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March 2013 - gurgles, giggles and going on holiday (for some of us at least!)

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pudtat Tue 04-Jun-13 21:57:52

Will this do? Never started a thread before so hope this works...

previous thread

ecofreckle Thu 06-Jun-13 19:31:22

Welcome something, any and mumma and congratulations on your new ish arrivals!
vj how old is your babe? I ask as I have something to say re naps.

leni having a baby is much more grown up than buying a house. You can sell a house. They're not a forever thing so dive in I say.
First swim was fun. No tears. But lifeguard objected to poolside feeding.
Not many naps today for dd so she's currently crying post bath in that way yours does stormy: how dare you clothe me!?
Better dash.

vjhist85 Thu 06-Jun-13 20:07:05

Eco- dd is 13 weeks (but was 3 weeks early) I am all ears!!!

What did the lifeguard say about feeding? Hope you quoted the law at him?
We go swimming once a week and dd loves it. Right little water baby on my hands, no surprise as I'm a swimmer, spent most of my pregnancy in the bath (or so it felt at the time thanks to severe spd) and had a water birth!

ecofreckle Thu 06-Jun-13 20:59:34

'you'd be better off in the changing room, there's people (gesturing to heavy set tattooed gentlemen having lovely time in pool with their kids and who'd clearly seen the upper part of a boob before) around'. Sigh.
We too did lots of pregnant swimming, too many baths and had water birth. Maybe that's why our los love the pool indeed!
My dd is ten weeks but was three late (I went to term plus 20!) so maybe they're similar when judged on due date? Anyhow, we have had the daily nap battle too but last few days we've put her down expecting the standard thirty mins and we've had 45-60 instead. We didn't change our tactic. Maybe it's a natural progression as they get a tiny bit older? So, sorry, no wisdom but maybe light at end of tunnel :-)

vjhist85 Thu 06-Jun-13 21:07:28

Edd was 26th march, but she arrived rather speedily on the 7th! I think I need to persevere, I've been a bit defeatist and now often don't even put her down for a nap, instead just put her in her bouncy chair or on me, both of which used to be sure fire but are becoming less so. Need to be less lazy and be prepared to keep going back up and down those stairs! Silly attitude really.

Think I'm going to introduce another regular ff, already do one at 10pm but with kit days coming up I want to make sure she's happy to take a bottle when she's wide awake in the day and not just fast asleep! Any tips from anyone on which daytime feed is the best one to swap? We are currently (very roughly!) 7,10,1,4,7.

vjhist85 Thu 06-Jun-13 21:08:58

Oh and re: lifeguard, what an arsehole! I like to think I'd give him what for. In reality I'd probably meekly disappear (and then complain wuss that I am

KFFOREVER Thu 06-Jun-13 22:08:50

Hi something 8am-8pm? Is that for real?

vj i would try a feed time of when she will be definitely be feeding ff while you are at work.

eco what an idiot. You should have continued to feed at the poolside. At the end of the day there is not much he can do.

leni good luck on the housebuying. Exciting times.

ecofreckle Thu 06-Jun-13 22:44:04

vj they must have mixed our dates up, I was due on 5th, arrived 25th :-) almost opposite. With regards the nap thing I realised after a while that the initial or after just a minute of crying was actually part of dd's process for going to sleep. It's a whinge more than a cry and I now wait before going in. Invariably it's brief and she drifts off shortly afterwards.
Wasn't it a lovely long light evening. We sat out for ages.

leniwhite Fri 07-Jun-13 06:06:49

Bless DS, after a grumbly evening post-jabs (my heart almost broke but I stopped myself from punching the nurse at least when she stuck those needles in his perfect little thighs) he slept from 9-4 so not the chaos I'd envisaged.

Shame I'm too worried about this flat buying dilemma to sleep!

Wwyd -

option 1 - buy a 3 bed shared ownership flat with big open plan kitchen/lounge in a big but brand new development (big balcony, underfloor heating, triple glazing) on a main road with no garden or parking but 5 mins from Greenwich Park and only 12 mins to work for me instead of 1.5 hrs. Comes with all white goods and very secure and quiet inside but main door opens on to a busy road (flat's at the back and you can't hear it from there). We'd only own half.

Option 2 - buy a 2 bed flat with separate kitchen in a purpose built dated block (exactly like we're in now) that needs updating and is above budget anyway, in Beckenham so slightly longer to work, but big communal garden, parking and possible neighbourly vibe like we have here. We'd own it all but pay roughly the same as option 1 because it's a bit cheaper.

We have to decide today without having seen option 2, because they can't show us any similar until tomorrow. I feel my head may explode!

Neither are the area I want but at least I know I like Greenwich whereas I've not been to Beckenham although the stats are basically the same.

I love where we currently live but our lease is almost up, we can't afford to buy here and the rent is twice what either of the above options would cost us per month, which is why we have to move even though ideally we'd love to stay.

Is there a 'make this decision for me because I'm incapable' thread?!

Thoughts ladies? confused

worsestershiresauce Fri 07-Jun-13 07:26:38

Morning all - another one here with vaccs yesterday, and Leni, I'm with you.... had to restrain myself from snatching the worselet away and running off. It just feels wrong, to stick a needle in a baby. She wasn't happy, screamed and SCREAMED in outrage at the nurse, and me, and the world in general which didn't go down too well with the less baby friendly members of the waiting room posse. Having to wait around for 10 minutes afterwards, just in case, can be an ear splitting experience.

Leni - can't choose the flat for you, but one thing I would say is check out the service charges. New build places can have stonking great monthly service charges, and some older places have insufficient funds in the coffers so whack a massive bill on you for major works. Look at when the block was last over-hauled (painting, windows, electrics etc), ask about when the next major works are planned. We own an ex-council place in London, and in the last 3 years have been billed £22,000 (that is not a typo... I really do mean £22k) for various major works. Also check carefully that the vendor is up to date with service charge payments. If they aren't you may become liable.

Something you get 12 hours sleep every night? Wow? What are you feeding? Whiskey wink? The tiddler only slept until 5am again this morning, but I'll let her off this time. The vacc zonked her out to the point that she fell asleep after 3 swallows of her evening feed, hence went to bed on an empty stomach. I was expecting her to wake about midnight, so 5am was a pleasant surprise.

Another very sunny day here. I feel like a right old misery guts, but in all honesty I'd rather it cooled down a bit!

pudtat Fri 07-Jun-13 07:27:54

Leni, do I sense a morning in Beckenham checking out the vibe and at least doing a 'drive by'?

pudtat Fri 07-Jun-13 07:34:53

Well in a desperate bid to get more sleep I did a bottle dream feed and it worked! That meant he went 10.30 to 2.30 before needing another feed. Yay! of course i needed the loo after 3 hrs. My boobs were busting at this point, so I was disappointed that I could only get him to do one side and ended up going and pumping the other one so that's another 2.5oz in the freezer at least. He's then gone for another 4 hrs, although I only got 2 and a bit, but still feel better for it. May even have another snooze when he's finished now...

somethingbeginningwith Fri 07-Jun-13 08:10:37

12 hours really is for real. I'm just as shocked and go to bed every night thinking that he won't do it again but he seems to really love his sleep. Takes after his mummy grin from 8 weeks it was 9 hours and now at 12 weeks it's been 12 hours for the past week. He's a thumb-sucker so I think he soothes himself back to sleep when he wakes up. And only the smallest drop of whiskey wink

leni with regards to the house, a drive through as pud suggests is a great idea. We looked at a similar scheme to yours with part ownership but decided against it as we wanted the security of something that was all ours so instead went for a less snazzy looking house and chose one that we could put our own stamp on as a cosy family house. even though the snazzy looking house was simply beautiful Whatever you pick has to be right for you though

Jabs today. Sob. Hopefully an afternoon with his wonderfully crazy 91 year old great great uncle will take his mind off it. And mine.

SoYo Fri 07-Jun-13 08:39:14

I think I have officially made the transition to zombie.

Bed at 8.30, up at 9.30/12/2/5 then every 20-30mins until I gave in. What a bloody nightmare!

Today I have friends coming for coffee, need to pack for holiday tomorrow & need to figure out how to get some rest before the 7hr drive that supposedly commences at 5am. Grr.

KFFOREVER Fri 07-Jun-13 09:52:11

Ds went bed at 10 woke at 2.30 then 5.30. After that he couldnt sleep with all the farts.

leni i know both areas well and live really close to beckenham. I must say i prefer beckenham. You will be out of london but still close enough. Now greenwich is a royal borough wouldnt it be very expensive to live ie council tax? Greenwich park is nice though and i would be tempted to live in a brand new apartment. Sorry im not that much help.

leniwhite Fri 07-Jun-13 10:38:02

I feel like a zombie too - had a sneaky 7.30am to now snooze!

Hmmm that's really useful input; we don't have a car so a drive through is a bit more of a faff, but possibly worth it. I'm torn because the vibe of this place seems very much based on my lovely neighbours and we've had major works done here so I can see how that could be an issue. Plus we're only planning on staying up to when DS is school age so it wouldn't be worth shelling out to us. The service charge on the shared ownership place is all part of the rent so no hidden costs there.

I'm indecisive at the best of times but this just seems like an insurmountable one - no amount of sleeping on it has helped!

Eigmum Fri 07-Jun-13 12:12:05

Who let these people with sleeping babie in!! Just jealous, up at 11.30 and 3.30 and then 7.30, can't complain. Irony is I have finally got the hang of the breastfeeding, tempted to keep it up and delay return to work!! Controversial. I know she probably won't sleep through til solids on that basis but I am ok with that!

pudtat Fri 07-Jun-13 20:05:44

So... How'd you get on Leni?

Eigmum Fri 07-Jun-13 22:01:34

Yes! What's the decision leni or are you all asleep with fabulous babies!! We are asleep here but planning to dream feed at 11pm.... Although likely dd has other plans.

WingDefence Fri 07-Jun-13 22:52:34

KF, that's scary - Beckenham is where we moved from two years ago when we came opp north!

leni, it's a fab place to bring up children. Far too much to tell you about as I'm typing one-thumbed on my phone bit feel free to PM me and ask me any questions about shops, schools, which are the good and bad streets etc!

pudtat Sat 08-Jun-13 02:14:18

Gosh it's quiet round here at the mo. hope it's because everyone has babies that sleep through, boobs which don't leak and go so hard they prevent you rolling over get uncomfy, and are having lovely days out in the sunshine.

Talking of the sun, what are you all doing about LO's out in it? I have been keeping him in the shade under his uv covers, but I genuinely worry more when he's in the sling - seems harder to protect his face though he has a hat and I bought another really cute one yesterday. Should I put him in sunscreen? Are any safe when they're this little?

WingDefence Sat 08-Jun-13 02:28:29

I'm here sad

DD still faces into the sling wester's body so the hat has been enough to cover her face, sometimes with a muslin on top. But I think a little children's would probably be fine. Test it on a bit of skin first?

DD has created a new sleeping issue out of thin air. The past few nights she's awoken around now desperately trying to find her thumb (which she's just discovered in the same time) but failing to unclench it from her little fist so ends up crying and waking up. It's most frustrating! Last Friday night she went her longest (11-6) but the past few nights hasn't made it past 2:30 sad

Any ideas?! hmm

WingDefence Sat 08-Jun-13 02:29:11

*a little children's sunscreen should be fine

KFFOREVER Sat 08-Jun-13 02:30:26

Aggghh. ds was moving around. I thought i would get one step ahead and make a bottle before he fully wakes. Turns out he had wind. Hes now fast asleep again.

wing seems we can make another thread here just for beckenham. I agree with you about it being a fab place to bring up children.

pud - i deserve bad mummy points for forgetting ds's hat on occassions but i keep him in the shade most of the time.

SoYo Sat 08-Jun-13 02:55:13

Pud, MiniYo mostly stays in the shade but we were out in the garden all day yesterday so I slathered her in kids factor 50, put her in a hat that's far too big & fed her a million small feeds to stop her getting dry.

She's still gt a stinky cold so it's like sleeping next to Darth Vadar but karvol capsules & tilting her crib seem to have helped a bit tonight.

We're leaving for holiday in 3hrs. Is it likely ill get any more sleep???

KFFOREVER Sat 08-Jun-13 03:06:32

wing cant you just give her a dummy when she is rooting atound for her thumb? I know not many people agree with a dummy but its been my lifesaver.

So 3 days of mil being here. My home sweet home is a mess. Seems dh gets his messyness from his dm. Also im begining to realise just how much ive learnt ds's ways and im trying to teach her his likes and dislikes.

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