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December 2012 Babies Half a year already and still kind of sane.

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halestone Sat 01-Jun-13 21:02:21

New thread

halestone Sat 01-Jun-13 21:12:37

Isthat and WL i will probably be joining your up all night club. Narky baby is in full form i hope this chest infection goes soon. She vomited all over herself and DP, i know i shouldn't smile but it was all over DP meaning they both needed a change of clothes

halestone Sat 01-Jun-13 21:16:41

Oh and shes tried to latch on and bf a few times today. Is that normal?

Ski, I think its probably saliva and that your DS is getting ready for teething.

PurplePidjin Sat 01-Jun-13 21:17:18


I shouldn't be mean about my mum, she took R for a 2 hour walk yesterday so i could soak in the bath (post viral ache) and played with him today (and got him down for a nap!) letting me have 2 hours kip on the sofa. So, worth the occasional bit of "Did you know, you should have done x thing y way?"

PS my stock answer to that is "Feel free to correct it any time" latest have been the way i hung the blackout curtains in the nursery and the fact my 7yo cheapie ex display dining chairs are falling apart hmm

emilyeggs Sat 01-Jun-13 21:38:17

Grrrr! Quick unrelated rant alert!!! (Sorry if you're reading this again) dsd is doing her usual "I don't want to go to bed" thing. She has started crying so DH has said she can stay up......if I point out this only teaches her crying works it will cause trouble!!!! Sooo frustrating!!!!

SpottyTeacakes Sat 01-Jun-13 21:57:32


WLmum Sat 01-Jun-13 22:12:33

Well done hales we're on 2nd wake up already. My back is sore from laying with her last night so expect to spend most of the night sitting up in bed with 4 pillows! For some resin dd1 couldn't sleep so I was reading to her til 9.30 - I got a whole 30 mins off!!
eggs of course you're right, tricky situation though. Good luck with that one!

Stacks Sat 01-Jun-13 22:13:54

Just checking in. Time for me to sleep now, though I'm sure DS will wake just as I settle. Hope good nights are had by all and premonitions prove false! We'll all wake up after a full night of sleep to healthy babies who have recovered from jet lag and sprouted teeth!

And DS just woke up...

FriendofDorothy Sat 01-Jun-13 22:18:02

Just checking in otherwise I will lose it!

WLmum Sat 01-Jun-13 22:20:51

I've given T calpol and now have very sticky boobs. It's horrid.

emilyeggs Sat 01-Jun-13 22:30:52

Yes WL very tricky sad I hope you have a good night and get some rest fx. Pidge it sounds like a slightly un even trade off but worth It if you let it go in one ear and out the other grin

Dsd spent the rest of the evening on the sofa under a blanket cuddles up to DH talking in a meak voice while he fussed over her. Dss on kindle helping me choose sofas grin

WillYouDoTheFandango Sat 01-Jun-13 22:33:16

Helllllllloooooo laydees! I may be drunk but its okay as I'm child-free for the evening! I'll regret this tomorrow smile

ddas Sat 01-Jun-13 22:36:04

I wonder what our ds&dd will say about us when we have grandchildren! Hopefully not everything will have changed by then!

We've had a rough couple of days- ds been unwell & quite a handful plus refusing to sleep anywhere but on top of myslef or dh (he's nearly 2 and big for his age so not much sleep for us!) but luckily it's as if dd knows we are tired and has been a real angel. Just keeping my fingers crossed she doesn't catch the germs!

And ds has just woken up again so looks like it's going to be another long night!

utopian99 Sat 01-Jun-13 22:37:58

Ha willyou!
wl I sympathise on the calpol boobs..

emilyeggs Sat 01-Jun-13 22:38:35

Good for you willyou.....I'm having a glass myself as DH is on duty now grinwine

emilyeggs Sat 01-Jun-13 22:39:36

sad Ddas

SkiBunnnnny Sat 01-Jun-13 22:43:33

Not started full on weaning yet stacks but he's had a few bits and pieces. It happened this morning even though he hasn't had any real food today or yesterday.

It freaks me out every time it happens though!

halestone Sat 01-Jun-13 22:59:41

Eggs i hope that you had a nice night, even though DSD wouldn't sleep. I think you maybe right though.

WL hope T is ok and that you get chance to wipe calpol boobs.

Willyouenvy have a brilliant night.

Ddas, hope DS is ok, and that he gets better soon and that you also get some rest.

FriendofDorothy Sat 01-Jun-13 23:13:42

I am lying in bed and listening to DH humming 'When you wish upon a star' to DS. Sweet.

WillYouDoTheFandango Sat 01-Jun-13 23:47:48

Oh don't FoD, I'm in bed now and really miss J sad you'll make me shed a soppy tear

Secondsop Sun 02-Jun-13 01:51:33

Checking in. Hello all. Z is fast asleep, I just got woken up by the bloody cat hunting my feet through the duvet. I have no idea what possesses him to decide that my feet moving under the duvet is a small animal for him to pounce on. He doesn't even hunt real animals!

MaMaPo Sun 02-Jun-13 02:02:47

Morning all. Busy thread!

Only second wake up with C, but this is her playtime one so I'm in the living room waiting for her to get tired enough to go back to bed. She is trying to fool me with yawning and rubbing her eyes but I know if I were to try to get her back to bed it would be futile. So quiet playing for at least another half n hour it is.

She had two meals yesterday! Apple for breakfast and sweet potato for dinner. Need to keep on making more stuff. She likes finger food but rarely gets any in her mouth , but is like a gannet with purées.

WLmum Sun 02-Jun-13 02:09:47

Nice work willyou!
Oh dear ddas there's so much yuk about just now and it's so hard trying to care for everyone. Fx ds is feeling better soon. Touch wood big dds are finally on the other side of horrid colds that seem to have been dragging on for ages.
T did actually go back in her cot after her last feed/calpol so fx she will go back soon. Gave her nurofen half way through so only one sticky boob!

WLmum Sun 02-Jun-13 02:14:35

Very wise mama hope she's properly tired soon and back in routine soon.
Interesting about finger food/purée - will be starting in approx 2 weeks. I've got loads of tiny weaning pots that I bought from mothercare/jojo maman? That I used to make a batch of stuff, freeze in pots then turn out into a freezer bag so I could reuse the pots for something else. Can build up a nice stock with a nice variety to ease the cooking/pureeing burden.

WLmum Sun 02-Jun-13 02:15:52

The pots where the lids have little catches are the best as they don't spring open in the freezer.

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