6 week post-natal check

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EmmaKB Tue 23-May-06 20:13:47

Just had my 6 week check with my midwife. She took my blood pressure and asked me if I'd had a period yet and if I felt depressed. I feel as though it was pointless going.
Should I have had a more thorough check up or is the procedure the same everywhere in the UK?

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compo Tue 23-May-06 20:15:04

That's all I got too. Ds got seen at the same time by the GP. Did you want them to check your stitches? I guess you could have asked if you had any problems

expatinscotland Tue 23-May-06 20:15:50

mine was about the same, but w/o the blood pressure check. they basically asked about contraception.

can't really do a smear at that time. it's still pretty sore down there.

some folks are still bleeding at that stage.

notasheep Tue 23-May-06 20:23:36

mine was very basic too but i really didnt care as i just didnt want to be there.

The worst thing was when my GP asked about contraception!!! WHAT?! like i was ready to conceive again

SoupDragon Tue 23-May-06 20:26:42

I got to have a nice chat with my GP about how it had all gone, how he was disappointed not to have been called out to do the new baby checks the next day, laughed about contraception and then he did BabyDragon's 8 week check.

queenrollo Wed 24-May-06 08:28:55

here the HV does a 6 week check on the baby and we then go for an 8 week postnatal check at the GP.

my GP looked ds over, said 'well you look ok' and that was it.......

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