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November 2012 - When are they going to sleep through again?

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StuntNun Wed 15-May-13 14:40:01

Previous thread:

LuisGarcia Thu 16-May-13 01:25:41

Thank you Chasing. You're right. <deep breath, tries transfer 57>

ChasingDaisy Thu 16-May-13 01:30:31

Agh sodding transfer fails. He always goes back down fine at night. I loathe to call it regression as he has nowhere to fucking regress from and he's still 2 weeks off 6 months. Need to go back to sleep so I can stop sitting here thinking of how much I really don't love P and how I've made a massive mistake.

LuisGarcia Thu 16-May-13 01:33:29

You ok?

FatimaLovesBread Thu 16-May-13 01:34:52

Marking my place. Need to catch up on the end of the last thread

M is sleeping soundly, has been since 8:15 bar a feed at 12. I on the other hand have been laying awake for hours. Think I might get up and do some housework before this insomnia drives me mad sad

ChasingDaisy Thu 16-May-13 01:43:59

Thanks Luis I'm fine. Or trying to pretend that I am. Which can almost be the same thing if you try hard enough.

After transfer fail 4 I popped him down next to me and he's out like a light. No more sleep for me tonight. It's over rated anyway.

ValiumQueen Thu 16-May-13 01:45:39

Looks like I need to set up camp here for the night. J has our bug. Sore throat, copious snot, horrendous cough. No fever though thank fuck, but he sounds like a seal.

He woke screaming at midnight and I think has just nodded off on his changing mat. He was inconsolable so I brought him downstairs and woke DH for a second opinion. I always do this if I am really worried.

Managed to get calpol in him and then he calmed a bit. Put him in his chair and then he vomited everywhere. Changed him and tucked him up in blanket on changing mat on floor as he seemed happy enough. He had vomited a huge amount of phlegm.

I am on sofa, DD2 is in my bed coughing in DHs ear.

Oh well.

ChasingDaisy Thu 16-May-13 01:53:13

Oh VQ hugs and brew x

GTbaby Thu 16-May-13 01:53:29

LO has mummy n daddy back at night. Daddy is good at putting him to bed. So glad as it means sleep till 7am. What time he goes to bed is a bit hit n miss tho.
Today he napped till 6pm! At his 1pm nap on me didn't last very long. I needed the loo! N with my pelvic muscle going to shot recently I has no hope of holding on blush. Funnily enough. Transfer didn't wake him. Sound of my crutches did!
So ended up with a 3-6 nap. N seeing as DH if off work for a few days it doesn't matter. Lo watched the football with his dad. Made us laugh at his cuteness.

Luis you think about the sports Physio? It's a really good idea , 100% it helped me.

In 30years time we need to have had a big quiche meet up. Including all. No matter where they live.

ValiumQueen Thu 16-May-13 02:11:48

Thank you chasing. Gonna attempt sleep as he is settled. Hope you get some sleep too, and everyone else x

LuisGarcia Thu 16-May-13 02:20:58

Chasing be kind to yourself.

VQ hugs. G'luck.

GTbaby Have nearly decided to swim rather than run. Considering I live here and love swimming and hate running, I'm putting my decision to run down to sleep deprivation.

Transfer 57 lasted 15 minutes. Which is not bad for this last week.

LuisGarcia Thu 16-May-13 02:25:39

(hopes Chasing follows that link, doesn't care what anyone else thinks)

LuisGarcia Thu 16-May-13 02:35:09

That came out wrong, sorry. Man alive I need sleep.

StuntNun Thu 16-May-13 03:20:25

Ooh Luis that looks lovely. Definitely no running so you can enjoy the views. Lots of swimming and walking would probably be perfect exercise to strengthen your knees too.

Dixiebell Thu 16-May-13 03:20:43

DH is asleep beside me, grinding his teeth. Nice.

Bryzoan Thu 16-May-13 03:40:18

Luis - but you're swimming in the pool, right? Or in a very thick wetsuit? Sea is cold enough to give you a proper case of the Wednesdays at the moment.

Vq - sounds horrible. Hope you are all better soon.

Chasing - snuggle up next to o and sleep. Things will seem better. Then make a plan.

Bryzoan Thu 16-May-13 04:03:33

Luis - lovely about the babbling by the way. I keep being amazed by stuff g is doing that r either never did or did much much later. It is bittersweet. I am so proud of them both I could burst. G seems to find things easy, R has worked her socks off every step of the way. I will never take either of their development for granted that is for sure.

R's hip spica cast came off a year ago today (well, yesterday). Dh and i celebrated with really tasty duck breasts in a red wine and cherry sauce - sorry dieters). It has been a heck of a year for us, between g's arrival and finding out the extent of r's needs (up till the cast was off her paed was saying the hips and prematurity were most likely behind her delays and she would catch up - only her hip surgeon was saying the hips wouldn't hold her back that much).

I am very very thankful for the Internet, and for how easy it makes it to share support and info with other parents - this quiche and also hip and kabuki groups I am in have saved my sanity and given me so much practical and vital advice. I would be properly lost without it.

I am also very thankful for dh. Although he sometimes drives me to distraction I love him hugely and he is a great dad and husband and I'm so glad he's on my team.

And I am beyond thankful for my 2 amazing little heroes. But that goes without saying grin

Lily - sorry to hear your little one has more problems. Really great that you are getting the input so early though. Fingers crossed for you both.

kirrinIsland Thu 16-May-13 04:18:51

Proper case of the Wednesdays grin

Swimming is a great idea Luis Running, not so much!

Hope you are ok chasing You can fix that mistake you know. You don't have to live with it. Looks nice where Luis is!

thanks VQ Hope everyone is feeling better soon and you get some sleep.

4am is the new 7am in this house too. Dropped off the last thread as didnt have time to I have oodles of it. When I should be sleeping.

She could be going into her own room. Now. Right now. The chatting is all well and good but when its high pitched, loud, and continuous I just canmot find it cute in the middle of the night. Need sleep.

Weaning going shit too. She wont eat. Just cries. DP talking today about one more. Haha. Not on your nelly.

Thechick Thu 16-May-13 04:33:58

LO has never slept through, five or six hours at most. It will happen one day, I'm sure of it. It's my sisters birthday today. I'm planning on making a Betty Crocker red velvet cake. I'm not a good baker and I'm cooking a late lunch for the family. Looking forward to it.
Someone on here, I'm not sure who it was posted something about being more accepting of our bodies as they did a truly amazing thing. was another reason to not bear myself up about continuing with the ww. Ill try and find it.

PurplePidjin Thu 16-May-13 04:44:36

He used to do 5-6 in the long stretch. Now it's every 2 hours. And it's food, not faff. Greedy boy here. 2 hourly feeds round the clock, plus 3 meals a day. Please start dropping feeds soon, dude sad

Thechick Thu 16-May-13 04:45:34

Here it is
But it very easy to take this to heart as I 'only' have 10lb to lose. If I had more I might feel differently. I am planning on losing it, just not right this very minute. I have a wedding in 4 weeks and wanted it gone by then but hey ho.
I would love another one, but only if I knew he wouldn't be a prem baby, if we were rich and I could stay at home and if I was a couple of years younger. I'm going to be 40 in November. So it looks like I'm stopping at 2.

Thechick Thu 16-May-13 04:46:23


MsJupiterJones Thu 16-May-13 05:32:34

Fucking hell. 2am and 4.20am. Exactly the same as yesterday. And not the usual 'I've woken myself up & need a hand hold/dummy to drop off again' but proper moaning wailing thrashing about until I fed him. Can't see why he needs it as even though he's never been a great sleeper he was regularly going till 5am before needing milk but given our problems with his weight I don't want to deny him in case it's a growth spurt. But I don't know, it doesn't seem like that exactly.

It's especially difficult as we have paying guests this week who I assured wouldn't hear L as he was quiet at night.

Gave up after 2nd feed as he wouldn't sleep again so we are downstairs watching Countdown. He is merrily dancing to the clock music.

Thechick Thu 16-May-13 06:19:34

Haven't been able to get back to sleep. Think I should get up and start on this cake but maybe breakfast and yesterday's episode of ER first

PetiteRaleuse Thu 16-May-13 06:57:59

LO slept through from about 10 or 11 weeks for about four weeks. Since then she has slept through anything from once to five times a week. The older she gets the less often this is, and the last couple of weeks she's been waking up once a night demanding milk.

Excellent end to the last thread.

Pass grin

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