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November 2012 - Babies' first holidays: India, Australia, the world is their oyster

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StuntNun Thu 09-May-13 07:25:57

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YellowWellies Thu 09-May-13 22:30:38

Det that sounds like the booklet we have. It also suggests soy yogurt at every turn which doesn't help us. Bryzoan I'm happy to make a copy if I can find it.

Horsey I'm going to BF until he's one. If it weren't for my soy and dairy free diet I would happily BF until he self weaned as there is a lot of good science commending extended feeding. Feel a bit shit weaning early for such selfish reasons as chocolate, cheese and Chinese food as I do love nursing - but also more seriously we want to try for number two next year and I'm going to need to build up my calcium, iodine etc stores.

Our holidays are going to be Oxford to visit pals, and Yorkshire with family. We were thinking about Italy or France - just the three of us - but going to places with amazing food whilst I'm on a restricted diet would make me rage envy blush

TheDetective Thu 09-May-13 22:31:36

I've got melon for O. And some nectarines. Best place to go to for weaning fruit and veg - veg shop! Get loads of yummy stuff! He's nearly been through all the fucking purees I did the other day. hmm

TheDetective Thu 09-May-13 22:32:26

Does it have chocolate custard, milk free white sauce and rice pudding too YW? grin

TheDetective Thu 09-May-13 22:33:40

The foods that are okay have lots crossed out in this. hmm I think I'll just ring the supermarkets and ask for a list of dairy free foods as he gets bigger.

The consultant I saw today told me how to make yoghurts with O's milk, which was nice of her! It does involve buying a yoghurt maker though grin.

KatieLily12 Thu 09-May-13 22:36:32

I thought you meant me detective

I was all 'sheesh, I'm just tired ok?!?'


Kyzordz Thu 09-May-13 22:37:20

That's the link, thankyou smile

MsJupiterJones Thu 09-May-13 22:38:11

Hello new thread.

If you want to do a hyperlink but show a word instead of the whole URL, you put a space and then the word or text before closing the brackets.

I.e. [[ Voila! ]] becomes


KatieLily12 Thu 09-May-13 22:39:13

I recommend you do not google natural remedies for constipation. Wow

Just, wow.

MsJupiterJones Thu 09-May-13 22:44:45

Also, bloody hell Eliza that is shit. I thought it must be the heart attack people but have just read it's not. Hope a buyer swoops in quickly.

In holiday news I am going to Jersey with my DMum and L in a couple of weeks. Really going to miss DH and his early morning childcare.

ChasingDaisy Thu 09-May-13 23:07:32

First waking sad

ValiumQueen Thu 09-May-13 23:09:41

Detective you can make yoghurt in a normal flask. No need to buy fancy shit.

J just woke screaming 1.5 hours after going to bed. I sent DH down fora bottle and he was panicking and flustered by the time he came up. And this was from a fully awake start. J drank 6 oz and is asleep again. I think it may be the baby rice. If so is that just the reflux aggravated or an intolerance?

Been looking at property porn. Bungalows with vast open plan rooms and fields for gardens. I wish.

No sign of pass today. Hope you are ok my dear x

YellowWellies Thu 09-May-13 23:17:06

I'd be wary of any supermarket dairy free food list Det as so many foods change their ingredients all of the time (Tesco's one brand of bread I can eat and pork pies - both staples in this house keep chopping and changing their ingredients so sometimes are safe sometimes not I have to check EVERY fecking time angry angry ) if such a list a) existed and b) was reliable - I'd use em.

Sadly I think your future will involve shopping the slow and infuriating way - reading every label or making everything from scratch. It does my head in. In terms of labeling Sainsburys are great - Asda are shite and the others somewhere in the middle. I went into a Morrison's the other day and found 4 ready made sandwiches I could eat (my own sad test) a record!!!

I have just discovered that Fife's biggest dairy free / health food shop is just a mile away - this has made me pathetically happy smile

YellowWellies Thu 09-May-13 23:20:00

VQ baby rice coats their throats and can make stomach acid stick and burn - I've not dared try it yet. Dietician said if its an issue - don't worry just don't give it. Porridge can do the same. Poor wee reflux sausages - give him a big squeeze from me xxx

PurplePidjin Thu 09-May-13 23:24:52

We're thinking about Staffordshire for a Hotrod Show in June then back to Santa Pod for Action in September. Too skint for "proper" holidays but hopefully we'll get to see friends smile

Fingers firmly crossed please. Dp has dome a bit of freelance marketing for a mate, and they're going to be talking about a permanent job tomorrow. Wouldn't be much money but walking distance and a fab company are worth so much more. Also got 2 other possibilities we're waiting to hear from - as long as he's not going back to the cunts i don't care!

I am thankful for dp, my youthie lot who make me giggle, and R.

ChasingDaisy Thu 09-May-13 23:27:10

Gosh, poor reflux-y babies sad it is horrible that ones so young have to deal with this pain.

Was watching the Paul O'Grady dogs programme and got very upset seeing a dog under general anaesthetic as it made me think how I would feel if O were to ever need an operation or get poorly. It also made me realise how much my dad looks lik POG.

Bryzoan Fri 10-May-13 01:59:34

Horsey - you have my sympathies. Sounds a nightmare.

Thanks yw but don't worry, sounds like a hv stock leaflet. Will drag myself to see ours. Have been avoiding her with g as she was worse than useless with r refusing a physio referral when r still wouldn't weight bear at 1, and phoning portage who now provide r with extra developmental support after i had set up an initial visit myself and asking them not to get involved, implying it would only feed my paranoia. Just thinking about it brings me over all sweary Wednesday. But even she ought to be able to manage a fucking leaflet. In fact I would go so far as to say handing out fuckng leaflets is quite possibly her speciality.

<wishes for the 48th time that vq was my hv>.

Lily - I looked on fb but couldn't see your special nappy pic. I would be interested. When is your next follow up? Ours were weekly to start with with g and our consultant thinks this is important. If yours are infrequent please check how many hip dysplasia cases they see and their success rates. Not all hospitals are equal in treating it. One girl now in our clinic was initially at another hospital who had set up the harness in a way that would have actually mad things worse -and no check up was planned for 6 weeks. Luckily the mum as uneasy and asked for the second opinion so no harm done in the end but makes me shudder to think of the other hips they might have 'treated'.

R and g both had their hip checks today, g is now out of harness and still looking normal, r's is still in position from the surgery and the bone is growing again (at last check there were signs of it starting to crumble because of an interruption to the blood supply - v common n late diagnosis cases). He now thinks no further work will be necssary but both kids will stll have regular checks for some time. R came out of her cast a year ago. I am beyond delighted with today's news and very, very, very thankful to have both kids under the care of our awesome surgeon.

ValiumQueen Fri 10-May-13 02:45:39

Bry your reference to me has just made me cry. In a good way I think. However tonight I feel fucking useless as I cannot even comfort my own wee baby. All that is working is milk. I have thrown the baby rice in the bin. Thank you YW, that makes sense. I can use carobel to thicken if necessary. This is the second time he has had it, and the reaction has been the same.

I do not believe in the concept of tempting fate, but tonight I had just said to DH how well J had gone down, best for a long time, then he started yowling. And last week when I felt confident enough to give Izzy my sleepy dust as J had slept through 7 consecutive nights.....

ValiumQueen Fri 10-May-13 02:52:29

Bry, have bumped the pic of the nappy on FB. Hope it works.

Pass is on there too, so I can rest easy that she is ok x

kirrinIsland Fri 10-May-13 02:52:38

A new thread already!

I'm very behind so apologies for commenting on posts that happened ages ago...

detective sorry about you fanjo (there's a sentence I thought I'd never write) At least your work now know the extent of the situation and you'll get plenty of time to recover. Am I right in thinking you planned to leave more than 2 years before the next one anyway?

sorry about the house Eliza The system in this country is truly shit. I hope you get a new buyer asap.

Good news on eyes and hips stunt and bryzoan

Any news on your neighbours mm ? Hope they're ok.

No holiday here. I'm trying persuade DP he wants to go to Jersey but he doesn't sad I do spend a lot of time up north though, which is a change of scene at least.

Just drove back down south tonight in fact. I've had a nice time, including my first night out in aaaaages which involved baby sitters and leaving N for the first time with someone other than DP. Every one was fine and I had a great night at a concert smile
Bit stressful in parts though as DD1 had some proper good tantrums - it seems the terrible twos have arrived in our lives!

ValiumQueen Fri 10-May-13 02:53:42

<<starts worrying about Cat who has not been on here for a bit>>

kirrinIsland Fri 10-May-13 03:05:09

There's a few people gone quiet. Don't think we've seen Sophia for a while either. Hopefully it's just rl getting in the way.

ChasingDaisy Fri 10-May-13 03:53:41

4.5 hours between first and second wakings. Good lad. I almost missed seeing 3am for the first night in ages.

kirrinIsland Fri 10-May-13 04:40:10

That's pretty good chasing - the day will come when we won't see 3am! Or 2, or 4 or 5!!

Lily311 Fri 10-May-13 04:51:33

Bry, pic on Facebook. We are seeing the consultant in 10 days but meanwhile having physio 3 times a week starting today. The physio is connected to the consltant's practice so if any concerns they just call her over. I knew something was wrong with her as the creases are uneven and she doesn't kick with right leg. Just glad she is getting help. She doesn't seem to mind the nappy, I need to put it over her clothes as it makes marks on her legs.

O's first holiday was Hungary at Xmas time. We are back to the uk in October for a week and going to New York for 10 days. She will be 10 months, eek.

O's sleep is horrible, we are up every 2 hours. I offer her milk before midnight and water after. Just want this regression to be over. As for weaning, I slowed it down. She did 7 poos the day before yest.

I have been catching up with my cousins and siblings, so nice to see them. Though everyone is stick thin. Feeling really self conscious.

KatieLily12 Fri 10-May-13 04:58:28

vq bean was ill last week and the only comfort she wanted was milk too. Don't be too hard on yourself. It's all they know at this age.

Another blowout. Full change and bed soaked. This is ridiculous?!? Does she peenore than normal????

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