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Dec 2011: Running around after our Cybermidgets...

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Aethelfleda Tue 14-May-13 14:13:51

Roll up, roll up, it's the Dec 11 new thread.
Prepare to be upgraded (if you can catch them!)

Xiaoxiong Fri 28-Jun-13 16:16:23

DH appears to have missed his flight thanks to solid bumper to bumper traffic in Glasgow. I must admit I have had a small weep of disappointment sad

Aethelfleda Fri 28-Jun-13 16:45:09

Afternoon! Sorry to hear Hope's poorly,
Air, and boo for missed flights xiao

i have no idea what DS actually eats: he is a total third baby and gets dished up whatever the others are getting, plus a liberal dose of humzinger fruit bars, apples, Aldi brioches and fig rolls/custard creams. He's a sandwich de onstructor but occasionally eats the bread too when he thinks I'm not looking.

Right, packing time as we're (hopefully) off for a re-enactment near Leicester. May go tomorrow if weather or traffic awful, depends on how late DH is bacl from work. See you Sunday!

Figgygal Fri 28-Jun-13 18:52:28

Aw xiao I don't blame you a week is a long time hmm hope he gets back soon.

Today we have been swimming and had an epic tantrum at the end of the lesson dh thankfully was with me to help get him changed as it continued a while and all over him having to give up his plastic watering can.

This afternoon we've been to dyrham park which is a national trust property massive hills to climb to it (now I understand why there was a shuttle bus from car park). DS loved trying to jump in the ponds and then climbing all over a tractor they have in the play area. I'm pooped he must be too.

DS eats everything I try to make sure he has plenty fruit of veg not sure what the cm gives him 4 days a week for lunch and dinner prob should ask a bit more grin

Figgygal Fri 28-Jun-13 18:54:55

Oh and we went to the toy shop and bought DS a ride on lightning McQueen I said I wouldn't buy such plastic monstrosities but he keeps sitting on his vtech phonic bus and trying to push it along and it was making me sad to watch it grin

Oh also he asked for the first time ever to go in his pushchair today usually he makes a fuss but he was practically climbing in it .....massive breakthrough for us

Faffin Fri 28-Jun-13 19:25:39

Could you tell last post was typed ony phone? Yes Xiao, grimace fraud was meant to say fromage frais! Kedgeree is great- something we all eat. DS doesn't like pasta or potatoes shock so it works well, although quite a big clear up is required after he's eaten it and flung it around the room. He's good with fruit, but not with veg. Peas and sweetcorn feature quite heavily in his diet!

Sorry to hear DH missed his flight Xiao, must be the day for bad traffic, we got stuck in a load of traffic diverted due to the grand prix on our way home this evening which resulted in late tea, bath and bedtime and quite a spectacular meltdown from DS. He's now in bed and I'm watching a bit of Mary Poppins with DD before taking her up for her bedtime story. I am very much looking forward to collapsing with a large drink!

mopsytop Fri 28-Jun-13 20:17:14

Hi all! Fab two weeks away in Wales. One week in a remote Landmark Trust cottage in Snowdonia, then a quick pop home on the ferry for a wedding (my parents minded Minimopsy) then 5 days in a Featherdown Farm fancy camping in North Wales. It was all amazing. And Minimopsy looooved it! Full attention from.both of us and hours of running around and seeing pigs, sheep, lambs, cows, calves, chickens up close. She was thrilled every day. Was lovely.

I just read back on the thread. But I've been away too long to catch up properly. Interesting reading about language development. Minimopsy has probably 30 words or so. She does the usual baby things from a linguistic point of view... assimilation ('mum' for 'bum', 'bup' for 'up'), final consonant deletion ('no' for 'nose'), all totally normal development. Her cousin two months younger has crazy language skills, he has well.over a hundred words (probably into the hundreds by now) and using sentences etc. but my sister is an SLT. She is obviously very good at her job! But she said the way Minimopsy is developing is totally normal and on track so I'm happy. If I'd just been comparing her to my sister's baby, I'd have thought she was super behind! They all develop different skills at different rates. Having said that, very simple tasks/exercises/games can really encourage speech so if you're worried at all Figgy I'd ask to join an SLT group. It won't do any harm at any rate! But if comprehension and other communication fine I wouldn't worry at this stage.

We had the kitchen plastered while we were away so had moved everything into the sitting room (fridge, freezer, crockery, saucepans etc). So when we got back kitchen was nicely plastered but muck everywhere (well, plaster but you know what I mean, filthy floor, doors etc) so before we even unpacked I had to send Mr.Mopsy off for a long walk with mimim while I cleaned, hoovered etc. They'd also tramped upstairs (carpet) with mucky boots and peed in loo but NOT FLUSHED... uuuggghhh. Stink. So I had to scrub bathroom too. I cleaned the loo twice just in case smile Then Mr.Mopsy moved all the stuff back into the kitchen (fridge etc. plugged in, and oven and washing machine connected but no sink or cupboards argh... kitchen fitters coming Wednesday but before then need to paint kitchen). All this before we could even unpack. And now another week of no sink and everything in boxes. Outside tap so I can wash up in a basin but still. Not excited about the coming week!

Oi, hope relate helps. Sorry things are tough.

Queen congrats on move to SAHM.

Figgy Gah! You should be allowed a guilt/stress free night out! And since when is having a few drinks with your mates a crime?

xiao, sorry about sciatica/pelvic pain. Ugh being pregnant sucks really. P's language skills sound awesome! Oh and BTW, even though it might not appear so from my posts on here, I am a pretty decent proofreader. Before academia I was in tech pubs and proofreading was part of my job. I have an eagle eye for errors! I am just lazy on my phone. I also let about 25 typos slip through in my PhD which I was very cross with myself about but I put it together very quickly in the end and it was 80,000 words so I didn't have time to go through it with a fine tooth comb. Still irritating though. Anyway if you want any extra eye cast over something let me know!

aethel, hope you get to go to the reenactment.

Oh dear. My brain has run out of people I meant to name check. It is a lot to catch up on! Hope you're all well and annoying husbands/partners are being less annoying!

OiMissus Fri 28-Jun-13 20:34:30

Welcome back mopsy! I've got the feather gown brochure somewhere. It looked lovely.
Sorry DH missed his flight xiao. Bloody traffic!
Food... boi's meals at the cm sound v good on the reports. No crap. Lots of fruit n veggies.
At weekends, he eats what we eat. Well, we'll feed him, and then he literally eats what we don't eat quickly enough!
We had beef n raw red onion sandwiches today. He wasn't sure about the onion by itself, but he fed me a piece of his, and another, then sussed it was ok, and finished all his. He deconstructs sandwiches too.
I must admit that he often has sugar free juice. But I never give him crisps or sweets. He'll share cake with me. And he'll share chocolate with any pale-coloured surfaces/walls on the rare occasion he has it. wink
He luffs yoghurts and the little rice pudding cartons.
Argh! All this talk of food! He's still resisting sleep shock, so we haven't eaten yet.

thekatsatonthematt Fri 28-Jun-13 21:09:33

<siddles in and pretends she's been posting on all topics offering support to everyone blush>

Figgy at swimming class last week ou instructor made the mistake of using watering cans early in the lesson. Resulted in 8 screaming 9-18 month olds when they were taken away again grin Needless to say they did not make an appearance this week...

Grumpy 'cos I wish I was at Glasto...

AnAirOfHope Fri 28-Jun-13 21:46:06

I wish I was at glasto as well. I have never been to a music fest and im determined to go to one before im 40.

Air is still awake and howling hmm (is it a full moon?) I need to get his sleep times sorted soon as he starts full time school in September. I normal just leave him in his room and let him get on with it after bath and book. On weekends he can watch a dvd in his room. I have no idea where im going wrong!

Hope still ill sad

OctopusWrangler Fri 28-Jun-13 22:39:48

Octoboy is like Boo in his eating habits. All or practically nothing. Today has been an all day and he has put away vast amounts of carbs, from our pre fat club friday tradition shared plate of toast in costa for breakfast, to a lunch of jumbly rice and veg onto dinner this evening which was chunky wedges and veggies with roast chicken. He also snagged a chocolate and stole my banana as well as scrounging a yoghurt while dinner was cooking. Tomorrow he might eat four shreddies and a small piece of ham. The only thing you can absolutely guarantee he will eat is beans. He loves them. Nobody else is allowed them if he has run out. He just makes his way to your plate and helps himself. Of screams until there are more beans.

Oi I do hope relate can help. Be it to fix things or to be secure in your choices. Stay strongsmile

Xiao enjoy the weekend!

Queen hope your chest is better, and that your notice period passes quickly.

Air how did Hope fare today?

Busy weekend coming up. Will report back on Monday if we survive!

mopsytop Sat 29-Jun-13 07:02:51

Ugh the day started with an hour long tantrum scream fest from Minimopsy. She was waking at 5 on hols so was taking her into our bed some mornings (although not all). She didn't sleep but loved being in bed with us and we got at least to doze for another half hour. So this morning she thought she could do the same but of course I said no. cue tantrum. I should never have let her in with us on hols. Boooo. Going to have to leave her cry in the mornings I think. 6 bearable but 5 is too early.

janey223 Sat 29-Jun-13 07:59:02

Hello all!

DS has just gone 2 months barely touching food now he's a monster again gringrin

Yesterday he had coco pops and a banana for breakfast, piece of his half birthday cake for snack and a decaf, half of my toast and a bottle of milk for nap. For lunch he had a jam sandwich (the only type he'll eat), a bowl of strawberries, mango and melon, a fruit pouch and a carton of apple juice then he had dried pineapple for his snack and a Starbucks (some sort of fruit juice and water as he can't have a babychino). For dinner he had carrot, turnip, chicken and mash, 2 organix animal biscuits and a banana. Then he had 9oz of milk and asked for more confused he never sits still unless he's in his buggy though

He was 14.9kg on Thursday but he's 89cm too so just all round huge.

Upset that he's now at the weight limit of his buggy hmmhmmhmm don't know what to do now tbh!

Was his half birthday yesterday! I made an iggle piggle chocolate cake but poor iggle piggle looked like he'd been slaughtered and I got a WTF is that look! Cake was delicious though smile

I've realised I only need iggle piggle for bribery, yesterday I told him I'd put it on if he peed in his potty. He promptly took one if the boxes from his storage unit, emptied it and peed in it. Lovely.

He's got about 40-50 words now, still barely actually talks though and just asking for things/pointing things out. More is his favourite at the moment 'more, more, more, mummmmy'

OiMissus Sat 29-Jun-13 08:01:30

I wish I was at Glastonbury too. hmm
I've been 4 times. Twice in brilliant sunshine - and it was fab. Twice in mud and rain.
I would only ever go back if I could have a teepee or yurt. There are too many people, and tents tend to overlap. So people stand on Your head, throw up or piss on your tent too much...
The first time, we went over the wall. No 2, I paid someone 25quid for an armband. '95 and '96. The 2nd two times I bought a ticket. hmm 97 I think, and then 2007, I think...
Saw the Arctics on TV last night.
I've seen them live too. grin
Solfest is a nice family friendly small festival.
And I see cbeebies sponsors bestival!

OiMissus Sat 29-Jun-13 08:05:06

Related to food, BOi absolutely refuses to wear a bib of any variety.
He's far too grown up for THAT! smile

janey223 Sat 29-Jun-13 08:10:26

Air you should try and get to one, they are blooming expensive but fantastic! I think everyone should experience them at least is hope today?

Queen hope you're feeling better.

Xiao blooming traffic, hope he made it back eventually.

Mopsy I don't know how you do 5am, it is TOO early! Monkey done it this morning hmmhmm dying

Sorry too tired brain dead to name check everyone & loads of catching up to do

Figgygal Sat 29-Jun-13 08:49:55

I've never done Glastonbury but done t in the park twice the first time was prob one of the best weekends of my life me and best mate got weekend tickets for £25, got utterly smashed, slept in my car, saw killers, foo fighters, oasis, green day and many more wonderful weather too. Glastonbury just seems too big!!

DS slept to 7.15 this morning yay!! Rugby with friends this morning then off to see in laws as dh Seems to think they must not go more than 2 weeks without seeing figgyboy considering mine go months I am sure they could cope.

DS still eats everything this morning he's had blueberries, melon and porridge he has some leftover parsnip swede and potato mash for tea tonight just need to think of something to go with it I lack cooking inspiration. He does like biscuits and anything sweet unfortunately oh and Pom bears

ifyourehoppyandyouknowit Sat 29-Jun-13 10:02:43

Never done Glastonbury but have done Reading and Leeds. I only go for the music really but did have a brilliant time at both.

AnAirOfHope Sat 29-Jun-13 10:22:06

OMG I have just looked at camp bestival and im hooked. Im going next year, it looks amazing (and you can hire yurt and bell tents).

Who wants to come with us?

Im on my phone so cant link but it looks amazing for the kids and children under 10 go free.

jigglebum Sat 29-Jun-13 11:17:35

Camp bestival does have a very good reputation as a family friendly festival, have you seen the prices of tickets though!

AnAirOfHope Sat 29-Jun-13 11:27:50

£190 per adult but elton john, alan davis and horrable historys, circus training and camping for the weekend sounds vfm I think.

AnAirOfHope Sat 29-Jun-13 11:29:29

We have all the camping stuff so just the ticket to get. I may have to blackmail dh to go thou hmm

AnAirOfHope Sat 29-Jun-13 11:31:05

I just think Aaron would have a great time blush

OiMissus Sat 29-Jun-13 12:10:52

I'm up for it. I wonder how much the glamping is though...
But, at a normal festival, my 3 bedroomed tent would probably be ok. smile

AnAirOfHope Sat 29-Jun-13 20:21:02

I have an 8 man tent and dh on board.

QueenofClean Sat 29-Jun-13 20:33:26

busy day today. check FB but my birthday cake for friends lo and cuppys went down a treat. everyone who has had one recommends I start to sell smile had another order for next week too. got great app on my phone & nexus to work out costs.

eating, Sky has good days and bad days but will pretty much eat most things.

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