stupid for availability of otc remedies. Humex is going to be prescription only from later this year. Immodium has only just been allowed to be bought otc. I understand to a point - people can stupidly self medicate. But ffs. Humex? Really?

Right. DD1 seems fine this afternoon. The mucous is in the poi, not the urine. I feel like I have stidied the contents of her potty far too clisely to work that out, but anyway. Will see how she is first thing. Paed's blocked me a slot tomorrow pm just in case. I need to call and confirm, or not, in the morning.

fruitpastilles Thu 06-Jun-13 17:38:14

Thank you stunt and vq wrt the dosage, the doctor sat her on the scales to weigh her and looked it up little fatty is 8.4kg I think she said to give her 1ml and then can up it if needed.

fruitpastilles Thu 06-Jun-13 17:39:02

I also got lots and lots of hay fever tablets, she gave me 2 different types to try and a nasal spray been as I have my maternity exemption and didn't have to pay grin

Pikz Thu 06-Jun-13 17:41:44

I love the lady GP I just saw. She ga me a hug and cuddled L.

He had a full once over and his broncholitis has finally gone completely. He has bad conjunctivitis but we have drugs for that and I'm to give him nurofen and Capol alternating every two hours to help him get some rest and hopefully some sleep for me.

My toothache has started to subside so hoping for some sleep tonight.

Sending love to all.

fruitpastilles Thu 06-Jun-13 17:52:39

pikz it seems like the quiche on a whole has had a good day with doctors smile

Donnadoon Thu 06-Jun-13 18:09:45

hi all, dd is 8 monhs tomorrow and 18lb 9 oz today. All good here weaning and sleeping wise touches wood

ChasingDaisy Thu 06-Jun-13 18:24:28

Close to losing it today. Really fucking close.

ValiumQueen Thu 06-Jun-13 18:29:31

What is happening chasing?

ValiumQueen Thu 06-Jun-13 18:42:35


PurplePidjin Thu 06-Jun-13 18:55:44

((hug)) chasing

Lily311 Thu 06-Jun-13 18:58:00

You ok chasing?
Lots to say but will be back later. Can I just say fuck the fuckity off thrush? O seems better but her tongue is covered. I have daktarin. She had physio today, screamed like never before but did everything well.

BigPigLittlePig Thu 06-Jun-13 19:02:28

Evening all.

Chasing hope you are ok sweetie xx
Pikz glad your day has picked up

Loving how we're all on our way to being CMPI experts, thanks to YW the quiche. In RL I have to say "a friend whose little boy has ishoos" as I fear people wouldn't understand the awesomeness of Le Quiche.

The heat appears to have fried my one remaining brain cell and I can't remember a single thing of what I was going to say to peeps sad

Amusing MIL dairy tales...for tea tonight she was going to cook quiche (I shit you not) unyil I pointed out that she uses about a kg of cheese. So then she did jacket potatoes, and nearly put some Flora Buttery on mine ("but that's not dairy? really?). Pudding was icecream. She helpfully suggsted I could have a yoghurt instead hmm F will be taking a packed lunch to Nannys I think.

ChasingDaisy Thu 06-Jun-13 19:04:36

Think PMT is making my depression worsen. Feeling dark today.

O seems to be becoming more difficult and I'm finding that hard.

MissMummy1 Thu 06-Jun-13 19:16:10

Place marking. Trying and failing to catch up.

Stuck in car insurance hell dealing with the accident in the hire car from 2 months ago. My insurance company wont accept liability and neither will the insurance company who arranged it. Enterprise are being twunts. Think I may need to get legal advice....

Hugs for chasing thanks

I need wine wine wine

fruitpastilles Thu 06-Jun-13 19:19:21

Hugs chasing thanks

I have another qq (sorry!) do I store the ranitidine in the fridge or cupboard?

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